Saturday, January 24, 2009

Make That 10 Mile Run A 9 Miler!

Oh I'm so happy!!! Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaaaa!!!

I met Reg and Mike at the gym at 3pm for our long run. Within moments, my prediction of angel vs devil became evidentally correct! Mike asked if we were still doing 8 miles, I said no. We're doing 10. He said 10!! I said "8....10....what's the difference??? LOL He laughed and said ok. Then he asked what pace. I said 10 minute pace. He said "10 minute pace!!" I started laughing because I knew he'd want to do a 12 so we could chat. Mike and I have great runs together, we can talk about anything. I so enjoy our runs together, honestly.

But today I was on a mission. My running history has been so off the wall. I'm slowly getting control of my leg muscles back. A few weeks ago I could only get 2-2.5 miles out before my legs did that numb/weird thing and I'd have to walk back. Then I got to 5 miles before it happened. I was hoping the timing would keep doubling and I'd get to 10 miles this time.

Nope. I started feeling that leg fatigue at about 6 miles. I ignored it. By mile 7 my feet and lower legs were numb. I had to do short walk breaks for like 15-20 seconds every 4-5 minutes. By mile 8 I felt like from my hips down were detached. I pinched my quads real hard and didn't feel a thing. I was running a little sideways. I told Reg this and we switched sides so if I fell I wouldn't fall on him...haha! Kidding, we switched so I'd be closer to the grass. I let him know I was going to stop at 9 miles. Which I did. Reg kept running the last half mile back to the gym. Mike had just arrived there when we walked in too.

And HEY!!! I almost forgot to tell ya....we put our drinks on a fence post and when we got back to them someone had taken my Gatorade!! Hahahaha!!! Little monkeys at the skatepark, I bet.

Here's the run history off my garmin:

Run time: 1:31:58
Run distance: 9 miles
Avg pace: 10:13
Best pace: 6:01

I showed my coach, Jim, who was at the gym when we got back and he said I did a great job! Nothing like hearing that from your coach!!!!!!

I feel a little worried about how far I'll get during the half marathon. It's 3 weeks away, I'm hoping to condition my muscles by then. I'll be potassium loading while everyone else carbo Reg gave me some pretty fantastic news. He said he's going to run with me for the whole half! I was very surprised since he can easily do it in wayyyyy under 2 hours. He said he didn't care about his time, he is going to run with it me. I'm very touched. Very happy. He kept me motivated through out today's run. I was feeling really nervous at the 6 mile mark when that old familiar heaviness began, but we kept going. Every time he said I was doing well, it gave me a surge of energy.

This 9 miler is the longest run I've had since October. A very long time. It feels so fantastically wonderful to sit here and write this post after only 8 days after hearing my doctor tell me to run with my feet side to side. I knew when he said that I was NEVER gonna run from side to side. I'd fall first. Maybe get a pretty pink cast, but NO running side to side for THIS CHICK.

And I was right. I love when that happens.

EDIT FOR MELANIE: I'd be willing to visit in the summer....hahaha!!!


Saturdays have always been the long run days. Until October! Between the IT band bull-oney and my muscles going into hibernation, Saturdays had become an emotionally painful day.


Have I told you lately, that I love you....potassium????? I love potassium! I can even slug down that tonic water like a Bud Light. I miss my Bud Lights. No more alcohol since the seizure meds. Sometimes I mix the tonic water with the tomato juice and pretend it's a bloody mary. Not too bad. Oh well, maybe no beer will help me lose these 6 lbs I found over the holidays.

I met Reg at the gym at 10am for a 3 miler Friday. I wanted to keep an even pace and see how it would go. We did...

3.03 miles
28 minutes
9:20 ave pace.

I am pleased. My legs felt great and it felt wonderful to be out there again. Reg is from Canada and he even said the weather has been cold. LOL!!! Take that GQ!!! I love running with Reg, he keeps my pace up and he TALKS! He has that Canadian accent. He says ooot for out. abooot for about...kinda fun teasing him abooot that since all I ever hear is YER FROM BOSTON, AIN'TCHA?!?! From all these Floridians.

I did need to stop a few times for about 30-45 seconds. My cardio seemed sluggish. I am fine with the feet/ankle pain. Doctor was right, I am getting used to it. He also knows me well enough to know I don't give up that easily. My muscles are listening again!

Soooo...Mike, Reg and I are doing a 10 miler today. We meet at 3pm, when it might be warmer. My hopes are to hold a 10-11 minute pace throughout, but it's been a loooooong time since I did any distance running. I'm going to think of this as a fun run before the half. I'll have Mike to make me take it easy and Reg to keep a faster pace. This should be fun....LOL. Kinda like the angel vs devil on my shoulders. Plus if I fall these two strong guys can carry me back to the gym.....LOL All kidding aside, I still run a little to the right, but my balance is better. Yoga is getting better too. I am determined to get back on track.

I'm SOOOO excited!!!! I'll be back tonight with my 10 miler report!!!

* Special congratulations to my sweetie. Congrats on your promotion. You deserve it. You're a fantastic husband, father and provider for our family. You work hard so I don't have to. (just kiddin') work hard for all of us and we appreciate your commitment to us. After a 12-14 hour day, you come home and smile when we all jump you in the driveway. Even the dog races us all to the door. You're handsome, strong, sweet tempered, loving and kind. You are everything I ever wanted for my children and for me. Plus you're easy on the eyes....LOL

Luv ya Babe!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Already???

This week flew by!
I'm back to my classes and feeling so much better. It's weird to do the spin class and actually feel my legs. I still have a little weakness on the right side, arm and leg, but I'm going to get back to machine workouts. I totally feel it in yoga. My balance seems to have improved though. Maybe the seizure meds?? Not sure. I'll see the doc soon.

I'm meeting Reg (from Canada!!!) at the gym this morning for a little 3-4 miler. We have an 8-10 miler planned for Saturday. I need to see where I'm at since that half marathon is only 3 weeks away. Reg even said it was freezing here!

The only half I've done is the one I "ran" with that IT band yank. So my PR is 2:30. As painfully ego bashing as that felt that day, I'm kinda happy about it now because I can probably beat that at least by a minute or two...LOL

I tested my coach the other day to see if he "yeses" me about my abilities. I asked him if he thought I could go for the full instead. He gave me that "coachy" look that only they can give and said "don't be ridiculous". Ok, ok. I was kidding. Kinda. I don't know what it is about the marathon that pulls me in.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cold For Florida

We're getting a cold front. I don't really like that. Cold+running=not for Kim.
But, we have Runners Club tomorrow at 10:15, so off to the mall I went this morning. First of all, I hate the mall. I like to buy things online (which reminds me, I came online to buy "Spirit Of The Marathon" but stopped here first. I'll make this post quick.... the mall. I needed a pair of running pants. I found some black ones that had a $44 tag on 'em. I had a gift card from the hubster, so I grabbed 'em. On my way to the trying on room....the fitting room! Yes, that's what it's called....I saw a pink running top. Grabbed that too.

Once in the fitting room, I stood real close to the mirror, trying to peer in. At times I'm quite convinced there's a man sitting there in a recliner with a brewdawg and a bag o'chips watching me undress. (lucky guy, I'm sure you're thinking). So I always make sure my undy-things are matching. Ya know....just in CASE! I couldn't really tell, so I pretended no one was watching as I tried to keep my body covered while changing. not easy.

So I turned around, cuz if the man in the recliner saw the front of me...he'd want me, and I'm married, so why torture him???? Exactly. I tried everything on, pants fit perfectly, the top is kinda weird with the t-back thing, but I just got a new bra that has that hooky thing that holds the straps together in the back so it looks like I have a real-live sports bra on. Which I never do. I hate those. Oh, that reminds me.....ladies, do we have to wear a bra if the tops have those built in ones????? Inquiring minds wanna know.

I decided to buy them both and went to the closest register. Here's where it gets freakin tricky. As the cashier rang up my stuff, she looked over at me and said...."Are you eligible for our senior discount?" I looked back at her, innocently quizzical and said...."Huh?" Then she had the NERVE to ask..."Are you over 52 years old?" I was and still am, crushed. I usually get carded when I buy alcohol. Stupid lady. Then I thought of the guy behind the mirror. He musta got a good look at my body. I bet he phoned up to the register to give her a heads up that an ole lady was on her way. That ass! I wasn't sure who I was more mad at....mirror-man or stupid-cashier-woman. So I hate them both equally.

She apologized as she handed me the bag. I said it's ok, but that I was going home to color my hair. When I realized my clothes were on sale...pants were $14 and top was $12 I decided to almost forgive her. But screw that. She called me OLD!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

4 miles!

Oh, I'm just a blogging FREAK today!

First, Congratulations to Vanilla! He finished his first marathon today!!! I think he ran up and down a dumpster. First Nic the Chiropractor runs around an ice rink 95.4 times, now we have vanilla marathoning dumpsters. Both of these guys deserve a big congrats!!!!! Awesome guys!!!

I'd give Jim's race report on his half marathon today, but I haven't heard from him yet.
EDIT: Jim ran a 1:43 half marathon!!! Way to go coach!! NEXT: BQ.....

After I saw that vanilla finished his marathon and was still alive, I set out the door for my own little jaunt. It took me a while to feel warmed up.

Run time: 42:34
Distance: 4.01 miles
Average: 10:37 pace
Best pace: 6:51 pace

The first 2 miles I felt like I was dragging, and I was. I think I was at an 11 min pace. The last mile felt the best. I almost went an extra mile, but if I want to do the half Feb 15th, I'd better ease into it.

Tracking Vanilla's First Marathon

I wanted to go for a 4 miler this morning but I can't leave my computer!!! Vanilla is running his first marathon and I'm GLUED to the tracker and to his blog. So far I've had 3 cups of coffee, some yogurt with granola and I just had 2 pancakes...all sitting here in front of my computer.

Candis is doing an awesome job posting his splits! I wish I was running too!

I need to see if i can find Razz.....

My coach Jim, ran a half this morning as part of his training for a full he's doing Feb 8th. I tried getting ahold of him to get his time, but no answer yet! Knowing him, he's running it twice....

Potassium: It's What's For Breakfast

I don't think I've ever been so happy to take medication/vitamins. *snoopy dance*

I met Mike yesterday at the gym at 3pm for a 3 miler. My last run was last Tuesday and it didn't go too well.

We started out slow and steady. Right away I could feel the difference! My feet actually lifted off the ground! They didn't feel like I had 25 lb sleeves on them. Yippeee!!

Now this was no 95.4 laps around an ice skating rink, but it felt pretty spectacular to ME! My feet and ankles are still getting tingly, numb and ok...they do hurt, but it was the cramping and fatigue in my legs that was so bad. 2 miles felt like 10. It was like hitting the wall 15 minutes into a run. Not a good time.

Here's the stats from my Garmin...

Run time: 30:13
Distance: 3.02 miles
Average: 10:00 min pace
Best pace: 6:46 min pace
Calories: 308 (that's a rip off) But don't worry, I ingested at LEAST 3 times those many calories as soon as I got home. I'm no idiot.

Half Fast/Vanilla alert: Follow Ian's marathon splits here!!!!!
Looks like he finished the 10K split at 1:04:08 at a 10:20 pace!!! GO VANILLA!!!!!