Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Week 5 Of Marathon Training

I'm into my 5th week of training. Last Saturday I was due for a 13 miler but I woke up Friday with a slight flu. Saturday morning was worse so I decided to put off the run until Sunday. I'm sure you can see where this is going. You are CORRECT! No long run for moi. Grrr.

Yesterday I tried a 2 miler. It was pretty warm and I had trouble breathing. I also don't like the feel of boogies running down my face. SEXY!!!! I grew concerned that a modeling agency might drive by and want me for the cover of some magazine, so I did the 2 miles in under 18 minutes and went home. I may have saved the career of a struggling model. =P

Last night I stumbled on HULU. It's a video/movie site where you can watch movies for free. I searched "Spirit Of The Marathon" and guess what??? YES!!!! They have it!!! I watched it. I saw it last year at the cinema but it was before I ran one. Watching it last night was wonderful because I could fully understand how everyone was feeling this time. Their hopes, dreams and of course...fears. I just love this movie!! It got me totally fired up!

So this morning I was dead set on doing my 13 miler. You may be thinking to yourself...."Aren't you sick, Kim??" Well, technically, yeah. But mentally...NO WAY! I just watched SPIRIT!! I am WOMAN!!! (Didja hear me roar?????) I headed out with high hopes. That were slowly slipping away as I went along my somewhat merry way. My pace was oh-so-slowwwwww...but I was actually ok with that for once. I just wanted to get the miles in today. But by mile 3 I could barely breathe and my nose was making me crazy. I turned around at 3.5 and trudged back. And I do mean trudged. It took me over an hour to run 6 miles. Surprisingly I am SO okay with that. I think I've matured as a runner. Being unable to run for almost a year taught me a few lessons. One of which is ya can't give up just because you have a couple of tough runs! I can chalk up today's run to a toughie and move on. It's a done deal. Plus...I still ran while sick. This means I have me some endurance...YES!

I have made the decision to just relax and get over this virus. I'll pop out for a few slowbie shorties this week...hopefully do some 800's before Saturday. I'll do the 13 miler this Saturday instead of the 8 that my training plan is calling for. I'll skip the 8 and do the 15 miler the following Saturday to get back on track. (no pun intended) Any advice on this plan will be greatly appreciated my fellow runners!!!!!!