Saturday, June 5, 2010

On The Road Again (and some 'mill too!!)

I'm happy to say I feel fabulous! I am running again, but this time I'm really starting over. I'm pretending to be a brand new runner and I'm easing into it gently. I haven't done more than 3 miles yet and no speedwork. Not that I ever got into the speedwork anyway, but I'm taking it easy. Smelling the flowers (and some roadkill) along the way, I stop and talk to people just like the old days! I walk if I feel like it and I don't feel guilty! Which leads me to my ponderings.....

Seems to me, that when I was having health problems I was pushing myself, running like a madwoman with something to prove. I was in so much pain...I can't believe I ran like that. Now that I feel so great I don't seem to have the drive. I am happy to run 3 miles or just 2. I'm not feeling the marathon pull AT ALL. It's soooo weird! I do plan to run 4 miles tomorrow...early to miss this heat. I'm curious to see if that clicks the distance desire back on.

The weather here in SW Florida is BRUTAL right now. The humidity is so heavy you can almost swim instead of run. I am so afraid of dehydration that I've actually hopped on the mill a couple times. Someone told me to incline it a little and I haven't had any shin splints. Running on the mill at the gym is hard too because people stop to talk and I cannot run 6.5 mph and chat. I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to my gym friends for trying to hold a conversation with them while THEY were on the mill. Sorry. I'll never do that again. And please don't try to give me "payback" and stop to talk to ME....haha!!!! I'm just kidding. Everyone who knows me, knows I'm happy to talk anywhere, anytime....TALK ON!!! Great excuse to slow it down...;)

Another gym friend, Lee is his name, walks the treadmill at a full incline doing 2.5 mph. He hikes the Colorado mountains with his search/rescue dog Rusty. (Lee is someone I ALWAYS stop to talk to...he has some very cool rescue stories) But he told me he works his quads that way. Like hillwork. So I've done that a few times. Killer work out. My quads were screaming after those work outs!! Florida is so flat that running over the swells at the end of driveways feels like mountains. I'd probably have to walk the hills if I ran back home (Cape Cod, Ma) I've seen the route for the Falmouth Road race (which is exactly where I used to live) and my quads and hams ache at the thought. Some friends back home talk about running the canal at the Bourne Bridge and I wish I was there.

I biked 10 miles with my husband last week and really loved that. We did it in 50 minutes and my behind is just now feeling better. I need bike shorts before I do that again. We're talking about finding a bike/run race together. I'd L-O-V-E that!!! So I have new goals, new views on my running and I feel relaxed about the whole thing. Summer is here and I'm going to enjoy my family! We're going to Universal soon and we're all looking forward to spending some time together. Even our 2 older girls are coming. This will be my grandson's very first vacation!!

I'm back to loving life.