Friday, November 7, 2008

I Can't Think Up A Good Title

I met Mike at the gym at 9:30-ish for a little run. We're running a 5K tomorrow and figured we'd just do a quick 2 miler. My knee was being a pain in the ass (seriously) The jabs of discomfort went from ass to below the knee as we walked to the starting point. Which means one thing, one EYE opening thing, really. I need some oxycontin for tomorrow's 5K. Just kidding. If I'm going to take meds I wanna be on the couch doin nuthin' while I enjoy the feeling.

On a semi-serious note, it didn't really hurt all that much. I've had way worse injuries. Like the hip flexor nightmare. UGH! And that dog bite last January was no picnic either. Or the time I pulled my achilles tendon when I ran into a hole. So you see folks...I guess I can get through this one too.

Mike and I decided to walk 3 miles to stretch out the IT band. We did a loop up and through The 5 Senses park. Pretty cool place. We had a great conversation along the way. Mike was in the military and has been all over the place. He's met so many interesting people and has a million stories to tell. It was nice to take a leisurely stroll through town. Anyway, my knee was killing at about 2.5 miles out but by the time we got back to the gym it felt fine. Weird, but I'm glad to see walking/running isn't making it worse.

I have some friends doing some races this weekend:

Sherry is doing the MiamiMan Triathlon...

I know Sherry will do well, she's a fantastic athlete and a sweet, wonderful person. GO SHERRY!!!! And hurry up and post your results. I hate waiting....LOL

My coach Jim is doing the Senior Games, which if you knew Jim, you'd never believe he was age eligible for that...

Good luck Jim!! I'm sure he'll do well too...he's a phenomenal athlete!

Me and Mike are doing the Punta Gorda 5K, where I'll attempt to leave his ass in the dust.

This is me and Mike at the Sarasota Marathon last March. If you're going to the Punta Gorda 5K, just watch for me sprinting past him....LOL

Up in the northern part of the USA, GQ will be trying out his new Asics.

I'll be waiting for his blog about how new sneaks make him faster....teehee.
Ok, that's all for now. Rock on my runner friends!!!!!
Chow babyyyyyy!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

You're My Butterfly...Sugar Baby

Ok, I have 2 butterflies, a tongue and no strep throat. I'd be callin' me a winner!

I have discovered a new (to me) exercise called "Spin Cycling". Oh baby. It's a good time. A REAL good time. Except on some parts of me. I don't know how guys ride bikes. I will be chatting with the hubby later tonight, as he's a biker. Hasn't seemed to deter him from other activities that would seem to ME to be deterred from after a guy rides a bike. If it did, I'd be popping his tires every night.

I think this spin class will be great for cross training for endurance. I'm going to ask my coach if he could somehow incorporate some of them for Team Endurance Phase 2! Which starts Nov 22nd! We have 2-3 new team mates, I am very excited. It'll be nice not to have to be there at 6am now that the weather is better. It was too hot to start after 8am during the summer here. was too hot to run at 6am!

I had a 5 mile run planned yesterday with Mike. My knee felt tight by mile 2, no pain. By mile 3 it started to hurt a little but I kept going. By mile 4.5 I had to walk. Mike ran ahead and I thought he was getting the car to come get me BUT NO! I had to limp back to the gym. When I saw him I asked him why he didn't come get me. He said I didn't ask him to. PFFFFT...a good running partner should know when I need a ride without me having to ask. But then I had to admit to him,that had he come to get me I would have been insulted that he THOUGHT he needed to pick me up. So either way, he loses. That's how I roll...LOL (hugs Mike)

My knee was painful this morning but I went to spin class anyway. It seems to have worked it out. I did the grocery shopping and was walking fine. I was sweaty, but no problems with my knee. I wish I had an IT band across my abs. That would be nice! Sick of my fridge being the only place with a six pack around here.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Yep, did 4.45 miles with Mike this morning before my knee screamed "GET THE HELL OFF ME". Being a true athlete (haha) I listened to my body and walked the remaining .64 back to the gym. It was killing me but only for about 15-20 minutes. It feels a little tight right now but I can deal with it. Icing it will help too...

I'm thinking of doing a 5K Saturday in Punta Gorda....I'll have to see.

Endurance Project Phase 2 is starting up on Nov 22nd...very, very excited and happy about that. I think most of our Phase 1 runners will be back!!!!

Off to work, updates later!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Monday!

Life is GOOD! I'm beginning my 2nd year of running! The year flew by.

My IT band seems to be behaving. After my 3.11 mile (can ya tell I have a Garmin now???) run with Mike Sunday, I lounged like a lizard. My favorite thing to do. In fact, I'll be pool-side in a few minutes.

First things first. I bought a Garmin a few months back, but not knowing what the hey I was doing....I got the heart rate monitor type without the footpod thingy. Then I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get a pace reading. Derrrrr...This time I got the same one my friend Ed has. It's very simple to use, even for me! I can't wait to use the virtual trainer mode. You enter in your distance, time you want to finish and away you go! There's a little man that "runs with you" and if you go too fast or slow I think it beeps. I say "I think" because I am not sure yet. I'll let ya know. Woulda been cool to program little voice messages that say "speed it up you slow poke" or "slow it down Deena"....

I thought of an idea for those energy gummy bear things. I was thinking I'd make a necklace or bracelet out of them. That way I can just chomp 'em off the elastic thread, like those candy necklaces. No looking for them, dropping them or tucking them back while trying to run. Only I just remembered...I sweat a little bit when I run distance. I can just picture what kinda mess that could I'll try it anyway.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Let's Run A Marathon During The Fall Time Change

If we ran a marathon at midnight Nov 1st, wouldn't that shave an hour off our time?????

That's all I really have to say about that.

Running With The Devil....

No, not you Mike....LOL...I couldn't resist that one!

The devil is my IT band injury. For the last 3 weeks I've been trying to rest it and let it heal. Every time I tried to run it killed. Last week I got about 20 feet before the devil stopped me in my tracks.

Today was different.

Today I faced off with the devil once again. And I won.

Yep. I ran this morning. Lalalalalala!! I met Mike at the gym. I brought my Garmin to try it out. It's easier than I thought to set up, but I need to figure out how to read it from history. Anyway, we started off slow, at a 13 minute pace. I didn't even feel a twinge and picked up the pace. Mike kept telling me to slow down so I wouldn't get that IT band back in a tizzy. We finally settled into an 10:30 pace. Felt extrememly slow but by mile 1.5, I started feeling achy in the knee. I got so nervous. We walked for a minute, I was worried about starting back up, but we went slow. I was amazed to not feel it getting worse. No tightness at all, just a bit achy. On we went. By mile 2.5, I felt like it was hurting a little more, we walked another minute, started back up slow. I was amazed again that it seemed like it was working itself out.

We ran over the bridge at the firestation and made it to the end of the driveway to the gym. We did our cool down from there. My knee was not hurting at all. I wanted to go back and do some more! Mike just shook his head no. He said it's better to take it easy. He's right and I knew that but I was feeling so fantastic. We did 3.11 miles in 34 minutes. I am pleased.

I was afraid to believe this would ever stop hurting! We sat and talked for a little while. Tried to take our pulses but I don't have one. Seriously. Mike couldn't get mine either and he's an EMT. My blood pressure is usually 90/60 and I don't have very strong knee reflexes either. The chiropractor tried to get my knee reflex and couldn't. Funny thing middle fingers both reflexed when he hit my I wasn't too surprised we couldn't get my pulse.

Well I'm back on the steets of Florida. Watch out Space Coast...HERE I COME!!!!!!!

EDIT Nov 3, 2008: My knee is still fine! I do have that achy feeling I get when I haven't run for a while, but I welcome that!!

Happy Anniversary To My Asics

Today is my one year anniversary of the first time I ever ran. If you could call it running...LOL. I remember walking out of the gym with Jim, listening to his instructions intently, determined to run for 5 miles. I had NO IDEA what I was thinking! I think I ran 20 feet and thought I was going to have a heart attack. So I learned the Galloway method that day. Right from the start Jim pointed out nature, sights, smells...explaining that running was not just "one foot in front of the other". It's an opportunity to relax, take in my surroundings. Meet people along the way. It's NOT a time to kill yourself.

I did learn to run with this attitude and it works for me. I enjoy running with people more than if I'm alone. Even when there's no talking involved, just the sound of feet moving along at the same tempo.

I mentioned to Jim yesterday I've been running for one year now and he looked surprised for a minute. He said I've accomplished a whole lot in my first year. I said "Oh yeah...a nice IT band injury". He listed off my races and I felt very proud of myself. It was just what I needed to let go of my disappointment in not running the full at Space Coast. I see that I have come far and I still have many miles ahead of me to meet some more goals.

I am meeting my friend Mike at the gym for a run. I have high hopes this morning. I've been adjusted, stretched, warmed up and I'm not hurting. I hope to do 3 miles, but I'll be happy with 2. This IT band issue is so getting old, but I am glad I've taken the time to let it heal. Even though I tortured myself mentally over the last few weeks.

I'm fine with only running the half at Space Coast. I have come to terms with it! Today anyway....