Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Cool News!!

Sherry...I will take you up on that fun run VERY soon sister!! Remember my "Smell The Flowers" blog post?? We're gonna smell us some flowers!!! YAY!

I'll see my regular doc Monday...I trust him to point me in the right direction on this. I will definately try a major diet change though. Not until Monday, BUSCH GARDENS tomorrow!!!!

Here's the exciting news:

Last week a group of coaches came into the restaurant I work at. They told me they have a football team that was looking for a running coach to help build their endurance and speed on the field. Would I be interested! I had to tell them I haven't even been running 2 years yet and I'm having some medical issues. I have no certificates or even classes. They asked me a few questions and said they'd really like me to consider this. I was so flattered!!! (still am!!)

They asked me to stop at the field this morning to meet the team. I was expecting 12-14 year olds but this team is all men! Turns out the team is one step away from being PRO! WOW!!! Everyone was very nice, I decided I'm going to do it! It starts in 2 weeks and I will have some plans all printed out for them! I can't wait!!

This opportunity is just what I needed. It won't require me to run on sprint/dashes...I'll be timing them for that. The longest run we'd probably do is 3-5 miles. Even on a bad day I can be there for that!!! Did I mention I love football?? I'm a die hard Patriots fan! This is gonna be FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sweet little punkin was here tonight. Kirstin and Chris went out for dinner and I got to babysit Collin! He just LOVES his Gramma. We already have a very strong bond, Collin and I. Kirstin was a little emotional the other day...when I picked up the baby he smiled the biggest smile ever! Kirstin said he doesn't smile like that for her. She asked if it meant he loves me more. Oh Kirsty...OF COURSE HE DOES! I'm his Gramma! LOL He's 6 weeks old already. It's going so fast!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

I Have Some News!

First of all...thank you so much for your kind comments and emails! The support that comes from all of you helps more than I can put into words! Thank you, thank you!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Ok...Dr K from Tampa called me yesterday to let me know I DO NOT HAVE MS! Oh happiness!!! My EEG stuff all looked great, so the Lyrica is doing it's job. The last 5-6 weeks of headaches/vomiting etc was from the spinal tap. Dr K said that headachy people do not do well with spinal taps. I coulda used that little gem of information, I'll tell ya. I honestly thought I was dying. Even had my funeral music picked out on a playlist in iTunes. No kidding. Ok, I'm kidding. I'm not that gruesome. Hardly.

The MRI showed a past bleed or enlarged artery deep inside my brain. Doc says it's old and healed and there's really no way to tell when it happened or if it's the cause of my seizures. He said he's pretty sure it shouldn't be a problem for the future but it's something to remember if I ever get a blinding headache. Ok...noted!!!

So what's the problem with my muscles??? He's not sure as he's an MS expert, but he did say it could be metabolic. He mentioned I probably won't be running any more marathons. Oh...yes...he...did..say...that!!!! He doesn't know me too well, now does he??? I actually laughed on the phone when he said that! He laughed and said ok, but he didn't reccommend me doing a tri because of the swimming. Which at first I didn't let register, but my husband says he probably thought it wouldn't be good if I was out doing a 2 mile swim and my muscles decided to quit on me. Being out swimming wouldn't be an ideal place for THAT to happen. As I've never had the urge to be shark bait, I won't worry about that.

Me being me and having major access to Google...I perused the buffet of medical problems and found something I could use. (LOL) There's a metabolic "thing" called "McArdle's Disease" that fits my pain-in-the-ass (and legs) symptoms. While I am not convinced of anything until I see my Doc next week, I was surprised to see one thing that really stood out: "What Do Marathon Runners And McArdle's Disease Have In Common?" Turns out that they both have trouble with the glycogen "hitting the wall" thing. Which is how I feel after running a shorty these days! I went ahead and emailed Doc K in Tampa with my slueth-like findings. I will have an answer to this!!!

So anyway...I got the go ahead to start my training back up. I am going to go slow. I want to try a few things that I read about with the glycogen replenish stuff. Elizabeth (LIZ as I fondly call her) has been getting into this subject and I will be gathering info from her. She has her wee little 16 miler planned this weekend. I figure 16 miles might be a tad too much for me right now, so I'm going to meet her there around 8am on my bike and then run the last couple miles with her.

Let the games (re) begin!!!!!

Hugs to all!!!!!!