Thursday, February 12, 2009

Halfer Sunday

This is gonna be short but sweet peeps!

Been training for this half. Hasn't really gone along as I had hoped but with the GREAT help of my runner friends, I am running that half. Reg, Ed, Debi, Frank and Josephine are all running the half and Bobby (not my husband) and Chris are running the full. Bobby'll probably finish his full about when the rest of us are finishing our half...LOL!!! I'm holding out hope that Mike will be joining us...(C'monnnn MIKE!!!!)

My husband is meeting me at the finishline. Jim and Bethany will be in strategic spots along the way to kick our butts if we look like HELL...LOL

Reg (from Canada) has been extremely helpful. He's been pacing me and encouraging me every step of the way. Even when I was 15 minutes late for our run last week! Wait'll you hear this:

I was 15 minutes late for my run with Reg. He started without me so I went the opposite way figuring I'd meet him somewhere along the way. As I ran along, feeling bad that I was late etc, up ahead was a policeman stopping traffic. I ran up to a guy standing there and he told me someone got hit by a van and the coroner was taking him away. HIM??? HIM WHO??? He didn't know anything other than it was a "he". Of course my guilty mind thought it was Reg because every time we run across that bridge I tell him not to get hit by a car and we sprint across it. I ran to an officer and asked if it was an athletic middle aged man and he said no. I didn't believe him. I ran as fast as I could over the bridge and as I got to the corner here comes Reg. OMG!!! I was so happy to see him! I hugged him and cried a little bit. He told me I must be a sensitive person. Well yeah, call me sensitive...LOL. We had to walk awhile so I could calm down. When we passed the bystander who told me what was going on before, he asked Reg if he knew how happy I was to see him....haha! REG IS ALIVE!!!!

Reg has never run a half marathon. That surprised me because he runs all the time. Distances too. I can't imagine not competing. Reg decided he is running this half marathon. With me. Not running to compete, running to stay with me the whole way. I keep telling him if he feels the pull to take off to just go. I don't want to hold him back. But Reg says no. He's running this halfer with me. I can't believe someone would do this. It means the world to me that Reg is running this with me. I have my worries about finishing because of my muscles acting like 2 year olds who don't listen. So far we got to 10.12 miles before I couldn't go on. Hopefully we can get to 13.1 Sunday. If I have to roll the last 3 miles I will. Haha! Just kidding. I'm gonna do cartwheels across the finish line.