Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweenie

I got up earlier than usual, rushed my kiddies out of bed and through breakfast because I thought I was into work at 9am. Got there (on time) to find out I didn't need to be there after all! I also got tonight off from my night job so I could spend Halloween with Bob and the kids, so I am free for the day!

I stopped for a scrumptious iced mocha coffee at BK. WOW, those are yummy. I keep forgetting I can't eat this stuff when I'm not running! I'm gonna be a McFatty Fat Fat-pants before too long at this rate.

My friend Tess is coming over tonight. While Bobby takes the kids around the 'hood, me and Tess'll be having some Smirnoff Ice (Tess) and some Pumpkin Spice Lager (Kim). Every halloween, my husband brings me a plate of cute little things made from cookies and fruit covered in chocolate and look like mice, pumpkins....Halloweenie stuff. Cannolies (spell check can't fix that one) will be on there too, but those are not for sharing. Those are for Kim. I'm gonna lick them all before anyone can grab one. Smart, 'eh??

While I was bringing the groceries in, my dog pushed through the screen door and bolted down the street. Freakin dog! She's a 5 lb chihuahua and lightening fast. I'm a hundred and something lb woman with a bum knee and not so fast anymore. All I could picture was Gracey getting run over and me having to tell the kids. Unless I could find another dog just like her before they got home from school. Something tells me they'd figure it out. So down the street I went. Calling Grace. Which is funny because my neighbor's name is Grace. She was at work though....LOL. I wonder if anyone heard me screaming for Gracey and thinks I was calling for my neighbor.

I did not notice that while I was running down the street, at full speed may I add, that my knee did not hurt. Can you believe that?????? Unfortunately it kinda hurts now, but at least I ran! I was wearing my Vibram 5 Fingers too. Strange. I just got up (I know you can't see me or even know when I walk away from my keyboard, but knee seems ok. It's not hurting. This is freaking me out.

Lemme go put away the groceries and I'll be back to update on my knee.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Happenings...

I've been trying to stop thinking about Space Coast for now and just relax. Easier said than done, but I have some stuff to keep me busy.

Went to the chiropractor this morning. Love him! I only needed a little adjustment. I had that sharp pain in my right bum cheek. Can I just say, I have mixed feelings about having another man's hands on my behind? I was glad I was face down and he couldn't see my face turning beet red. I kinda liked it, but don't tell my husband. He won't let me back there...haha! I'm going back on Tuesday....lalalalala...I just might pretend BOTH sides hurt next time...teehee. JUST KIDDING!

Then from there to the dentist I went. I was abnormally excited for this appointment though, because....GUESS WHAT??? My hygenist just did the Iron Man in Hawaii!!! HOW FREAKIN COOL IS THAT????? So we made a little deal. I wouldn't scream and cry at the sight of all those instruments if she'd give me a play by play of her race. She kinda skimmed over the details and it was very frustrating not to be able to ask questions but I got an awesome story. Her name is Suzette, she's 54 yrs old and looks 40. It was the quickest, most pleasant cleaning I have ever had. I just finished about 10 of those Dove Desserts candies. Bananas Foster flavored...yummy. Sorry

I was up the street from the gym so I popped in for some cross training. I wanted to see if I was losing any cardio yet. I'm so down about this injury. Anyway, I ran into Jim and he gave me the ok to hop on the bike. I figured I'd do 30 minutes. I kept the cardio at about 75-85 the whole time, got sweaty and probably sang a little too loud along with the iPod. The guy next to me only stayed on his bike for like 5 minutes. I think I scared him away. About 25 minutes into it my knee was getting that tight feeling so I slowed to a cool down for 3-4 more minutes. On the way out to my car I was thinking I felt pretty good. I started to walk to the end of the parking lot to do a little tester run but changed my mind. I went home and guess what I found there?

Yep. My Garmin has arrived!!!! I had to take the batteries out of the tv remote, I do have my priorities. Besides, I'm working tonight and won't be here when Bobby realizes what I've done.

I put the batteries in and took it outside for satellite finding. It only took 4 minutes, yay! I played with the buttons for awhile, then went back in. I can't run yet so I will wait. Now I really wish I could run.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Space Coast Marathon Update

Ok, I tried to run Tuesday morning and it was not a go. I walked 2 miles with Mike and was miserable.

It took some thinking and settling in my head and my heart, but I decided to step back and think about what was really important to me in the long run. No pun intended but I'll take it...

I think if I want to be running when I'm old, like 50, I need to pay attention to my body. Even a year ago I couldn't have dreamed I'd be planning on any running, never mind my 2nd marathon in 8 months, so I need to rejoice in that.


I have changed my registration from full marathon, to the half. I feel surprisingly almost ok with that. My husband and I will still be going away for the weekend without the kidlings, I can still hear Dick Beardsley's speech and if it gets tough running the half I won't have too far to go. I could probably even con someone into giving me a piggy back ride across the finish line.

So that's what's going on over here. I'll be healing for a little while. Make some jewelry. Monogram some towels, no running for at least a week I guess. So you guys write up some good posts to keep me entertained please. I'm still looking forward to Nitmos's "Lust" post. That should be highly entertaining....LOL

Tata for now....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The chiropractor fixed my sciatica, but my knee is a mess. I couldn't run 40 feet today. I don't really understand this. I felt fantastic yesterday, even slept through the night for the first time in forever. By the time I got to the gym, my knee felt tight. And I drove there.

I put a heating sticky thing from Ben Gay on for 45 minutes to warm up the muscle, then stretched it slow and easy. Mike showed up at 9am and I told him I had my doubts. We walked a little, then tried a slow run but it was not to be. I walked 2 miles hoping it would warm up, but no. Was in pain all day. I worked at the desk all day which probably didn't help. I did ice it though. Still hurts right now.

I'm thinking Space Coast is off. I don't know. My coach says I have enough of a base to still run it if I can get going again this week at least. No PR, but he thinks I can still finish. That was kinda nice to hear, even if I'm not sure I believe it.

I'm extremely disappointed but we have 3 days, 2 nights at The Ramada on the beach...with NO kids. I don't need to read Nitmos's "Lust Blog" to get any ideas of things to do if I can't husband has plenty of ideas. He keeps forgetting we're supposed to be going there for a RUNNING marathon, not THAT kind of marathon. The big pig....but that's why I married Good thing I like marathons.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I Love My Chiropractor

I went to the chiro this morning. Ahhhhhhh. Got a back end alignment. Oohhhhhh. Got a nice stong electrode thingy on my derriere. Sighhhhhh.

It went well. I feel fantastic. The pressury feeling down my leg is almost gone, the knots in my lower back are gone. I can sit without hurting. I didn't even realize I was in that much pain. I'm icing right now, feels good to be back on track.

So I do have the IT band issue but I have sciatica also. I kinda suspected that. Doc said when the IT band is tight it pulls the tendon from the hip all the way down your leg. My leg anyway. All the way down to my calf. I tried to run yesterday and couldn't even get down the street. The pain in my hip was unreal. I was so worried about running Space Coast that I barely slept last night.

The Doc said I am in great shape, range of motion was great too. It didn't hurt any worse when he bent my legs all over the place, that was a good sign also. As long as I keep icing and take it slow he thinks the marathon is still do-able! He said I can even run today but I'm scared. Something is telling me to rest it still. As far behind as I am in my training, a day or two more won't make or break it.

So, onto to some EXCITING news!!! My good friend Ed is running The New York Marathon next weekend!!! We just went to his marathon party yesterday afternoon. This will be Ed's 3rd marathon. A bunch of fellow Zoomers were there, wishing we could be at the finish line to see him come in. That would have been so cool, to be able to cheer him on throughout the race.

Once I get through the Space Coast Marathon, Endurance Project Phase 2 will be starting. We'll all be training together again! I really miss running with the team. Half of my team members will be doing the Sarasota Grouper Half, the rest, including me, Tess and Ed will do the full. I'm pretty sure Bob will do the full, as he's had the MAP OF THE SARASOTA MARATHON TAPED TO HIS FRIDGE SINCE THE FCA HALF WE JUST DID. His wife Michelle will probably do the half, she's more of a sprinter. I am so excited!

Oh....gotta run, be back soon!!!