Sunday, November 22, 2009

Marathon Training

Yeah...MARATHON training! As in FULL. I have decided to go for it! I finished my 1st week of training and I have gone completely off the guide. I did 6x400's Thursday, (7:35 pace each lap) but after that, I ran to the beat of my own feet. As usual. I don't know why I even attempt to follow a guide! I am going to use it as just that though...A GUIDE. If I learned one thing in the last 2 years of my's LISTEN TO MY BODY...and I am this time. And it's working!

I also got a little advice from a very, VERY respected person in our running community...Heather Butcher. I saw her the other day and told her I did 7 miles in 71 minutes. Which I was (and still am) proud of. Then I told her I walked a few times. She told me if I had to walk, I was going too fast. Hmmm...seriously?? What about the Galloway method????? At the time of our conversation, I thought 2 things...1) Could I really be going too fast??? and...2) I'm gonna just keep on keepin' on.

OH...and Heather also told me she HATES to run distance when training! WHAT??? She's done like...3 IRONMEN and 12 full marathons! She told me she mostly does 400's. And her times are to die for. I know I'd die for them. She also told me to cross train with swimming and bike. But I don't really get into those. I will attempt another spin class Monday night though.....

So Steve came over this afternoon and we decided to do 5 miles. I was scheduled to do 7 yesterday, but the 6x400's I did Thursday kicked my behind. I also had my little grandbaby Collin Saturday from 6am to 5:30pm. By the time he left, I wasn't running anything. Today I was still sore and tired, Steve is just recovering from ankle and knee glitches, so we agreed on 5 miles. He had done one 4 miler a couple weeks ago and was ready to go for 5.

As we started the run, Heather's advice came back to me. I thought...ya won't kill me to slow down about 15-20 seconds a mile. Plus I wanted Steve to finish comfortably without pain...I silently agreed to myself I'd stay at 10:15. Or so. I was surprised to keep finding us at a 9:30 pace. I kept signaling to slow it down. There is a patch of grass at one point on the route that I never run across (balance and neuropathy issues) and I did still walk that. Mighta been 15 seconds. We continued on, by mile 3 or so, we walked again, about 45 seconds, so I could chew a glucose tab. Those don't feel too good when you breathe them into your lungs, it's a good idea to walk when eating those. Unfortunately for Steve, that walk ruined the rest of his run. He had to walk/run the next mile or so then called it quits because of his knee/ankle.

I kept running ahead about 1/2 mile and back tracking to stay close by. I did finish the 5 miles. The average pace was 10:15...and ya know...I did feel fine. Even tonight...the cramping is minimal and I don't feel like I over did it at all. Tomorrow I'm going to just do 2-3 miles. I want to save something for the spin class...

The training schedule I chose from the "4 months To A 4 Hour Marathon" is a very good plan. I will commit to the shorter runs during the week, long runs for a weekend and the 400's. I'll just do them when I feel it's the best time. Even though the 400's totally wore me out, I kinda liked them. =)

Thursday is the Turket Trot 5K. My family is going and I love that!!!! Kirstin is walking it with Collin and her friend Ashlee is going with her with her baby Madison. Bobby is bringing Kerri, Emily and Robby too. Steve is thinking about it. He's being a chicken. Or shall I call him a turkey????? LOL