Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Monday!

Life is GOOD! I'm beginning my 2nd year of running! The year flew by.

My IT band seems to be behaving. After my 3.11 mile (can ya tell I have a Garmin now???) run with Mike Sunday, I lounged like a lizard. My favorite thing to do. In fact, I'll be pool-side in a few minutes.

First things first. I bought a Garmin a few months back, but not knowing what the hey I was doing....I got the heart rate monitor type without the footpod thingy. Then I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get a pace reading. Derrrrr...This time I got the same one my friend Ed has. It's very simple to use, even for me! I can't wait to use the virtual trainer mode. You enter in your distance, time you want to finish and away you go! There's a little man that "runs with you" and if you go too fast or slow I think it beeps. I say "I think" because I am not sure yet. I'll let ya know. Woulda been cool to program little voice messages that say "speed it up you slow poke" or "slow it down Deena"....

I thought of an idea for those energy gummy bear things. I was thinking I'd make a necklace or bracelet out of them. That way I can just chomp 'em off the elastic thread, like those candy necklaces. No looking for them, dropping them or tucking them back while trying to run. Only I just remembered...I sweat a little bit when I run distance. I can just picture what kinda mess that could I'll try it anyway.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I just found out I have strep!

So much for your theory of a Happy Monday!

What power does your Garmin have to protect against STREP, huh? PUNY GARMIN, you are useless to me!

On the plus side: Yesterday I ran 13.21 miles (I re-calculated) with STREP! I rock!

But I won't be running for a few days.

Good luck with the new Garmin. Don't let it push you around.


KimsRunning said...

AWWWW GQ!! That's what you get for swappin' spit with the Bride....LOL...I know, it's worth it!! I hope you're feeling better soon!!!

You certainly do ROCK! Wow are an athlete!!!!

I'm just so happy to be running again. I have high hopes for Space Coast Half!!!!!

Sherry said...

So glad that your ITB issues aren't getting the best of ya! I'm fighting my own devil as well... and I think I'm winning!

Glad you are enjoying your Garmin. They are awesome!

Blyfinn said...

I think that's a great idea. I'd almost pay to see the mess that those gummy bears would make. Thanks for stopping by. I'll add your blog to my reader and be back.