Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Still Not Running...YET

The IT band has healed. Finally. Taking it easy the last 10 days did the trick I guess. I don't know why I never thought of giving it THAT good of a rest before!!!

I was looking forward to a shorty run tomorrow with Runners Club but that is not to be. I saw a doctor this morning for some funky stuff that's been going on and got more questions than answers. I had a nerve conductor test this morning...can you say OUCH????? Well I can AND did. That test was not too fun. He stuck a needle into my legs pretty deep and then zapped my muscles. Yeah, good times. It was like a tazer. I'm guessing at this as I have never been tazered but I do watch COPS on occasion and those guys get tazered. I've never even been frisked. Am I missing out?????

I have been suspecting seizure activity for various reasons, so tomorrow he's doing an EEG. I used to have them, but it's been about 11 years since the last one. Seizures don't explain the leg and balance troubles (well, maybe the balance) but he seems like a smart guy. He'll figure it out. He's kinda cute too...LOL...he's very, very funny! He's checking out my spine in a couple weeks too. Soonest appointment for that is Jan 22nd. He said "You runners tend to squish your spines". Ewwwww, that gave me the willies! I should have told him I've only been running one year and the last 3 months wouldn't be counted as running really, but I didn't think to mention that. How squished can a spine get in one measly year?????

He didn't say not to run and I didn't ask if I could. So I'll be running as soon as I get the time. Looks like Thursday will be the day. I am also leaning toward just doing the Sarasota Half Marathon instead of the full.

We shall just have to wait and see. In the mean time, I got a kitchen to put some ladybugs in!!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!! The kids have another week off from school to play with their stuff and destroy the house. YAY! The tree comes down today, I'm sick of looking at it. I know, I'm among the minority who takes the tree down before the New Year. So what. Back in the box by tonight!!!

Funny thing is, I'm leaving the tree out on the lanai up for the entire year. (yes, we had 2 trees) I'm going to decorate it each month by whatever holiday is going on. Valentine's Day is my fave, so I might get that one going real soon. Be good and I might post a picture.

I didn't run Saturday with Chris. My husband and older girls had to work and I didn't have a sitter. Awwwwwww...poor ME! I'll just wait until Wednesday. But Chris had a great run, did 5 miles in an hour. Nice marathon pace Chris! Very proud of you!!!!

My husband won't buy me a red VW Bug so I can make it into a ladybug. Spoilsport. So...the next best thing is.....I'm re-decorating my kitchen in....yep....LADYBUGS! I'm going to the fabric store after work today for the curtains, napkins and placemats. Might even make some pot holders. I already have red as the "splash o color" in there. Decorations, cups and a few things are red. I just have to add my little buggie friends. I'm gonna hit Marshall's too. They have cool stuff there!

Happy New Year everyone!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wii Fever

Wii got the kids a Wii for Christmas and let mii just say...Wii is F-U-N! The six of us spent a good hour and a half making our mii(s) Christmas afternoon. They're little replicas of ourselves and it's so funny to see them all lined up on the tv. We had just as much fun making them as we did playing.

Robby (my 9 year old son) was boxing and I looked over at him at one point and saw him going bananas....lol...I had to tell him to back away from the tv before he threw the remote through the screen! He had sweat pouring down his face....LOL. Maybe we have a Marvelous Marvin Hagler in our midst.

I also kicked kid-butt in bowling, which is funny since I don't like to bowl in real-life. We're going to try out some more games this weekend. Should be fun. Kerri (my 22 yr old) and Kirstin (my 20 yr old) (who is having a BABY in July!!!) played tennis. I gotta try that. I love watching them all play together. Makes my heart just feel so peaceful. I love my family.

They should make a runner game where you run a race on a treadmill. You can play against people through WiFi on these other games, why not a runner game?? How fun would THAT be???? Talk about cross training!


I saw the doctor last Wednesday. I have a few tests next week and I'll get a better idea of what's going on. Doc told me to run on the grass in case I fall again (HA). He knows not to tell me to stop running. That would be like telling him he can't scuba dive! Not that I'd try to tell him he can/can't do ANYTHING! Wouldn't that be a type of insubordination?? I'm glad I went to see him. He'll get things straightened out.

I am meeting Chris at the gym for a run at 9am this morning. We'll see how that goes. It's been a week since I ran. I have rested, kinda. Didn't run at least. Except for my mall marathon! Came in under 4 hours! I almost BQ'd!!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Taking A Little Break

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

This is going to be a crazy week over here at my house. I'm taking some time out for the family. I'm also thinking I need a rest from exercise/running and now's the time to let my body truly heal. I hurt myself 3 times in 3 days and I will take the hint! I'm not really sure what's happening with my marathon training or the sprint tri I wanted to do in April. I'll play it by ear. I have a good base, if I can impliment a safe "catch-up" I will. If I can't, well then I'll find another marathon or tri for later.

I hope to get a decent run in by the 3rd week of January with Jim, my coach. He's been doing the senior olympics the last couple months and hasn't been able to get in a distance run with us for me to get a feel for where I'm at. Falling twice in a 24 hour period has left me feeling like I was in a car accident...pretty sore all over! My pride is a bit damaged too. Funny thing is, my toe, which bled like a stuck pig and had the top almost torn off...doesn't even hurt. It's numb, like my brain. Thank God for small miracles I guess.

I will still be by to read my special blog friend's posts! I can't go too long without seeing what you're all up to. Especially since my husband is also hooked and reads them aloud to me while I'm busy doing other things....lol. I just won't be posting for now.

By the way.....Jim has qualified in the senior games ONCE AGAIN FOLKS!!! All of us are very proud of him. He is a true athlete!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

They Call Me...."Grace"

And that's because I don't have any. Grace, that is. All my life I've tripped over nothing, fallen off sidewalks, and flown through the air without an airplane. I've been on crutches, limped so many miles and have had so many bruises from banging into things that my husband is worried people will think I'm in an abusive relationship.

One time I took Bobby's bike for a ride. I forgot my feet were locked into those cagey things and slammed on the brakes as I hopped off said bike. Only to realize the bike was attached to my body and not ready to let go. Kim and bike went flying through the air, landing on a picnic table and sending cookies, chips and drinks helter skelter. My father-in-law turned to my husband and said "Kim should not be around things where there's a chance she could get hurt". And then he yelled at me for spraining my hand. That's his way of letting me know I am loved. This all happened 12 years ago in front of our entire families.

Since then, I've had multiple injuries and this was all before I ever thought about running. My step-father used to call me Grace. I've been taking yoga classes twice a week for a year now and I was just thinking about how awesomely balanced I've become. I hardly ever fall these days.

Alas...I spoke too soon. Wednesday I was walking and whacked my foot on who-knows-what. I never felt anything, but I felt something wet and sticky on my sandal. I looked down and saw blood pouring out of my baby toe! Once I washed it off I could see the top of my toe was not attached too well. I bandaged it and it actually doesn't even hurt. I can wear my sneakers just fine. It looks bruised and black now, but no pain when I run.

Friday at the gym, I had a class and grabbed two 10 lb weights in one hand, hot chocolate in the other. (I know, you're wondering what the heck I was doing drinking a hot chocolate before an exercise class. I like hot chocolate, that's why) Anyway...as I stepped off the stage I hit a treadmill with my left foot and was flying through the air. This is not too remarkable in my daily life goings on, but the 20 lbs of dumb bells and a piping hot chocolate seemed like it could pose a new problem. Especially since I had a killer grip on the hot chocolate. Which was in a styrofoam cup.

In the split second before I hit the ground, I let go of both the weights and hot chocolate, hoping to stop my head from crashing into the wall, which is made of brick. The weights are all metal and made a TERRIFIC clang when they hit the wall doing 90 MPH. Hot chocolate spewed everywhere but on ME (small miracle). All I could think of was I'd hit my head, be knocked unconscious and pee myself in front of 50 people. All people I know, of course.

When I did come to a complete stop, I was unsure if I really did hit my head or not. I've been hurt at times when I didn't realize it for a few minutes till the pain became unbearable. Was this one o'those times?? No. I was ok. I have rug burns on my knees and my whole body is aching, but I did not get a concussion or pee myself. My body is wicked sore today but I lived!

As if that were not enough, I was on a long run with Chris this morning and as I was running along on my merry way, I once again had the feeling of being airborne. It's a familiar feeling. I looked down and saw concrete. I pictured my already scraped and bruised knees and thought it would be horribly painful to land on those again so soon. So I propelled myself (yeah, I'm a pro at falling) toward the left, which was grass, and twisted enough to land on my right side. This sent me into a semi-roll/tumble, but my knees were SAFE! My pride was NOT. Chris didn't see me fall, but came up on me while I was laying in the wet, just cut grass trying not to cry. Nothing was hurting any worse than it was when I started the run, but I was just D-O-N-E at that moment. My pride is more bruised than anything. I got up and ran the rest of my 5.5 miles and then decided I wanted to go home. My knee was achy anyway.

I have a Christmas party tonight. I was planning on wearing a sexy dress but I think I need to cover my legs with a dark pair of tights. I'm so sore all over.

I'll take some pics of my new injuries later. You'll just L-O-V-E these.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Running A Full Marathon Today

Yeah, it's true. I'll be off and running in a few minutes, but first....

My toe feels fine. I get the willies thinking about putting a sneaker on though, so I'll be wearing my best flip flops for this marathon today. Luckily I live in balmy SW Florida. Temps will be 87 degrees by noon. Lalalalalalala!!!!!!!!!

Where is this marathon, you ask? At the mall. UGH! I hate going to the mall on a Monday morning, never mind the week before Christmas. Sigh.

I'm thinking about wearing my Garmin to the mall to clock my speed and distance. I found out quite accidentally that it will keep a record even when I'm not running. Cuz I left it on the other day and when I was checking my last run history after replacing the DEAD batteries, I saw that I went...

25.17 miles in 8:03 hours,
Average pace was 19:11
Best pace was 1:00
No calories burned
No rest time.

The no rest time is very true. I never rest. Even when I'm sleeping I'm moving. OH!! That reminds me!!! I had a nightmare last night. A mean man with a ferocious dog was looking at me. I was so scared in my dream. I woke up with my heart racing and tried (unsuccessfully) to wake my husband for some comfort. And stuff. Took me an hour to go back to sleep.

Anyway...I gotta go shopping. I got me some "husband's Christmas bonus money" to blow on the kids. He LOVES to go online to the bank account and play "connect-the-dots" at the mall's store directory with all the stores I visit. Talk about "big brother's watching"...LOL Last year I went shopping while he was home and he got a pop-up every time I used the debit card...he even called my cell when I passed the amount of $$$$ I promised not to go over....I couldn't believe he "guessed"! That's how I found out he could see my purchases online. Dirty Rat.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yummy Toe Injury

My husband thought my runner friends would enjoy a shot of my toe. Yes, it hurts as bad as you'd think. And no, it won't stop me. The square looking thing is actually part of my toe that isn't really attached too well right now.

Can I Even Call This Marathon Training???

I have not had a long run in months! Sarasota Marathon is coming up quick and the longest run I've had since the FCA Half in October is 7 miles! GAWD...I might be doing the half instead...we'll see. No biggie. I have realized I can't base my self confidence on my long time goals as much as I should be looking at all my other accomplishments on the way to getting to those big ones. If I need to hold back on the marathons for awhile, so be it. I have plenty of time!

3 of us headed out this morning for a shorty. We figured we'd see how Chris's calf and my knees held out. Reg is injury free and rather fast. I am really enjoying running slightly behind him. While he talks at a flipping 8 mile pace, I concentrate on breathing and answering back with minimal wordage. Very minimal. Like..."hmmm, ya?, really? wow and me too". He doesn't seem to notice. Every now and then I pretend to tie my shoe or drop my iPod for a breather break. I realize my cardio has suffered without any nice endurance running, so even though it's taking a lot out of me running this pace, I'm glad for it. Reg pushes me like Ed does, gently and patiently. Who's coaching who here????.....LOL...This is what I love about running with different people. The give and take we seem to find always brings out the best in all of us. Love it!

Chris was not having a good run. His calf was hurting. He did mostly walking, which was smart but I think he's getting irritated with the set back. I sure know how he feels! I hope he rests it.

We did about 4.5 miles, but my Garmin battery died at 1.78 miles, so I don't have all the info. My knees held out just fine, no pain while running at all. I'm afraid to say I'm healed, so I won't, but there's definately some major improvement.

I haven't been back in the pool and I'm losing my confidence again! I need to get back in there soon. Maybe Saturday after our long run, we'll see. But I'm soooo busy these days!

I bashed my baby toe at work today, it was bleeding like a stuck pig! It looks like the top part is detached. I put a bandage on there and I'm hoping it'll feel fine with a sneaker on. It looks bogus.

GQ has a quiz over at his blog that I need to get a closer look at. I think he was making fun of my mathematical skills (or lack of). Ohhhhhh no he DITNT!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Space Coast Race Packet Has Arrived

When I got in from work this afternoon, a package was waiting for me on the kitchen counter. I instantly knew what it was. My race packet from SCM. I had forgotten it was even coming. I checked the return address to be sure, then opened it up. I am happy to report that not one tear fell. I'm ok.

I'm fairly certain that the reason this is so, is because I talked with Bill B about his race there and got to live vicariously through him. I also have matured a great deal since I pitched that fit when I had to drop out of that marathon. I've grown up I guess.

In all seriousness, I have come to realize something about my running. I started running because I had been pretty sick for a while and needed to gain back some strength. I'd felt so out of control of my own body for so long that reaching the goal of finishing the Sarasota Marathon meant maybe I could take back that control. Making a goal and seeing it through was so very empowering! Running across the finish line that day set me on a very specific road. Until today, I thought that road was "just" about running, but it wasn't. I think the reason I was so upset about not being able to run Space Coast was because I felt like I was giving up, even though I was injured. Didn't really matter the reason, I was angry about not being able to see that goal through.

During the time I couldn't run, I felt sad, but not for the reasons I expected. I was missing the Endurance team meetings/runs. I never missed one, not even when I was sick. I asked Jim, my coach, if I could help coach Runners Club under his supervision and he agreed. He has given me direction and guidance all along but has let me do all the runs. This gave me the opportunity to meet some newer runners and slowly get back into healthy running again. I've met some new people who have similar goals and I'm having a GREAT time! I love the social part of running. The races, training runs and just talking about all of it makes me very happy. The people I run with from Runners Club are very positive and energized about training. When I see and hear the excitement I can actually FEEL it. These moments are just as important to me as running across a finish line.

Running that 5K Saturday, in the freezing cold and wind, was fun. I was happy as I tried to push through that wind. My knee was protesting now and again, but I thought of Sherry, Scott and Sondra who I would never have met if not for running. I thought of Ed and Joan, who are very important to me. I thought of my coach, who gave me the attitude of how to enjoy running. Bob and Carol, who are also special people....there are just too many to mention, but you all know who you are. I thought of my husband Bobby, who at first laughed when I told him I was going to run a marathon but now tells me how proud he is of my accomplishments.

All of these things take the pang of dropping out of SCM.

That being said....I hope I kick Sherry's ass in that triathlon in April!!! LOL (luv ya Sherry!!!)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Clearing Up A Misunderstanding

This shaving of the 5K is confusing me, and I, in turn, are confusing you. Or "y'all" as we say down here in the south.

So.....My time to shave was 31:05. My best PR is 27:25. I DID shave overall but I was looking for one last PR for the challenge.

Yesterday after the race I was feeling like I ran a not-so-great race, but by last night I realized I am lucky to have even been able to do that race at all. So I'm happy!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shaving My 5K...Yes or No


But I saw Sherry so it was worth running in the unbelievably cold, windy weather. OMG, it was C-O-L-D! 42 degrees and sooooo windy. The first mile went ok, I had to pull back a few times when my Garmin read 7:40 (!!!) I wanted to hold an 8:30 pace for 3 miles then fly for .1 but the wind was crazy. I hit mile 1 at 8:30, I was happy with that and hoping to maintain but the wind kicked in right after that. I felt like I was running place.

My feet were freezing, my hands were aching and my face was numb. By 1.5 miles my knee was whispering sweet nothings in my ear. And it wasn't saying "I love you". It was saying..."Get the heck off me". I didn't listen. Why should I???? I've been laying low for 2 months now. TWO MONTHS. I've missed 6 races!!! This was the last race of the year for me to shave my 5K time. I had hopes. I had dreams. I had.....a sore knee. And wind. And cold.

I'll admit I was feeling a little bummed now and then. I knew I wasn't going to see a miracle. But ya know what??? I was running my first race in 2 months and I really was grateful for that.

OH-OH-OH!!!! My friend Ed just called me!!! He helped with the race results etc and just called to give me my stats.....28:29 and 1st place in my age division! I am very pleasantly surprised!! You may be wondering why I didn't know this.....I had a 9 mile training run with Chris this morning and couldn't hang around for the results. I was bummed about that because I really love to see my runner friends get their results/medals but I had that prior commitment to run.

But once I got to the gym, my knee was pretty sore. I had a hot chocolate to defrost my insides and contemplated the 9 mile run. Chris came in all bouncy and positive and I didn't want to rain on that awesome attitude so I made the attempt to run. I got about 200 yards and KNEW it wasn't gonna happen, baby. I planted the cooler with the Gatorade and Gu packs at the post and yelled up to Chris. He came back and I told him my knee made other plans. My knee was being a Princess and didn't wanna run. Chris was so fired up he kinda said no problem and trotted off. I felt a wave of envy mixed with pride for him. He will do so well in the marathon! I drove past him on my way home and yelled out some cool "coach-type" words of encouragement. I'll catch up with him later to get the scoop!
No shaving my 5K! Sorry for the confusion. My PR is 27:25, I did 28:29 today. The part that surprised me was placing 1st for my age division!!!!

Today is my beloved husband's birthday. He's a lot older than me at 46 years old. I'm only 42, still a chick. He's beautiful inside and out. I'm so very thankful he was born. He's the best husband and father I know. I love him more than I can say. We're going to dinner tonight, I'm looking forward to spending quality time together. Especially later...teehee.....

Here's Mr Birthday Man.....

Love, Love, Love this man.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm Baaaaaack!!!!!!

Yep, it's true!! I can tell you I am once again, a RUNNER! I have run 2 days in a row without that debilitating pain....yippeeeee!!!!

I have been spit on twice though. Chris spit INTO the wind Tues morning and it came back and got me on the arm. Yummy. I woulda thought it was raining, but I happened to be looking in the direction of which the spittle came from. It was clear and minute, so I let it go. Today I got spit on by a new runner friend. In the face! Yeah.....LOL...I guess you could say WE BONDED! What's a little saliva between running buddies, huh?????

So Tues morning Chris and I ran about 2.5 miles. He had a sore achilles, which sucks, and I was so worried about my knees that we did a nice easy run. Very enjoyable and light. No pain and I felt fine after. And he ALLOWED talk time. I know! How sweeet! He read my blog and decided he didn't want to be known as my "fuddy-duddy-running-buddy. LOL...He's a good guy!

Today I ran with Steven and Reg. Reg is from Canada. I guess people REALLY do live there! I thought it was way too cold for human habitat, especially in December, but Reg seems relatively normal...LOL. Kiddin'....Reg is a great guy. He's here in Florida because Canada is freakin freezin. He kicked my woe-begotten ass this morning, may I add.

We started out talking and running easy. Withing 2 minutes, I peeked at my Garmin to find us at an 8:20 pace. Geez! I thought I was going to kill my knees at that pace! I was wrong....we kept going....Reg talks in the METRICS. Sigh. He must not know we Americans revolted against that particular type of measurement. Yeah, we PRETEND to know metrics when we talk about distance AT TIMES. But that's only in reference to races. In our everyday talk, no metrics are used. So we spent a goodly amount of time going back and forth with figuring out distances and paces. Blah. I hate math.

I did need to do some walking, that pace was pretty fast for me as I haven't really been able to let loose for 2 months, thanks to the IT band. But guess what?? I loved it!! It felt like such an awesome workout! I could feel my heart racing, blood pumping, legs eager for the next turnover! Not the blueberry turnover, I mean the leg turnover....anyway....

I was very happy to find out I could really, truly run again. Oh JOY!!!! I'm not sure I would have pushed myself if Reg hadn't led me along. I was still in that euphoria 2 hours later!

Steven decided to wear his cleats for the run. Yes, you read that correctly. CLEATS! I said to him, that he was crazy! He said he hopped into his truck and headed over, forgetting he only had his cleats in the truck, not his sneakers. OMG. He ran in the grass beside us, I was worried the whole time. He's 21 yrs old though. You know how those crazy kids are....LOL. Love that kid.

I have a new goal. I wanna do a sprint triathlon. There's one on April 9, 2009. Chris is interested too. We will begin adding in the training for that very soon. Swimming and biking are great cross training for the marathon, so it should work out well. We're very excited!!!!!! My husband is thrilled I'm adding biking to my menagerie of exercising. This is something we can do together. I look forward to kicking his beautiful ass soon.

Now all I need to do is learn how to breathe while I swim. And keep my legs straight. Oh, and the bike part should be a blast on my Schwinn 21 speed. HA!!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

I Am A Swimmer....

Kinda. I had my first lesson last Saturday!!! It was a "balmy" 51 degrees out and I was hesitant, but I did it! The water was 85 degrees, so it felt fine. Bob, our Aquatics Director and my friend, met me in the pool for my first lesson. Bob was a swim/dive star in high school and college, so I was in good hands. Plus he promised CPR if I was drowning. I had THAT to look forward to. And don't think for one minute I didn't think of faking it to see if he'd really save me.

Bob took a few minutes to explain to me that the idea of swimming is to stay above the water and not sink. Got it. He also explained I had to breathe. Got that too. Then he told me to keep my legs straight while I kicked to move through the water. Ok! Bob told me to reach with cupped hands, like I was pulling the water TO ME. Yes, I promised to do it all.

I didn't sink. I also didn't keep my legs straight or breathe. BREATHE???? No. Not I. I can breath OUT, but I can't be moving around in the water and find the time to INHALE! Then I would drown. Other than those minUUUUte infractions, Bob said i did well. He's sweet, huh?

Then came diving. We stood side by side on the edge of the pool. Arms up, bent forward, head between elbows. My stomach was a wreck. I felt a little dizzy too. Bob said to just let myself fall forward gently. I did it! I was so happy! I hopped back out, determined to actually dive confidently. Took me just a few seconds to go with a little jump. I did it again!! I did a few of those and then I tried a dive further out and it was easy! I L-O-V-E diving!!! I felt so powerful to be diving. I felt so awesome. I swear, I walked around all day smiling. I'm looking forward to practicing swimming. And especially diving. Bob's going to show me a few cool dives, I cannot wait!!!


I met Chris for our long run Saturday morning. It was a 7 miler and I was unsure if I could make it that far (crazy knees) but I figured I'd be there for Chris anyway. Found out a very important thing about my new friend Chris. He doesn't like to talk or BE talked TO for the first coupla miles. Well. Anyone who knows me, knows I don't usually go too long without talking. This is not good. This is a major conflict folks!!! I really tried not to talk to him, but I kept forgetting!! Then I told him I don't need any answers or even for him to be a part of the dialogue. I can talk to myself just fine. Turns out it makes him tired to hear me talk. Pfffft. Nice. I will start wearing my iPod and he can tap me when he's ready for some conversation I guess. It's ok. My feelings are not hurt. Anymore.

All kidding aside, I enjoy running with Chris. He's doing GREAT and showing some serious endurance. By the end of the 7 miles, he was yelling "7 miles ain't NUTHIN!!!" Like Rocky Balboa's coach. Heehee! Hey Chris...."It ain't NUTHIN" man".....LOL (just wait for mile 20.....hahahaha....)

So my knees got tender at mile 5. We did plenty of walk breaks and kept the pace slow so I did actually finish the 7 miles. I probably walked a half mile straight by mile 6, then did a slow run the last mile. Other than sore knees, I felt fine. no soreness anywhere else. I am afraid to say I'm on the mend, but my fingers are crossed for the Winter Waddle 5k Saturday.

I met up with my friend Bill, Mr Space Coast Marathon Man, at our Zoomers running group's Christmas party last Wed. I got all the details!! He had a great time, the weather was perfect! Beardsley had to cancel because he had KNEE SURGERY. Scary, huh???? Bill was wearing his marathon shirt. Very cool shirt. I SOOOO loved talking with him, getting all the details. We'll be running together at sarasota in Feb!!! YAY BILLL!!!!!!!!

Gotta go read my Boggy friend's blogs, I've been absent far too long. Lets see what Sherry and Glaven are up to.......

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ya Gotta Be Kidding Me

My right knee has finally healed enough for me to run a few miles without any pain. I felt a little pain in my LEFT stupid knee after that 3.11 mile run last week, so I've been taking it easy "just in case". Having the flu helped me make the right decision to not try running, I guess I can thank airborne pathogens for that tiny bit of aided down time. Thanks.

I met up with one of my FAVE running friends, Ed, Monday morning for what we were hoping to be a 3-4 miler. By mile one, my left knee was KILLING me. I felt terrible about wrecking the run for Ed, as we had to turn around and walk back. Well, Ed walked, I limped while complaining and whining the whole way. (sorry Ed) Ed assures me he didn't mind at all. He's a sweetie.

So today, my knee is bothering me. It's the exact same injury I had on my right knee...IT band. I want to shove a needle in there and kill off the nerve endings. I'm sick of this. I've missed 5 races!! 6 if you count the Myakka 10K during the Endurance Project. *scream*

On a good note...I think I won the race series in my running group "Zoomers" for the women! That feels pretty good. Between that and winning the costume contest at the Turkey Trot (that I couldn't even run) I am feeling some happiness peeking through my frustration.

Here's to all my injured running friends: Heal fast, be well and know that you are not alone. You're NEVER alone.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Space Coast Marathon

I just found the results for Space Coast Marathon! My friend and fellow Zoomer, Bill ran the SCM today. I saw that he was hoping for a sub 5 hour and guess what??? HE DID IT!!!!! Yay BILL!!!!!

Bill finished with 4:58:19...wow! I don't have any details yet, but I know a lot of our Zoomer team mates read this blog so I wanted to get the news out.

Bill and his wife Mary are probably on their way home right now. He must be thrilled!!! I can't wait to get the whole race report.

I need to go through all my pics, I know I have some with Bill in 'em!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Punta Gorda Turkey Trot Race Report

My husband and I got up at 5am. There was a costume contest going on at the race, so I got back in touch with my Navajo roots and dressed as the Indian Princess I truly am. My friend Stef had some VERY cool indian costume stuff from her daughters' costumes and let me borrow them. Her husband Mark made a bow and arrow holder, whittled a dagger, the feather headband and some collars to add to the dress I already had. He made an awesome 5 foot long spear that looked so authentic. Their daughter even let me take her baby doll that was dressed as an indian too! I borrowed my daughter's moccasins. I was THRILLED!
We got to the race and as we walked up to the registration area, I noticed two things.
1. My knee was killing me.
2. I was the ONLY person in a costume.

My husband, who is very, very shy (we are so opposite, personality-wise) looked over at me and asked if I wanted to change out of my costume before people started pointing and laughing at me. PFFFT. No. This was gonna be even MORE fun, for 2 reasons...

1. This was one race people would never forget me from
2. I was gonna WIN!

The newspaper guy was there, he came and took a picture. I asked him how many other costumes there were. He said two others!! COOL!! Then he said they were both babies. Oh. I can't compete with cute babies! Shoot! Now I won't win. Blah. Whatever. But WAIT!! There were two categories!! Adult, and child. And by "adult", I'm talking age, not porn. Ha!! So my chance of winning came back into sight, and I got to keep my clothes on. Bonus!

They announced the contest, asking all participants to come forward. I pushed through the crowd and stood between the cutie-pie babies. One was an elephant, the other was a turkey. They were adorable! They announced the winner (me) and gave me a $50 gift certificate to a SPA!...OOOOOHHHHH....I'm gettin me an aroma-therapeutic massage!!! Can't wait for that!!!! Truth be told, I didn't even know there was a prize, so it was an unexpected plus to freezing-me-buttocks-off. Yes people. I gets cold here in Florida too. But like the kids in Boston at Halloween, I refused to cover my costume with a winter coat even though I'm just getting over the flu. Proof some people never grow up.

Off to the finish line that I would not be crossing, thanks to my knee. There were so many people at this race that it was tough to find the people I knew. I did see Sherry there with her husband Scott. Her friend Sondra was there too. Sherry got a new PR, but I'll let her post her race report, I won't blow the BIG NEWS!!!!!! (OMG...she totally blew away her last PR)

I saw Bill and Mary, Bill and I ran over the bridge together at mile 20 of the Sarasota Grouper marathon last March. Bill gave me some exciting/sad news. He is doing Space Coast. Sniff, sniff. He hadn't heard that I withdrew from that marathon because of my knee. I'll admit I really wanted to cry. It would have been wonderful to see him there. I had to push away my sadness and just be thrilled for Bill. And I truly am, but man. I wanted to run that race so bad. Bill tried to be nonchalant about it and not mention the extremely cool medal but it slipped out...lol. He felt bad but I UNDERSTAND the excitement, believe me. I honestly feel happy he's going. I can't wait to see his medal and the pictures. How can I not be excited for Bill???? Space Coast marathon is Sunday. I'll be following Bill's progress and I'll post his results as soon as I get them.

Here are a few pictures of the Turkey trot.
Husband Bob and me...

Contestants, you can see why I was concerned about my competition!

Cute babies!
Frank, fellow Endurance team mate and Zoomer!

Scott and Sherry
Sherry crossing the finish line!! GO SISTA!!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

YMCA Runner's Club

Well, well, well. I ran 3 miles today without pain. I did feel some tightness near the end so I walked the last half mile. I'm thinking the Turkey Trot is totally do-able tomorrow! Might not PR, but that's fine.

There's a costume contest so I'm dressing up as an Indian. My son keeps calling me Sacajawea but I was leaning more toward Pocahontas....lol. Someone I know has a few Indian props and one of them is a papoose! How adorable is a papoose??? My husband is coming too, he'll get some pictures and if I look as sexy as I think I'm gonna, I'll post 'em.

Back to Runners Club:

There were 3 of us there today, I figured there wouldn't be too many because of the holiday. My sidekick, Mike (LOL) and our newest Endurance team member, Chris and I headed out. Chris admitted he wasn't feelin' much running love today. I admitted I was still breathing impaired and Mike was in his usual form...always ready. We went with an 11 minute pace...at first...then we got talking and found ourselves at 9 min. By then Chris was into it, like I knew he would be and I found a comfy breathing pattern. If you can call it breathing. We settled into a 10 min pace.

It was a nice leisurely run. We stopped at the bridge and saw huge talapia swimming around. There were about 20 of them. There was a HUGE turtle laying on the weeds. Probably 24 inch in diameter sized shell. We skipped the Garden Of 5 Senses Park, reluctantly for me, but the guys were uninterested today. Now that I know how to use the sundial in there, I get such a kick out of it.

Here are a few pictures of the park... Here's the sundial.

Pretty waterfall...... Cabbage garden........

Oooohhhh, a park bench! There's a bench swing in there too.
I lay on it with my iPod sometimes, when I'm needed some
alone time. Very relaxing place.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families. Eat, drink and BE MERRY!
Kisses and hugs to all,

Monday, November 24, 2008

Unexpected Plus Side To The Flu

I know. You're probably thinking...."PLUS SIDE"????? Yeah, it's true...and I'm not talking about not having to make dinner, do laundry, or be aware. I'm not talking about being in NyQuil LaLa land, which is one of my fave vacation spots. I'm talking about a real live bennie. Being knocked to the ground for 6 days has made me unable to try to run. I actually took 6 real days off of trying. None of that "oooh, I made it 2 miles" bull. (freakin IT band) I even attempted a core exercise class tonight and had to leave before it even started. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout guys. FORCED sedentary behavior. And I liked it. (said in that voice Carrie's freak of a mother used in that movie...."Carrie".

I woke up this morning feeling rather blah, but so much better than I had been. So I went to work figuring it was only 3 hours. I was very tired but not too bad. Picked up the kids from school, dropped off a prescription, grabbed some groceries, went home, made dinner then decided I could do my class. I got there a little early and while I sat waiting I felt very warm. I was not feeling good at all. I think once I stopped for 5 full minutes I had to acknowledge I wasn't fully myself yet. So I did the smart thing and put the ball away and was walking out the door. Of course by then all my exercise girlie-friends were walking in. I wanted to hang out with them!!!!! But I did not. I'll catch them in yoga tomorrow night.

The Punta Gorda Turkey Trot is Thursday. I really want to run it! I'm pretty sure I can do it. I've decided even if I can't run, I'm going to see Sherry, Ed, Mike, Chris, Steve, Jim, and a whole buncha friends do it. I found out when I had to sit out that 10K during Endurance Project, that I L-O-V-E-D seeing my friends run across that finish line! So no matter if I can run or not, I'll be there.

To all my injured Blogger-friends...it seems to be an injury infested blogosphere these days. Maybe over-training during the summer, maybe you're all just gettin old, I dunno. Rest up, ice...do some relaxing by the fire with your love. Take this time to realize what's really important: you can't run. JUST KIDDIN!!!! We'll all recuperate and be back on the streets soon enough. Hang in there, you're NOT alone. Hail to the Aleve bottle.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Sunday!

My nose stopped running...must have an injury too. HA! Now I have a splitting headache, I'm not sure if it's congestion or from reading this post twice. I'm coughing from deep within my soul and I quite possibly have a fever. My lips are all cracked and dry...Anybody wanna kiss????

On a positive note (betcha thought I was gonna complain some more, huh?) (maybe later)...anyway...On a positive note, I think my knee is getting better. It's not hurting at the end of the day, I worked 2 waitressing shifts without any pain and I can do this now! Which is strange, cuz I could never do it before! As soon as I can breath without coughing I'll give running a whirl again.

Also, it's frickin freezin here in Florida! It was 40 degrees this morning! I do not like to run in the cold. I hate when the inside of my nose freezes and stings. Luckily, if I wait until 11am, it's usually at least a balmy 80 degrees. I can handle that.

The Patriots play the Dolphins today at 1pm. That should be a GREAT game! I hope I have sufficient amounts of beer and chips...I might have to actually shower and get dressed if I don't. GAWD.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I Hab A New Goal

I wanna run as fast as my nose.
I don't feel well and I'm going back to bed.

Good luck to all who have races this weekend!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mission Accomplished

YAY! I ran with the Runner's Club today for 2 miles. My knee was sore, but never got too painful. The funny thing was my left knee felt twingy too, so I don't know what that's about. Right now I'm feeling fine. I'd LOVE to run another 2 miles tomorrow and see how it's going but I'll follow the "easing into it rule" for once and take tomorrow off. Well, kinda. I have a spin class at 8:45 I cannot miss.

Chris ran today and did very well. I predicted yesterday that I really thought he'd wind up doing the full marathon and I couldn't wait to see how he felt by his 10 mile run. While a group of us were talking about training for the half, he said "I'm going to run the full." Just like that! I almost fell over! I knew he had it in him! I am thrilled! Then come to find out, he HAS run a half. Not sure how I missed that...maybe because he calls the half marathon "the mini". Yes folks, I know. I finally explained he can't be calling it "the mini" in front of other runners. We'd eat him alive....LOL

I am enjoying running with Chris, he's new to distance and very open to the Galloway method (of which I have embraced). I've always said the reason I love running is because of HOW I learned to run. To have this opportunity to give back what Jim gave me as a coach just feels so awesome. Oh, and Chris called me "coach"...how COOL is that??? Smart guy....lol

Mike ran with us today too. He showed up with two speakers STRAPPED to his body and proceeded to spew forth some funky music. Loudly. Sigh. I should have seen this coming, he's been talking about how cool it would be to have music but be able to hold conversations at the same time. I saw the red flag. I heard the proverbial bell. I know Mike. LOL...I love the guy, don't get me wrong, but today was HYSTERICAL...LMAO! I was trying to talk to Chris and Mike had some kind of meditaion stuff playing...I love Enya but not for running. I couldn't even hear! Mike's lucky I love him, that's all I can say....LMAO!

Steve is the Youth Sports Coordinator at the YMCA and he just started running with us too. He's a sweetie pie! He's 21 years old and doing a great job with the kids over at the YMCA. He just started running so I can't get him to commit to anything, not even a 5K....YET. I'm really hoping to get him into running the half in Sarasota. I know he can do it. I just KNOW it!

My Blog Brother GQ has a knee injury. I'm sending him some healing vibes through the internet, hoping he's healed for his first Turkey Trot next week. He is doing the right thing by resting, icing and taking his Birthday son out for dinner. And getting him a gerbil. (sucker....lol) I can foresee the gerbil blogs coming!!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wednesday Is THE Big Day

I'm going to run tomorrow. Instead of the thrill, the excitement, I'm feeling kinda....nervous! I haven't run for 12 days. I have tried to rest the knee and let it heal. I still did my classes, even spin. I should admit my knee felt tender at the last spin class (along with another part of me that should NEVER feel tender) so I kept it a little less ferocious than the others in the class.

Tomorrow I'll just take it easy. Keep a slow pace, do some walk/running. Enjoy the nature and the company. We have a new runner who joined our Running Club. Jim ran with him last week, (I had to go home because I thought I was getting the flu)...(but it wasn't the flu)...(so I missed Runners Club)...(but I wasn't feeling well anyway) ANYWAY...Jim ran with Chris and told me he was doing awesome! Chris is training for his very first half marathon! Just between me and you Blogger-friends...I'd be very curious to see how he feels after running 10 miles. That was the distance I came away from KNOWING I was going to do a full marathon. Out of 15 of the Endurance Project team members, I think Bobby was the only one who got that too. By our 10 mile training run, his wife, Michelle said he was taping the full marathon map of the Sarasota Grouper Marathon to his fridge...LOL..Bobby is going to teach me to dive and swim, incidentally.

I'm so wicked tired. I'll post after running tomorrow.

To all my hurting, injured running friends, please feel better soon. Rest up and be strong for the next run. We need to take care of ourselves so we can do this crazy thing we love so much.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Looking Inside My Heart

Ya know what? I'm all done with feeling sad about the Space Coast marathon. It's just one race. I will run it next year and probably do better than I would have this year anyway.

Here are a few positive things about running for me to concentrate on...

The weather is GREAT right now for running.
I have some awesome runner friends.
I have some awesome Blogger friends.
My knee is improving, just slowly.
I'm due for new Asics.
I have a new Garmin.
I got my hydrating issues all figured out and no longer "christen" finish lines.
I managed to shave my 5K, even in this Florida summer heat.
I'm a motivational running coach, LOVE that.
I am healthier than I have ever been in my life.
I have run a marathon, so I know I CAN.

Personally, I am in a happy, loving marriage. All of my kids are happy and healthy. I have a job (3 actually), and I'm wearing my pink New England Patriots hoodie. (Ha)

Can it REALLY get any better than THAT without hitting the lottery???

Friday, November 14, 2008

Part 1 of 2 Of "The Last Of The Pity Party"


My race packet for the Space Coast Marathon is being sent to me. The race coodinator was very nice. She said I couldn't apply this year's fee to next year's race but she's sending my stuff. I feel like we broke up and I'm getting the last of my things mailed to me. I think this is how it would feel, as I've never had a break up quite like this before. Like "Take your cat, but leave my sweater". Sniff, sniff...please pass the tissues Keith Urban.

PART 2 will be posted upon receiving the packet.

I'm going to go color my hair and do my nails. I won't be cleaning the house. My husband will understand, wontcha Bobby????

Happy Friday!

This week flew by! I didn't even attempt to run at all. I took the entire week off, now I feel like I'll be totally starting over with running. I know muscles have memory but I can only hope mine remember the good times, not the bad. Like my last 5K PR.

I am starting swim lessons next week. I guess I'd better get an appropriate bathing suit for the YMCA! Hahaha!! I'll leave the bikinis at home so the lifegaurds don't go all "crazy" at the sight of a 42 year old woman who's had 4 kids struttin' her stuff at the pool. Not pretty....lol...too bad I never stuck with the Body For Life diet plan. Then I'd be a hot mamma! Oh well.

Speaking of diets...I'm going for a bagel with butter AND cream cheese. Little bit o'salt too. And my 3rd cup o'coffee. Kinda feel like having a grilled cheese sandwich. I think I finished off my BBQ chips last night after work though. can't have a sandwich without chips. I know it's only 9am. I'm startin' early.

And I wonder why I'm not foxy. Blah.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Change Of Plans

I decided to NOT attempt to do The Space Coast Half. It's in 18 days and I can't even get past 4.5 miles without my knee hurting. In all honesty, I could probably put the pain out of my mind and finish the half, but I know I'd just damage the IT band worse. Then I would miss The Sarasota Full in February FOR SURE. I cannot miss that one. Oh, that would not be good.

I pretty much knew it last weekend, but I wasn't ready to give up. It amazes me how important these milestones become. They worm their way into my heart like a stray kitty. Setting them free feels the same too.

On to some news. I don't really know how to swim, I am afraid of deep water. If the deep water happens to be dark...I don't go in at all. I think swimming will help rehab my knee and keep up my cardio base, something my coach has been saying for a year (and Sherry agrees). Unfortunately, we took the solar down for the heat in the pool because of a roof leak, so now my pool is too cold. The Aquatics Director, Bob, happens to be a friend (and fellow Endurance Team mate) and he said he'll teach me to freestyle! I'd like to learn to dive too. I've never, ever dove into water head first! I can't do it, my feet refuse to leave the edge. I'm nervously excited about swimming. I'd LOVE to conquer the fear. If anyone can teach me to swim, it's Bob. He was a STAR in high school and college! I am going to give it a shot!

I know what you're thinking Sherry....LOL. You're right. If I can do the swimming, I'll be willing to attempt a tri. In fact, I feel a sense of excitement when I think about it. It scares the freakin' heck outa me too.

I think my first lesson is next week.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

No Race Report For Kim

As I type this out, Sherry is conquering MiamiMan Tri...I haven't heard anything from Sherry yet, understandably, but I am anxious. She always does well and I love to hear all the details. As soon as I hear, I'll be posting!!! Keep your skirt on Girlie....LOL...Go Sherry!!!!!!!!

Jim did very well at the senior games. He was competing to qualify for another race and I'm pleased to report HE DID IT! GO JIM!!!!

Mike ran the 5k Satuday (that I missed) and got a new PR: 27:26 which is one second short of MY own PR of 27:25. Kinda funny....lol. It was also his birthday. I reminded him that he's not getting any better...just getting older....LOL

GQ tried out his new sneaks. Got himself a bloody mess on his toe. He traumatized his only offspring by showing it to him....sighhhhhhhhhh...poor little HeisenKidling. Big hugs for Ian!!!!

Friday night at work, my knee was just screaming. It was very busy and I was running around like crazy. That was at 7pm. My boss, John, took one look at me and announced I wouldn't be running any race. That's when I cried. Just a little though. It wasn't so much the 5k I'd be missing, but the fact that I haven't been able to run more than 3 miles since this IT band and I have a halfer in 3 weeks. Blah. Not to mention I wanna use my Garmin for some crazy routed runs!!

I decided if I can't get a decent run in by next weekend, I'm going to cancel the Space Coast Half. There's no point in injuring myself worse and ruining all the other plans I have. I NEED to run The Sarasota Grouper Marathon in February. I will be a very unhappy runner if I can't make that one. My husband assures me that if I need to cancel Space Coast, he'll still show me a good time anyway. Very tempting. But he'd do that anyway!

We've had a little shake up in regards to Phase 2 Endurance Project. Nov to Feb is an extremely busy time for the coaches and we worried about some of our training runs getting sidelined. We're still in negotiations on working this out. There will still be a team, we will be running the Sarasota Grouper Full Marathon in Feb. It'll just be a matter of scheduling conflicts for coaches.

This group will be considerably smaller than Phase 1. I was so shocked to hear people saying NO WAY to the full. I forget how daunting the 26.2 can be. I learned to run with a marathon in mind from the start so it didn't occur to me that it was quite a distance until Jim sat down with me and the map 3 days before that race. That's when I got a "clue" that I was going to be running for awhile. Jim said it was like running from my house up to Sarasota. That's a 40 minute drive. On the highway doing 80 MPH. Yeah. Good times....lol. And it was. I loved every single minute of that marathon and I want to feel that excitement again. Kinda fitting that it'll be Sarasota Grouper again.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I Can't Think Up A Good Title

I met Mike at the gym at 9:30-ish for a little run. We're running a 5K tomorrow and figured we'd just do a quick 2 miler. My knee was being a pain in the ass (seriously) The jabs of discomfort went from ass to below the knee as we walked to the starting point. Which means one thing, one EYE opening thing, really. I need some oxycontin for tomorrow's 5K. Just kidding. If I'm going to take meds I wanna be on the couch doin nuthin' while I enjoy the feeling.

On a semi-serious note, it didn't really hurt all that much. I've had way worse injuries. Like the hip flexor nightmare. UGH! And that dog bite last January was no picnic either. Or the time I pulled my achilles tendon when I ran into a hole. So you see folks...I guess I can get through this one too.

Mike and I decided to walk 3 miles to stretch out the IT band. We did a loop up and through The 5 Senses park. Pretty cool place. We had a great conversation along the way. Mike was in the military and has been all over the place. He's met so many interesting people and has a million stories to tell. It was nice to take a leisurely stroll through town. Anyway, my knee was killing at about 2.5 miles out but by the time we got back to the gym it felt fine. Weird, but I'm glad to see walking/running isn't making it worse.

I have some friends doing some races this weekend:

Sherry is doing the MiamiMan Triathlon...

I know Sherry will do well, she's a fantastic athlete and a sweet, wonderful person. GO SHERRY!!!! And hurry up and post your results. I hate waiting....LOL

My coach Jim is doing the Senior Games, which if you knew Jim, you'd never believe he was age eligible for that...

Good luck Jim!! I'm sure he'll do well too...he's a phenomenal athlete!

Me and Mike are doing the Punta Gorda 5K, where I'll attempt to leave his ass in the dust.

This is me and Mike at the Sarasota Marathon last March. If you're going to the Punta Gorda 5K, just watch for me sprinting past him....LOL

Up in the northern part of the USA, GQ will be trying out his new Asics.

I'll be waiting for his blog about how new sneaks make him faster....teehee.
Ok, that's all for now. Rock on my runner friends!!!!!
Chow babyyyyyy!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

You're My Butterfly...Sugar Baby

Ok, I have 2 butterflies, a tongue and no strep throat. I'd be callin' me a winner!

I have discovered a new (to me) exercise called "Spin Cycling". Oh baby. It's a good time. A REAL good time. Except on some parts of me. I don't know how guys ride bikes. I will be chatting with the hubby later tonight, as he's a biker. Hasn't seemed to deter him from other activities that would seem to ME to be deterred from after a guy rides a bike. If it did, I'd be popping his tires every night.

I think this spin class will be great for cross training for endurance. I'm going to ask my coach if he could somehow incorporate some of them for Team Endurance Phase 2! Which starts Nov 22nd! We have 2-3 new team mates, I am very excited. It'll be nice not to have to be there at 6am now that the weather is better. It was too hot to start after 8am during the summer here. Jeez...it was too hot to run at 6am!

I had a 5 mile run planned yesterday with Mike. My knee felt tight by mile 2, no pain. By mile 3 it started to hurt a little but I kept going. By mile 4.5 I had to walk. Mike ran ahead and I thought he was getting the car to come get me BUT NO! I had to limp back to the gym. When I saw him I asked him why he didn't come get me. He said I didn't ask him to. PFFFFT...a good running partner should know when I need a ride without me having to ask. But then I had to admit to him,that had he come to get me I would have been insulted that he THOUGHT he needed to pick me up. So either way, he loses. That's how I roll...LOL (hugs Mike)

My knee was painful this morning but I went to spin class anyway. It seems to have worked it out. I did the grocery shopping and was walking fine. I was sweaty, but no problems with my knee. I wish I had an IT band across my abs. That would be nice! Sick of my fridge being the only place with a six pack around here.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Yep, did 4.45 miles with Mike this morning before my knee screamed "GET THE HELL OFF ME". Being a true athlete (haha) I listened to my body and walked the remaining .64 back to the gym. It was killing me but only for about 15-20 minutes. It feels a little tight right now but I can deal with it. Icing it will help too...

I'm thinking of doing a 5K Saturday in Punta Gorda....I'll have to see.

Endurance Project Phase 2 is starting up on Nov 22nd...very, very excited and happy about that. I think most of our Phase 1 runners will be back!!!!

Off to work, updates later!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Monday!

Life is GOOD! I'm beginning my 2nd year of running! The year flew by.

My IT band seems to be behaving. After my 3.11 mile (can ya tell I have a Garmin now???) run with Mike Sunday, I lounged like a lizard. My favorite thing to do. In fact, I'll be pool-side in a few minutes.

First things first. I bought a Garmin a few months back, but not knowing what the hey I was doing....I got the heart rate monitor type without the footpod thingy. Then I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get a pace reading. Derrrrr...This time I got the same one my friend Ed has. It's very simple to use, even for me! I can't wait to use the virtual trainer mode. You enter in your distance, time you want to finish and away you go! There's a little man that "runs with you" and if you go too fast or slow I think it beeps. I say "I think" because I am not sure yet. I'll let ya know. Woulda been cool to program little voice messages that say "speed it up you slow poke" or "slow it down Deena"....

I thought of an idea for those energy gummy bear things. I was thinking I'd make a necklace or bracelet out of them. That way I can just chomp 'em off the elastic thread, like those candy necklaces. No looking for them, dropping them or tucking them back while trying to run. Only I just remembered...I sweat a little bit when I run distance. I can just picture what kinda mess that could make....lol. I'll try it anyway.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Let's Run A Marathon During The Fall Time Change

If we ran a marathon at midnight Nov 1st, wouldn't that shave an hour off our time?????

That's all I really have to say about that.

Running With The Devil....

No, not you Mike....LOL...I couldn't resist that one!

The devil is my IT band injury. For the last 3 weeks I've been trying to rest it and let it heal. Every time I tried to run it killed. Last week I got about 20 feet before the devil stopped me in my tracks.

Today was different.

Today I faced off with the devil once again. And I won.

Yep. I ran this morning. Lalalalalala!! I met Mike at the gym. I brought my Garmin to try it out. It's easier than I thought to set up, but I need to figure out how to read it from history. Anyway, we started off slow, at a 13 minute pace. I didn't even feel a twinge and picked up the pace. Mike kept telling me to slow down so I wouldn't get that IT band back in a tizzy. We finally settled into an 10:30 pace. Felt extrememly slow but by mile 1.5, I started feeling achy in the knee. I got so nervous. We walked for a minute, I was worried about starting back up, but we went slow. I was amazed to not feel it getting worse. No tightness at all, just a bit achy. On we went. By mile 2.5, I felt like it was hurting a little more, we walked another minute, started back up slow. I was amazed again that it seemed like it was working itself out.

We ran over the bridge at the firestation and made it to the end of the driveway to the gym. We did our cool down from there. My knee was not hurting at all. I wanted to go back and do some more! Mike just shook his head no. He said it's better to take it easy. He's right and I knew that but I was feeling so fantastic. We did 3.11 miles in 34 minutes. I am pleased.

I was afraid to believe this would ever stop hurting! We sat and talked for a little while. Tried to take our pulses but I don't have one. Seriously. Mike couldn't get mine either and he's an EMT. My blood pressure is usually 90/60 and I don't have very strong knee reflexes either. The chiropractor tried to get my knee reflex and couldn't. Funny thing though...my middle fingers both reflexed when he hit my hand....LOL...so I wasn't too surprised we couldn't get my pulse.

Well I'm back on the steets of Florida. Watch out Space Coast...HERE I COME!!!!!!!

EDIT Nov 3, 2008: My knee is still fine! I do have that achy feeling I get when I haven't run for a while, but I welcome that!!

Happy Anniversary To My Asics

Today is my one year anniversary of the first time I ever ran. If you could call it running...LOL. I remember walking out of the gym with Jim, listening to his instructions intently, determined to run for 5 miles. I had NO IDEA what I was thinking! I think I ran 20 feet and thought I was going to have a heart attack. So I learned the Galloway method that day. Right from the start Jim pointed out nature, sights, smells...explaining that running was not just "one foot in front of the other". It's an opportunity to relax, take in my surroundings. Meet people along the way. It's NOT a time to kill yourself.

I did learn to run with this attitude and it works for me. I enjoy running with people more than if I'm alone. Even when there's no talking involved, just the sound of feet moving along at the same tempo.

I mentioned to Jim yesterday I've been running for one year now and he looked surprised for a minute. He said I've accomplished a whole lot in my first year. I said "Oh yeah...a nice IT band injury". He listed off my races and I felt very proud of myself. It was just what I needed to let go of my disappointment in not running the full at Space Coast. I see that I have come far and I still have many miles ahead of me to meet some more goals.

I am meeting my friend Mike at the gym for a run. I have high hopes this morning. I've been adjusted, stretched, warmed up and I'm not hurting. I hope to do 3 miles, but I'll be happy with 2. This IT band issue is so getting old, but I am glad I've taken the time to let it heal. Even though I tortured myself mentally over the last few weeks.

I'm fine with only running the half at Space Coast. I have come to terms with it! Today anyway....

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweenie

I got up earlier than usual, rushed my kiddies out of bed and through breakfast because I thought I was into work at 9am. Got there (on time) to find out I didn't need to be there after all! I also got tonight off from my night job so I could spend Halloween with Bob and the kids, so I am free for the day!

I stopped for a scrumptious iced mocha coffee at BK. WOW, those are yummy. I keep forgetting I can't eat this stuff when I'm not running! I'm gonna be a McFatty Fat Fat-pants before too long at this rate.

My friend Tess is coming over tonight. While Bobby takes the kids around the 'hood, me and Tess'll be having some Smirnoff Ice (Tess) and some Pumpkin Spice Lager (Kim). Every halloween, my husband brings me a plate of cute little things made from cookies and fruit covered in chocolate and look like mice, pumpkins....Halloweenie stuff. Cannolies (spell check can't fix that one) will be on there too, but those are not for sharing. Those are for Kim. I'm gonna lick them all before anyone can grab one. Smart, 'eh??

While I was bringing the groceries in, my dog pushed through the screen door and bolted down the street. Freakin dog! She's a 5 lb chihuahua and lightening fast. I'm a hundred and something lb woman with a bum knee and not so fast anymore. All I could picture was Gracey getting run over and me having to tell the kids. Unless I could find another dog just like her before they got home from school. Something tells me they'd figure it out. So down the street I went. Calling Grace. Which is funny because my neighbor's name is Grace. She was at work though....LOL. I wonder if anyone heard me screaming for Gracey and thinks I was calling for my neighbor.

I did not notice that while I was running down the street, at full speed may I add, that my knee did not hurt. Can you believe that?????? Unfortunately it kinda hurts now, but at least I ran! I was wearing my Vibram 5 Fingers too. Strange. I just got up (I know you can't see me or even know when I walk away from my keyboard, but anyway....my knee seems ok. It's not hurting. This is freaking me out.

Lemme go put away the groceries and I'll be back to update on my knee.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Happenings...

I've been trying to stop thinking about Space Coast for now and just relax. Easier said than done, but I have some stuff to keep me busy.

Went to the chiropractor this morning. Love him! I only needed a little adjustment. I had that sharp pain in my right bum cheek. Can I just say, I have mixed feelings about having another man's hands on my behind? I was glad I was face down and he couldn't see my face turning beet red. I kinda liked it, but don't tell my husband. He won't let me back there...haha! I'm going back on Tuesday....lalalalala...I just might pretend BOTH sides hurt next time...teehee. JUST KIDDING!

Then from there to the dentist I went. I was abnormally excited for this appointment though, because....GUESS WHAT??? My hygenist just did the Iron Man in Hawaii!!! HOW FREAKIN COOL IS THAT????? So we made a little deal. I wouldn't scream and cry at the sight of all those instruments if she'd give me a play by play of her race. She kinda skimmed over the details and it was very frustrating not to be able to ask questions but I got an awesome story. Her name is Suzette, she's 54 yrs old and looks 40. It was the quickest, most pleasant cleaning I have ever had. I just finished about 10 of those Dove Desserts candies. Bananas Foster flavored...yummy. Sorry Suzette....lol

I was up the street from the gym so I popped in for some cross training. I wanted to see if I was losing any cardio yet. I'm so down about this injury. Anyway, I ran into Jim and he gave me the ok to hop on the bike. I figured I'd do 30 minutes. I kept the cardio at about 75-85 the whole time, got sweaty and probably sang a little too loud along with the iPod. The guy next to me only stayed on his bike for like 5 minutes. I think I scared him away. About 25 minutes into it my knee was getting that tight feeling so I slowed to a cool down for 3-4 more minutes. On the way out to my car I was thinking I felt pretty good. I started to walk to the end of the parking lot to do a little tester run but changed my mind. I went home and guess what I found there?

Yep. My Garmin has arrived!!!! I had to take the batteries out of the tv remote, I do have my priorities. Besides, I'm working tonight and won't be here when Bobby realizes what I've done.

I put the batteries in and took it outside for satellite finding. It only took 4 minutes, yay! I played with the buttons for awhile, then went back in. I can't run yet so I will wait. Now I really wish I could run.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Space Coast Marathon Update

Ok, I tried to run Tuesday morning and it was not a go. I walked 2 miles with Mike and was miserable.

It took some thinking and settling in my head and my heart, but I decided to step back and think about what was really important to me in the long run. No pun intended but I'll take it...

I think if I want to be running when I'm old, like 50, I need to pay attention to my body. Even a year ago I couldn't have dreamed I'd be planning on any running, never mind my 2nd marathon in 8 months, so I need to rejoice in that.


I have changed my registration from full marathon, to the half. I feel surprisingly almost ok with that. My husband and I will still be going away for the weekend without the kidlings, I can still hear Dick Beardsley's speech and if it gets tough running the half I won't have too far to go. I could probably even con someone into giving me a piggy back ride across the finish line.

So that's what's going on over here. I'll be healing for a little while. Make some jewelry. Monogram some towels, no running for at least a week I guess. So you guys write up some good posts to keep me entertained please. I'm still looking forward to Nitmos's "Lust" post. That should be highly entertaining....LOL

Tata for now....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The chiropractor fixed my sciatica, but my knee is a mess. I couldn't run 40 feet today. I don't really understand this. I felt fantastic yesterday, even slept through the night for the first time in forever. By the time I got to the gym, my knee felt tight. And I drove there.

I put a heating sticky thing from Ben Gay on for 45 minutes to warm up the muscle, then stretched it slow and easy. Mike showed up at 9am and I told him I had my doubts. We walked a little, then tried a slow run but it was not to be. I walked 2 miles hoping it would warm up, but no. Was in pain all day. I worked at the desk all day which probably didn't help. I did ice it though. Still hurts right now.

I'm thinking Space Coast is off. I don't know. My coach says I have enough of a base to still run it if I can get going again this week at least. No PR, but he thinks I can still finish. That was kinda nice to hear, even if I'm not sure I believe it.

I'm extremely disappointed but we have 3 days, 2 nights at The Ramada on the beach...with NO kids. I don't need to read Nitmos's "Lust Blog" to get any ideas of things to do if I can't run...my husband has plenty of ideas. He keeps forgetting we're supposed to be going there for a RUNNING marathon, not THAT kind of marathon. The big pig....but that's why I married him...lol Good thing I like marathons.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I Love My Chiropractor

I went to the chiro this morning. Ahhhhhhh. Got a back end alignment. Oohhhhhh. Got a nice stong electrode thingy on my derriere. Sighhhhhh.

It went well. I feel fantastic. The pressury feeling down my leg is almost gone, the knots in my lower back are gone. I can sit without hurting. I didn't even realize I was in that much pain. I'm icing right now, feels good to be back on track.

So I do have the IT band issue but I have sciatica also. I kinda suspected that. Doc said when the IT band is tight it pulls the tendon from the hip all the way down your leg. My leg anyway. All the way down to my calf. I tried to run yesterday and couldn't even get down the street. The pain in my hip was unreal. I was so worried about running Space Coast that I barely slept last night.

The Doc said I am in great shape, range of motion was great too. It didn't hurt any worse when he bent my legs all over the place, that was a good sign also. As long as I keep icing and take it slow he thinks the marathon is still do-able! He said I can even run today but I'm scared. Something is telling me to rest it still. As far behind as I am in my training, a day or two more won't make or break it.

So, onto to some EXCITING news!!! My good friend Ed is running The New York Marathon next weekend!!! We just went to his marathon party yesterday afternoon. This will be Ed's 3rd marathon. A bunch of fellow Zoomers were there, wishing we could be at the finish line to see him come in. That would have been so cool, to be able to cheer him on throughout the race.

Once I get through the Space Coast Marathon, Endurance Project Phase 2 will be starting. We'll all be training together again! I really miss running with the team. Half of my team members will be doing the Sarasota Grouper Half, the rest, including me, Tess and Ed will do the full. I'm pretty sure Bob will do the full, as he's had the MAP OF THE SARASOTA MARATHON TAPED TO HIS FRIDGE SINCE THE FCA HALF WE JUST DID. His wife Michelle will probably do the half, she's more of a sprinter. I am so excited!

Oh....gotta run, be back soon!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Love Presents

It's true. Presents are fun. It's the waiting for the delivery of presents I have trouble with. I'm like a 9 year old on Christmas Eve. My husband has to hide birthday, anniversary and all holiday gifts from me. Kinda sad. 42 year old child, I am.

So, you may be wondering what I'm "getting". Garmin Forerunner 101!! YIPPEE! I ordered a Garmin a few months ago but couldn't figure it out. Turns out it was a heart monitor type, not a pacer/mileage kind. My husband was thrilled though, as he's cycler. Last night he was playing with his Garmin and I casually mentioned how nice it would be if I had a Garmin too. He said "go for it"...no need to repeat that hubby o'mine. It's on it's way. Now if I could just get past this IT band thing.

I'm thinking "chiropractor". I love a good adjustment anyhow. Been too long.

I'm off in a bit. It's date night at the Cusick house. TTFN!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I Need A Miracle IT Band Recovery

SIGH. I'm not too happy. My knee has been hurting since Thursday. It didn't hurt after my little 2 mile jaunt, why now??? I've been icing it like MAD. Maybe I'll get a total knee replacement surgery. I could share a room with my good friend TOM BRADY. (watch out Giselle) That'd be worth it....lol

It's raining here this morning, so I won't try running until later. Although I love to run in the rain, I won't do it. Why not? Cuz I don't feel like it. I think today will be a cross trainer at the gym instead. Maybe. We'll see.

Be back later, I think we have some chocolate donuts. Those go deelish with a coffee.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

1st Run in Eleven Days...

First I went to my awesome yoga class. Yogi-Jim is away on vacation so Yogi-Bonnie stepped in. Wonderful class! Lots of gentle stretching and mental cleansing. Love that. My knee felt a little tight, I went easy, just enjoying my yoga-friends. And "The Return To Innocence". I love that song. We do our "warrior" positions to that track. Gets me in touch with my Navajo-ness.

After yoga is Runners' Club. But nobody showed. Not even Mike. Bummer. I forgot my iPod anyway so I went home to run by my broken self. Kirstin was home, she's my 19 yr old child. Yes, child. I don't care if they're 72, they're my babies! Anyway, she had a little phone case that she thought would be perfect for my ipod. It clips and has a magnetic closure for easy access. It has small openings on each side for cords too. She was right! It's perfect!!! Thank you Kirsty!!!

I geared up and headed out.

Beautiful day, maybe 78 degrees, little breezy. Felt so good to be out there. I only saw a few dragonflies. I guess they're done with their mating dance.

I walked to the end of my street before I started off with a very slow pace. Everything felt fine. I went along my merry way, picking up the pace a bit. By the time I came up on mile 1, I felt that ole familiar tightness in the knee. My hip felt a little pinchy too. I walked/ran back to my house. The tightness never turned into a sharp pain, just a little irritating, mostly on push off. I stopped running before it got bad. Thankfully!

I know I'll run Space Coast, maybe I won't beat Nitmos' time (not in this lifetime ANYWAY) but I'll finish. My one true goal is to run Boston 2010, so I need to stay in touch with my body. Unless I can get Vanilla to find that quirky rule that'll get me qualified in 5 hours instead of 3:50:59.

So here I am. I'm icing as I type this out. I am in good spirits and feeling so hopeful. I will go very slow with this rehab thing. I have many friends who have given me wonderful advice (in person AND in blogland). I thank you all from my heart.

Space Coast Marathon

Well, the Space Coast Marathon is coming up and I have not run since the FCA Half Marathon. I'm so worried about my knee (IT band) that I'm just resting/icing it. But it still hurts even though I haven't run yet.

Today is the day.

I have a yoga class this morning at 9am, then runners club at 10:15. Mike will be there to call me a baby (just kiddin'....we razz each other MERCILESSLY) Mike's a personal trainer, so I'll have some good advice and some great guidance.

We booked 2 nights at the Ramada for the marathon. Dick Beardsley will be the speaker and I cannot wait to check him out. Nitmos, I can hug him for ya if you'd like...LOL. Anyway, the hotel is right on the beach so my husband and I will be lounge lizards! My daughter Kerri will stay with Em and Robby for the weekend. NO KIDS! Yippeeeee!!!! Although we feel some guilt, my son would love Space Coast. We decided to take the kids there after the marathon. With 3000 people showing up to race, it'll probably be very crowded anyway. I shouldn't be walking around for 50 miles the day before a marathon either. The kids will have more fun going another time.

Gotta run...yoga starts in 15 minutes!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not back To Running Just yet

I know I said I was going to start the running thing back again today, but I did not. So sue me. No don't! I don't have anything you'd want, trust me on that.

You might be wondering just what I did do today. A whole lotta nuthin'. And I L-I-K-E-D it. I lay by the pool, smelling like coconuts. Basking in the fall sun. We can do that here in Florida. If someone had told me 6 years ago I'd be laying by the pool, sweating on October 19, 2008, I would have LAUGHED in their face! HaHaHa! But alas. It's true. I'm here lovin' every minute of it. Oh, Loverboy sang that song. Good tune, but I digress from the true topic of my post. Which is.....no running today.

My knee still kinda felt achy, I didn't want to even try it out if it was still achy. I used my better judgement for once. Besides, I've been running at 100 MPH since June and today was my day to hang. So I hung.

Today is also the day to rejoice in the Boston Red Sox making it to game 7. Neener neener neener to you Devil Rays. Honestly, I can't stand watching baseball. I might pop in here and there to see how they're doing but I'd fall asleep by the 3rd pitch if I tried to watch the game. Call me a fair-weather lover. Of baseball anyway.

Back to the tanning. Maybe grab a brewdawg. I got some Bud Select. It's non-carb, or low-carb...but I don't care about that. I just think the black can with the red princess tiara on the front is COOL. Besides, the garlic bagel crisps have so many carbs in them, a normal beer wouldn't even make a difference. Garlic bagel crisps. Mmmmmm....yummy. Anybody wanna kiss????

OH!! PS!! I weighed myself today and I haven't gained a pound! Will wonders never cease?? I will have my husband's famous cheeseburger tonight with relish! Not the pickle kinda relish, the "enjoying this" kinda relish. I don't put relish on my cheeseburger, that would be gross.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Back To Running Tomorrow

My new Bloggy friend , GQ ran a 5k today and PR'd!! Yippeee for GQ!! May I add that he's testing out my iPod theory of relativity??? I just did....tee hee

Now back to ME...

I think I've gained about 40 lbs this week. I kept eating like I was still running. Whateva...I'll burn it off in other ways. Like jumping jacks or something. Geesh ya piggies. But wait...that's a good idea too....hmmmmmmmm

My knee is still making sure I know I damaged it, but part of rehabbing an IT band is to start running again, slowly. Which scares me because I have a full marathon in 5 weeks. I talked to my coach today and told him the worst thing that could happen is I don't PR. He thinks I will. I believe him. As long as he says what I wanna hear...haha! At times I'm a typical woman....AT TIMES!

Anyway, I'll run Sunday until I feel the twinge of pain, then walk until it stops, run again etc....I figure I'll turn around at the first pain and head back. I am hoping for at least 2 miles. I won't push it though.

I'm waiting for quite a few race reports...I hope everyone posts soon. i can't wait!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm Post Stealing (1st Offense) No Offense

I have never stolen posts before, but these two are too hysterical to pass up. Gives me a chance to try to do that linky thing you well trained bloggers already know how to do.

I don't usually like to discuss bodily functions, as I don't have any myself, but here ya go.....

Go here to check out a lil contraption that every runner (but ME) needs.
Go here for all you women who find they need to pee in between port-o-potties, but have not yet mastered the "art" of peeing standing up. I know, I know. Bear with me a moment.

Ok, this one does include me, but we will not discuss it. Too much. I just wanna say, there's no hiding the fact you have one of these in your shorts. What?? You don't WEAR them for the whole race?? Oh, I can just see it now: Running along, no port-o-potty in sight when ya just gotta pee. Head for the bushes (if there are any) drop your drawers and unfold the "canister". We're up on at least 4 minutes now. Then it would take me another 5 minutes to relax enough to trust this contraption before I could even begin, ya know, to....pee. (I can't believe I'm talking about this) Then as luck would have it, my "aim" would not be so precise and I'd pee all over the place. And what do I get for all my hassle??? Lost 10 minutes, that's what!

So forget it. I'll never try the contraption. Deena Kastor probably invented it to slow down all the other runners. I'll stick to christening all the finish lines, thankyaverramuch.

PS. I don't do that anymore, BTW. I saw the doc who told me I was over-hydrating. So now I'm crossing those finish lines with CON-FI-DENCE. Yay!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pasta Party Pics!

20th Annual Bill's Beer Run

Ooooohh, my 2 favorite things....beer and running!

Can't go wrong there, unless my husband has to work and I don't have a designated driver. It's a 5 mile race, never did one o' those before. Wonder if I can do it in 50 minutes. Probably closer to 55-57 minutes. I have 10 days to rehab my dumb IT band thingy. Kinda like keeping my "eye on the prize". Usually I try to get behind the hottie half naked men for incentive when I run, but beer works too. Beer can't run away from me like the half naked hottie men. And yes, my husband is aware of my race preoccupation. His motto is: look but do not touch. That's easy. My husband is a hottie cyclist and I can catch HIM.

Pic #1: getting ready to take off....
Pic #2: headed off down the road....
Pic #3: at the beach ....

Notice I do not post pictures of ME at the beach.....teehee!!!
I'm outa here for now....busy in the shop....