Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Happenings...

I've been trying to stop thinking about Space Coast for now and just relax. Easier said than done, but I have some stuff to keep me busy.

Went to the chiropractor this morning. Love him! I only needed a little adjustment. I had that sharp pain in my right bum cheek. Can I just say, I have mixed feelings about having another man's hands on my behind? I was glad I was face down and he couldn't see my face turning beet red. I kinda liked it, but don't tell my husband. He won't let me back there...haha! I'm going back on Tuesday....lalalalala...I just might pretend BOTH sides hurt next time...teehee. JUST KIDDING!

Then from there to the dentist I went. I was abnormally excited for this appointment though, because....GUESS WHAT??? My hygenist just did the Iron Man in Hawaii!!! HOW FREAKIN COOL IS THAT????? So we made a little deal. I wouldn't scream and cry at the sight of all those instruments if she'd give me a play by play of her race. She kinda skimmed over the details and it was very frustrating not to be able to ask questions but I got an awesome story. Her name is Suzette, she's 54 yrs old and looks 40. It was the quickest, most pleasant cleaning I have ever had. I just finished about 10 of those Dove Desserts candies. Bananas Foster flavored...yummy. Sorry

I was up the street from the gym so I popped in for some cross training. I wanted to see if I was losing any cardio yet. I'm so down about this injury. Anyway, I ran into Jim and he gave me the ok to hop on the bike. I figured I'd do 30 minutes. I kept the cardio at about 75-85 the whole time, got sweaty and probably sang a little too loud along with the iPod. The guy next to me only stayed on his bike for like 5 minutes. I think I scared him away. About 25 minutes into it my knee was getting that tight feeling so I slowed to a cool down for 3-4 more minutes. On the way out to my car I was thinking I felt pretty good. I started to walk to the end of the parking lot to do a little tester run but changed my mind. I went home and guess what I found there?

Yep. My Garmin has arrived!!!! I had to take the batteries out of the tv remote, I do have my priorities. Besides, I'm working tonight and won't be here when Bobby realizes what I've done.

I put the batteries in and took it outside for satellite finding. It only took 4 minutes, yay! I played with the buttons for awhile, then went back in. I can't run yet so I will wait. Now I really wish I could run.


Sherry said...

Kim, you are soooooo a triathlete in the making! I can see it already. Once you start enjoying listening to stories about Kona... that's it girl! Hooked!!! :o)

I've had a pain in my thoracic spine for over 2 months now. I keep saying that I chiro visit is in order. I'm scared though. I've never been to one. All of that cracking and adjusting. I'm actually more afraid that I might have some sort of a stress fracture back there. Ugh! Anyway, after MiamiMan is over... I'm all about the docs (and running, of course). HUGS!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Somebody has ... GARMIN FEVER!!!

Catch it!

That is a very interesting way to pass the time at the dentist's. My dentist usually goes into a bit of a right wing rant when I visit. I don't disagree with him because:

1. I usually have about seven different things in my mouth at any given time during a routine cleaning.

2. One of the things that alway seems to be in there is an implement whose technical name is, I believe, "The Gouger". Never have a political disagreement with someone who is "prophylactically" gouging your gums. I have very few Rules Of Life. But that's one.