Sunday, July 27, 2008

NP Endurance Project Week 3

Saturday morning started out so beautiful. Not so hot and humid. But then, it was only 6am. I had been waiting for this timed mile training session for months. I was very excited! Only problem was, I pulled an upper hammy Wednesday at work. I was sitting in an office chair with wheels and pushed across the room with my right leg. Ouch! My husband tried massaging it out and it did feel better by Friday morning, but by the end of the day it was aching again. When I woke up Sat morning I chose to ignore the ache (oooh, big surprise).

The team met at the gym and half of us piled into Ed and Joan's camper. Bethany drove herself over to the track earlier so she could get her 4,000 mile run in before we got there. Abbey met us there and Bob and Michelle took their own car because some of us had to be back at work at 9am. Ed's wife Joan came with us, she's an honorary team member just cuz we love her. Joan has a knee injury that prevents her from running but she's been a great source of support just the same. Joan swims and cycles. Ed joked about doing a tri where she bikes and swims and he does the running....(watch out Joan...LOL)

We did our warm up mile, then Bethany's stretches that I have come to love. Put all the stretches together and it's like a dance. Funny part was when half of us went the wrong way. It was like a kindergarten dance funny!

It was determined that we had three injured teammates. Ed with a quad pull, Abbey with a knee issue and "yours truly" with an upper ham or lower glute pull. As Bethany gave the "ready...set...GO", I pushed the ache out of my brain, determined to do this timed mile. Abbey and Ed went out smart...I went out fast. Jim was behind me (my first clue that I went out fast) My 2nd clue was when Jim yelled to me that I was going too fast. (HA) Abbey and Ed finished the timed mile with great times. I did not finish the timed mile at all. I had to stop after the 2nd lap. In fact, I was the only person who had to pull out. Needless to say, I was not happy. The whole morning I kept thinking how I hold back speed and this was going to be the day I didn't hold back. I need to start following my own advice. So anyway, I'll do my timed mile during the week with a few others who missed this training session. You can be sure I'll post that when it happens.

On to celebrating my teammates FANTASTIC times. Everyone did so well. It's a pleasure to be with these people. Josephine told us she loves that these training sessions are fun AND challenging. I agree!!

After the timed mile extravaganza, everyone did a warm down run. I sat with Joan for a chat while Bethany tallied up the results. In her head. No calculator. I'd explain just what she did but the whole math thing was way over my head. I think it was like calculus. Looked like it to me anyway. She even kept up with the conversation while doing these computations. She finished before the team returned. I think she has extra brains in her calf muscles. =P

The battery in my camera was dead, so I brought my cell phone. Unfortunately, it's new and I had no idea how to take pictures with it. Josephine figured it out and I got a GREAT pic of her beautiful face, but now I don't know how to access it....LOL Besides, I promised her I wouldn't post it. But if it came out as good as I think, I'll ask her again. I promise to get batteries for next Saturday. I WILL HAVE PICTURES NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!


Hello from Kim, Bethany and Jim

Great job this morning! The mile on the track was not the end but the beginning of our goal setting for the half marathon. Your time and its conversion to the 1/2 marathon gives you a target for which to aim. At the track we estimated your information. Listed below is a more accurate calculation. Between now and next Saturday try to get in:

One 6+ mile run at the easy pace range listed for you below
Two 3-5 mile runs around the pace per mile time listed for your goal 1/2 marathon

Remember, if you are feeling tired or sore, make one of the 3-5 mile days a cross training/non impact cardio day. (ie. appx 9-minutes per mile pace x 3 miles = 27 - 30 minutes continuous time on an elliptical machine, rowing machine, swimming.) Next Saturday, for those not racing, will be a 6-7 mile easy run with us meeting at the Y at 7:05AM. THIS WILL BE AN EASY PACE! Based upon the slower 'training pace' time for each of us.

Jackie and Sherry, hope the golf tournament fundraiser was a big success. Let's pick a day to do the speed workout. Cindy, how'd you do on your time trial? Linda, we can get your mile time too this week. Again, good job today!

Estimated Pace Range for easy runs
Today's 1/2 mar per mile time trial:

1:35=7:15.6 pmil/training pace=
8:16-9:15 Bob 6:03

1:43=7:54 pmil/training pace=
8:54-9:54 Jim 6:35

1:46=8:10 pmil/training pace=
9:10-10:10 Frank 6:48

1:55=8:50.4 pmil/training pace=
9:50.4-10:50.4 Michelle 7:22

1:58=9:01 pmil/training pace=
10:01-11:01 Josephine 7:31

2:01=9:16.8 pmil/training pace=
10:16.8-11:16.8 Ed 7:44

2:07=9:44.4 pmil/training pace=
10:44.4-11:44.4 Abbey 8:07

2:19=10:39.6 pmil/training pace=
11:39.6-12:39.6 Tess 8:53