Thursday, November 6, 2008

You're My Butterfly...Sugar Baby

Ok, I have 2 butterflies, a tongue and no strep throat. I'd be callin' me a winner!

I have discovered a new (to me) exercise called "Spin Cycling". Oh baby. It's a good time. A REAL good time. Except on some parts of me. I don't know how guys ride bikes. I will be chatting with the hubby later tonight, as he's a biker. Hasn't seemed to deter him from other activities that would seem to ME to be deterred from after a guy rides a bike. If it did, I'd be popping his tires every night.

I think this spin class will be great for cross training for endurance. I'm going to ask my coach if he could somehow incorporate some of them for Team Endurance Phase 2! Which starts Nov 22nd! We have 2-3 new team mates, I am very excited. It'll be nice not to have to be there at 6am now that the weather is better. It was too hot to start after 8am during the summer here. was too hot to run at 6am!

I had a 5 mile run planned yesterday with Mike. My knee felt tight by mile 2, no pain. By mile 3 it started to hurt a little but I kept going. By mile 4.5 I had to walk. Mike ran ahead and I thought he was getting the car to come get me BUT NO! I had to limp back to the gym. When I saw him I asked him why he didn't come get me. He said I didn't ask him to. PFFFFT...a good running partner should know when I need a ride without me having to ask. But then I had to admit to him,that had he come to get me I would have been insulted that he THOUGHT he needed to pick me up. So either way, he loses. That's how I roll...LOL (hugs Mike)

My knee was painful this morning but I went to spin class anyway. It seems to have worked it out. I did the grocery shopping and was walking fine. I was sweaty, but no problems with my knee. I wish I had an IT band across my abs. That would be nice! Sick of my fridge being the only place with a six pack around here.


Sherry said...

I LOOOOOVE spin class! I take a class at least twice a week. Your crotch will get used to the seat (I don't even feel it anymore), but you can always purchase a gel seat cover. Heck, if you can hold off for a few days... you can HAVE mine! I think I used it twice.

Spinning is terrific cross training for running. Your work your quads more than in running, so you end up with better muscle balance. PLUS, it gives you a break from all of the impact.

I'm telling ya... we're gonna turn you into a triathlete yet!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

O, well, for Jebus' sake, Kim, you SPELLED MY NAME WRONG on Nitmos' blog!

What were you thinking, Kem? I mean, that's pretty inexcusable, Kam. I mean, geez, Kit.

No tongue for you!

And, Sherry, you should withhold that gel seat cover too... or will I be forced to call you Slerry?

I'll DO it! So help me!

Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck with your lady parts. A good pair of bike shorts is worth its weight in gold!! Seriously!!


Blyfinn said...

I agree with Steve. Some good bike shorts will help a LOT! I like the whole spin class thing also. I get into about one class a week in the winter.

Sherry said...

Hey Kim! Nope... no PG running for me this weekend! It's MiamiMan Tri time!

The next local race I'll be doing is the Turkey Trot on T-Giving Day... and you'll be ready to rock Space Coast!

Good luck this weekend!

Nitmos said...

Stick with the biking and slow, low miles for awhile. The knee sounds like it needs a bit more time with RICE and stretching. Those lingering jobedoos stink!