Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday, Monday...

Even though it's now TUESDAY! Monday's are a busy day. With my husband's new schedule it's a little less exciting too. He's pulling 15 hour days and I don't like it too much. By the time he walks in the door, he's all done. Nothing left... =(

I met Reg (my Canadian friend) at the gym for a 5 miler. He's convinced he can get me across the finish line in just under 2 hours! I know HE can run that, but I'm not sure I can. Maybe if my legs would start obeying my commands, I can. The numbness is making me crazy(ier)!

Anyway...we took off, talking away. I looked at my Garmin and saw 8:10 pace. WHAT??? And we'd already run our first mile! I immediately worried I'd use all my energy and not even finish 5 miles, but Reg kinda laughed and pulled me along. We had to keep slowing down, mostly because I was freaking out. I didn't run this speed when I was feeling good! I was thrilled and worried at the same time. All I could picture was Jim telling me to pace myself for the long haul, don't fly the first few miles, save some for the "bank" at the end of the run. My endurance training is fighting my speed training.

I've had this conflict from the start. Even in a 5K race, I prepare myself mentally to run 10 miles instead of a 5k. I've discussed this with Jim, he said I need to change my thinking for different mileage, but I am stuck in marathon training. I need new words for my brain. Jim is in massive marathon mode. He's trying to qualify for Boston, his marathon is in 2 weeks. I know he thinks he's running on the fence with his time...it's gonna be a close one but I know he can do it. He runs so effortlessly, very into the negative splits. His 2nd half will be faster so if he hits the halfway mark at the right time, he'll make it. I am confident he will. His marathon is 3 hours away, so I can't be there to see him cross the finish line. Kinda bummed about that. With my husband working such crazy hours, I won't even ask him to do a 6 hour round trip to watch my coach QB....LOL....

So back to my run with Reg. We noticed that if I looked at my Garmin and realized we were under a 9 minute pace, I'd need to walk 15-20 seconds. If I didn't look at all I could keep going. MIND OVER MATTER! This proves mentality plays a huge roll in my running. We have another 5 miler Wed. I'm going to give Reg my Garmin, he won't tell me what we're doing. Let's see if I can trick my mind....

Here are our stats:

Run time: 46:51
Distance: 5 miles
Avg pace: 9:22
Best pace: 5:43 (!!!!!!!)

See what I mean??? I have NEVER run 5 miles in 47 minutes. I am thrilled.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Glaven Q. Heisenberg

Glaven....where the heck did you go?????? If you're looking for attention, you got it, now get back here!!!

UPDATE: GQ is only gone a few days. He'll be back to entertain us soon.