Friday, July 4, 2008

Firecracker 5K Race Results

Today started off a littler cooler at 6am than it usually is by 9am. Which is the time I usually get out there. I helped with registration before the race and it worked out well for one really good reason...I could size up my age group! I also made them all swear not to pass me. Ha!! Anyway, it was great fun!

I notice that I have such a struggle to make myself go fast in the beginning. My marathon training just takes over so strongly! I kept finding myself speeding up here and there when I realized this was happening. I seem to be fine when I'm running by myself, but throw me in a race and my training takes over.

Today's race was so fun for a few reasons. Kimmie and Lewis ran their first race (they're getting married in October) and Lewis even got a medal! Jenna, Bobby and Linda ran today too. They're friends from work. Bobby also got a medal. Bratty-girl Linda beat me by 5 seconds.....she's in big trouble now....LOL. Josephine got a new PR after working so very hard with her speed work. Jim, my coach, was a monitor along the route and it was helpful to hear him yelling support. Bob W. was at the last .2 miles and saw me wanting to lay down. He started yelling and making me go faster. He really helped me finish strong.

So I finished a 5K a few weeks ago at 29:04. Today's finish was 28:37! I only beat it by 27 seconds but I'm very happy! Of course now I want to go do it over since I see where I could have been better, but with all said and done...I just had a wonderful time.

Now I'm going to lay by the pool for a while before I have to work tonight!
Happy 4th of July!!!!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Busy Week

Really busy week here. I didn't even get to any of my exercise classes. The 2 days I probably could have, I grabbed the opportunity to run. Monday I ran 7 miles in the bahLAYzin heat. I went out at a leisurely pace and was feeling fine so I decided to go further out than I usually do. I did a great big loop and about 5 miles out I changed my mind. HA! Too late of course. I had to walk the last 1.5 miles. I was sick for 3-4 hours from that. I need a hydration belt.

The rest of the week was meetings, work and setting up for a 5k for Friday. I'm off today until 5pm. YAY!! Playing laundry catch up. Maybe get some tanning in.

I ran 3.2 miles this morning. It wasn't TOO hot yet. I was trying to see how fast I could do it because tomorrow is a 5K and I really wanna PR. My last PR was 29:04. I ran 3.2 this morning in...28:08, so it's possible. Might be tricky to get a warm up in because I'm on registration duty at 6am. Hopefully I get out of that in time for a quick mile before the race starts.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 3 day weekend!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Run

Just in from a 3 miler. It's so wicked hot out. I went out kind of fast, I didn't feel the heat at first. At about 3/4 mile I was dying. I slowed to a jog to the end of the first mile, walked 30 seconds, started back up. I kept a slower pace this time. Oh, and during my whole 30 second walk, guess who goes gliding past me? Yeah, Mr Yellow-haired-gazelle-man. Running toward me, may I add. I never saw him coming! Where the heck does he come from????? We said hello as we passed, I should have thanked him for the nice breeze he created as he ran by. Whatever. He never passes me when I'm running. He must think I'm a walker....LOL

I ran on in the blazing heat, happy that I hydrated properly but still wishing the icecream man would go by. I turned around at 1.5 miles and walked across the street. Gazelle-man ran by me AGAIN with him going in the same direction! HOW????? He must run through the school or something. This time I ripped off my headphones and yelled "You're driving me CRAZY!!" He just gave out a laugh and kept going. I was laughing too. On the outside. On the inside I was screaming "Wait for me!" I actually tried to catch up to him but he was gone. All I got was more tired and very sweaty. I'm thinking of waiting in my car for him next weekend. And following him. Is that stalking??? Think he'd notice my car following behind him just a pace? LOL...I'm kidding, I wouldn't do that. I'd love to talk to him though. It doesn't seem right to stop someone when they're running just to chat. I've never seen him at any races.

I took my watch with me on this run. I ran 3 miles in 30:16. Slow. Ah well, what can I do?