Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cold For Florida

We're getting a cold front. I don't really like that. Cold+running=not for Kim.
But, we have Runners Club tomorrow at 10:15, so off to the mall I went this morning. First of all, I hate the mall. I like to buy things online (which reminds me, I came online to buy "Spirit Of The Marathon" but stopped here first. I'll make this post quick....

Anyway....to the mall. I needed a pair of running pants. I found some black ones that had a $44 tag on 'em. I had a gift card from the hubster, so I grabbed 'em. On my way to the trying on room....the fitting room! Yes, that's what it's called....I saw a pink running top. Grabbed that too.

Once in the fitting room, I stood real close to the mirror, trying to peer in. At times I'm quite convinced there's a man sitting there in a recliner with a brewdawg and a bag o'chips watching me undress. (lucky guy, I'm sure you're thinking). So I always make sure my undy-things are matching. Ya know....just in CASE! I couldn't really tell, so I pretended no one was watching as I tried to keep my body covered while changing. not easy.

So I turned around, cuz if the man in the recliner saw the front of me...he'd want me, and I'm married, so why torture him???? Exactly. I tried everything on, pants fit perfectly, the top is kinda weird with the t-back thing, but I just got a new bra that has that hooky thing that holds the straps together in the back so it looks like I have a real-live sports bra on. Which I never do. I hate those. Oh, that reminds me.....ladies, do we have to wear a bra if the tops have those built in ones????? Inquiring minds wanna know.

I decided to buy them both and went to the closest register. Here's where it gets freakin tricky. As the cashier rang up my stuff, she looked over at me and said...."Are you eligible for our senior discount?" I looked back at her, innocently quizzical and said...."Huh?" Then she had the NERVE to ask..."Are you over 52 years old?" I was and still am, crushed. I usually get carded when I buy alcohol. Stupid lady. Then I thought of the guy behind the mirror. He musta got a good look at my body. I bet he phoned up to the register to give her a heads up that an ole lady was on her way. That ass! I wasn't sure who I was more mad at....mirror-man or stupid-cashier-woman. So I hate them both equally.

She apologized as she handed me the bag. I said it's ok, but that I was going home to color my hair. When I realized my clothes were on sale...pants were $14 and top was $12 I decided to almost forgive her. But screw that. She called me OLD!


Melanie said...

oh Kim... you definitely don't look old... she was just stoopid. and creepy mirror dude ... ugh. Sweet deal on the clothes though. Stay warm.... LOL (yes, that was a touch of sarcasm) :)

Sherry said...

Ha! You SO don't look 52! She must have been drunk.

Hmmm... it's 35F right now and I'm thinking about the run that you'll be slamming in a few hours. I'll be right there with you hun, but of course, I'll be loving it! :o) You'll survive. Running tights are pretty toasty after the first mile.

Bra... well, I guess it depends on how large the girls are and how compressive the shelf-bra in the tank is. I used to have to wear a sports bra along with the shelf-bra, but my boobies are practically non-existant these days. Still, for all stand-alone runs, I usually always wear a sports bra and skip the tank + shelf-bra in favor of a either a tech-T or heck... shirtless (my favorite).

I have my firs 12.5 miler this week. Wish me lots-o-luck!

HUGS to you!

KimsRunning said...

Thank you Mel and Sherry...she felt bad when I said I wasn't 52....LOL.

Sherry...I kept the kids home today because it's 32 degrees!!! They get 2 "mental health" days a year and today is one of 'em. Lucky for them, Kerri and Kirstin are here all day.

I'm scared to go to yoga this morning. Sometimes there's 50 people and we have to do it outside. As much as I love yoga, I'll go back in the gym for hot chocolate if he's taking that class outside.

Missy said...

Dumb girl doesn't know what the f she's talking about! Oh, no bra with the bra top ONLY IF it holds you in enough. Otherwise, strap em down:)

Danielle in Iowa said...

Never in a billion years would I not wear a sports bra with a bra top... I think you need to pretty much be an A if you can get away with that!

Marcy said...

Was she a teen? Because those "kids" never know how old/young peeps are.

I wouldn't take you as being older than 52. In fact I was surprised to read that you had older kids LOL

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

WTF? Have I stumbled into an online version of The View, here? Bras, fear of aging, being oggled by creepy old men with beers (speaking of which ... Hey Dad! What are you doing down there in Florida?!?).

Hey, Kim, if it's any consolation, AARP has been trying to recruit me since 1999 or so. But those old f*ckers with their walkers will never catch me, even with this bum knee.

People say stupid things because they're stupid, not to be mean or even to imply anything. She probably asked the same question of the next customer, a 7 year-old trying to buy bubble gum. It is easier for people in mind-numbingly repetitive jobs just to go on auto-pilot, I think. It's a survival mechanism, I think, to keep them from going what we used to call "postal".

Man, I gotta take a typing course, because while I was writing this, TWO additional people posted comments!

joyRuN said...

Damn teenagers. No RESPECT, I tell ya!

I'm super not-gifted in the chest department, so I don't wear a sports bra if I have a shelf thing going.

Nitmos said...

There IS someone behind the mirror. I had the job for 4 years once at a local department store. It's boring but important to store security.

Now, get that out of your head next time you go into a changing room.

Oh, and keep on truckin'.*

* truckin'=runnin'

Melissa said...

Is it bad that I'm sitting here cracking up? But I'm quite certain I wouldn't be cracking up if it happened to me!

Oh about the creepy mirror guy...I remember an episode of "Good Times" in which Willona had a job behind the two-way mirror in a fitting room. And now I always think about it when I'm in one! I KNOW someone is watching me!

Is that weirder than the fact that I remember specific episodes of "Good Times"?