Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!!

I ran today! I'm sooo happy!!

I met Chris, Jim and Maria at the gym this morning. I wasn't too sure if I'd do the whole 6.5 miles but I really needed to give it a shot. I hadn't run for 2 weeks because I was still sore from falling and also the stress of waiting for some answers from the doctor was getting me down. I went from completely ignoring aches/pains to totally concentrating on them and I was becoming a freak.

I'm going back to ignoring them.

So we decided to do the same route we did for the Firecracker 5K last July. Twice plus a little longer to make it 6.5. Maria took off like the mad woman she is (yes, I am jealous), the 3 of us started out slow. This was my 1st time out in 2 weeks and I felt FREE! The weather was perfect. 68 degress and breezy. Gotta love Florida!

I went back and forth from running with Maria and then the guys. Me and Maria talked about our husbands, our lives....ya know, girlie stuff. then she'd move on and I'd wind up back with the guys. They'd be spitting and talking about the logistics of running a marathon etc. I got a kick out of that....LOL. These are grown men. Sigh. (I loved it) Especially when Jim said he could spit on a fence and leave it hanging there 4-EVA! Yummy stuff...ha!!

We finished the run in about an hour, I am pleased. I called my husband on my way home and he was about to go for a bike ride. I was all fired up and told him to wait for me. Unfortunately by the time I walked into the house it felt like needles were sticking into the bottoms of my feet and my legs were cramping. So I'm here posting on my blog instead. But my husband looks H-O-T in those bike shorts...teehee...

Wait...did you hear that? It's the hot tub calling my name!! Gotta go for now!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Still Not Running...YET

The IT band has healed. Finally. Taking it easy the last 10 days did the trick I guess. I don't know why I never thought of giving it THAT good of a rest before!!!

I was looking forward to a shorty run tomorrow with Runners Club but that is not to be. I saw a doctor this morning for some funky stuff that's been going on and got more questions than answers. I had a nerve conductor test this morning...can you say OUCH????? Well I can AND did. That test was not too fun. He stuck a needle into my legs pretty deep and then zapped my muscles. Yeah, good times. It was like a tazer. I'm guessing at this as I have never been tazered but I do watch COPS on occasion and those guys get tazered. I've never even been frisked. Am I missing out?????

I have been suspecting seizure activity for various reasons, so tomorrow he's doing an EEG. I used to have them, but it's been about 11 years since the last one. Seizures don't explain the leg and balance troubles (well, maybe the balance) but he seems like a smart guy. He'll figure it out. He's kinda cute too...LOL...he's very, very funny! He's checking out my spine in a couple weeks too. Soonest appointment for that is Jan 22nd. He said "You runners tend to squish your spines". Ewwwww, that gave me the willies! I should have told him I've only been running one year and the last 3 months wouldn't be counted as running really, but I didn't think to mention that. How squished can a spine get in one measly year?????

He didn't say not to run and I didn't ask if I could. So I'll be running as soon as I get the time. Looks like Thursday will be the day. I am also leaning toward just doing the Sarasota Half Marathon instead of the full.

We shall just have to wait and see. In the mean time, I got a kitchen to put some ladybugs in!!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!! The kids have another week off from school to play with their stuff and destroy the house. YAY! The tree comes down today, I'm sick of looking at it. I know, I'm among the minority who takes the tree down before the New Year. So what. Back in the box by tonight!!!

Funny thing is, I'm leaving the tree out on the lanai up for the entire year. (yes, we had 2 trees) I'm going to decorate it each month by whatever holiday is going on. Valentine's Day is my fave, so I might get that one going real soon. Be good and I might post a picture.

I didn't run Saturday with Chris. My husband and older girls had to work and I didn't have a sitter. Awwwwwww...poor ME! I'll just wait until Wednesday. But Chris had a great run, did 5 miles in an hour. Nice marathon pace Chris! Very proud of you!!!!

My husband won't buy me a red VW Bug so I can make it into a ladybug. Spoilsport. So...the next best thing is.....I'm re-decorating my kitchen in....yep....LADYBUGS! I'm going to the fabric store after work today for the curtains, napkins and placemats. Might even make some pot holders. I already have red as the "splash o color" in there. Decorations, cups and a few things are red. I just have to add my little buggie friends. I'm gonna hit Marshall's too. They have cool stuff there!

Happy New Year everyone!