Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Venice St Patty's Day 8K

My running habits have become a little erratic. I'm lucky if I get out there twice a week these days. That being said....I ran my 1st 8K last weekend!

I didn't even know there WAS an 8K. It's like 4.96 miles. Weird, but I'm game! A ton of people showed up for this race. I've said it before, I'll say it again....I just L-O-V-E being with these running people! They come out of the woodwork to race! Where are they all when I'm all alone, wishing I could find someone to run with????

Even Chuck showed for this one, I still think it was for the green beer....LOL

Anyway, I decided since this was my 1st 8K and no matter what I'd be PR-ing, that I just wanted to finish it in under 45 minutes.

And I did! My finish time was 44:52....LOL. Reg came in at 40:50 and Ed finished in like 36 minutes!

I was moving along at a steady pace when Tina went by me. I kept her in my sights and finished about 30 seconds behind her! At the end of the race I came side to side with an older man who I basically ran the whole race with. We took turns passing each other. When the finish line came into sight I asked him if he wanted to do a little sprint finish. I told him my coach always told me to finish strong. He said that was funny...his coach told him the same thing, only it was 30 years ago! We laughed and took off. I think he let me win because I did make it over the finish line 1 second before him. What a sweetie!!!

After the race we went and had a little breakfast. And green beer. We went to hear the awards and guess what??? I made 3rd place in my age division! I'm very happy!!

I'm not sure when I'm racing again. I need to check the schedule.