Friday, November 7, 2008

I Can't Think Up A Good Title

I met Mike at the gym at 9:30-ish for a little run. We're running a 5K tomorrow and figured we'd just do a quick 2 miler. My knee was being a pain in the ass (seriously) The jabs of discomfort went from ass to below the knee as we walked to the starting point. Which means one thing, one EYE opening thing, really. I need some oxycontin for tomorrow's 5K. Just kidding. If I'm going to take meds I wanna be on the couch doin nuthin' while I enjoy the feeling.

On a semi-serious note, it didn't really hurt all that much. I've had way worse injuries. Like the hip flexor nightmare. UGH! And that dog bite last January was no picnic either. Or the time I pulled my achilles tendon when I ran into a hole. So you see folks...I guess I can get through this one too.

Mike and I decided to walk 3 miles to stretch out the IT band. We did a loop up and through The 5 Senses park. Pretty cool place. We had a great conversation along the way. Mike was in the military and has been all over the place. He's met so many interesting people and has a million stories to tell. It was nice to take a leisurely stroll through town. Anyway, my knee was killing at about 2.5 miles out but by the time we got back to the gym it felt fine. Weird, but I'm glad to see walking/running isn't making it worse.

I have some friends doing some races this weekend:

Sherry is doing the MiamiMan Triathlon...

I know Sherry will do well, she's a fantastic athlete and a sweet, wonderful person. GO SHERRY!!!! And hurry up and post your results. I hate waiting....LOL

My coach Jim is doing the Senior Games, which if you knew Jim, you'd never believe he was age eligible for that...

Good luck Jim!! I'm sure he'll do well too...he's a phenomenal athlete!

Me and Mike are doing the Punta Gorda 5K, where I'll attempt to leave his ass in the dust.

This is me and Mike at the Sarasota Marathon last March. If you're going to the Punta Gorda 5K, just watch for me sprinting past him....LOL

Up in the northern part of the USA, GQ will be trying out his new Asics.

I'll be waiting for his blog about how new sneaks make him faster....teehee.
Ok, that's all for now. Rock on my runner friends!!!!!
Chow babyyyyyy!!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Good, I'm first! I can't believe that I totally forgot to give you and Sherry a BIG SHOUTOUT first thing this morning in my blog post! I'm such a big d*ck, and not in the good sense!

I'll be looking for your report and Sherry's ASAP after your events. Don't play games the way I did!

Bet you PR tomorrow. You've been through so much and come back. I just bet you do.

But ... don't push it by over-indulging in the brews tonight!

Tomorrow - O, no, not today -
Kimsrunning yet one more 5k
She's done it before,
So, hey, what's just one more?
She's Kkkkkim with 5 k's, we'll all say.

Sorry. That came out looking kinda KKKish! Best I can do.

Good luck, dear! And best of luck to all your buds who're running!

Sherry said...

Woah... a larger than life picture! Thank you so much for the shout-out for the race. I wish I had been able to log-on to the computer at the campgroung to actually 'read' it... but alas, no wireless! Ack!

I can't believe Jim does the Senior games! What a hoot! He looks like he's only 35!