Monday, December 21, 2009

Week 6 Marathon Training!!

I'm so busy with the holiday but I managed to get my long run in. I did 13 miles Saturday in 2:12! Very happy about that. It went well despite not fully preparing myself. Obviously I was too busy to plan for this run!

I used "map my run" for the first time. It took me FOREVER to map out 13 miles. I thought it would be cool to do a big loop through town instead of the boring "out 1/2 way and turn around" routes. 1st mistake. The route was a lot longer than what I mapped out and I had to turn around at a point I knew was 3 miles back to my house. So I lost my traveling water station (husband on his bike) and he got worried when I wasn't where I was supposed to be. (Worked out fine though)

2nd mistake...forgot my GU packs. I was sooooo looking forward to those blueberry/pomegranate GUs too!

3rd mistake...should have given my husband water AND gatorade for hydration and maybe some chews for nutrition. I know better. I'm a little disappointed in myself.

4th I came up on mile 3-4, I noticed my left baby toe was starting to hurt. The seam on my sock was rubbing it. I should have stopped to fix it but I did not. Now I have a huge blister on my toe. I whacked it on the corner of a chair and ripped a nice healthy layer of skin off it last night too. Good

5th mistake...and this had nothing to do with my run, but I had my work Christmas party last night. Have you tried walking in a pair of heels the day after a half marathon?? Sigh...I should have gone to the party

Anyway, after the run Bobby and I were headed to the mall to shop. I didn't feel so good. I was nauseaus and I know it was because I didn't properly hydrate and replace nutrition. Pretty dumb. But that's why we have these trial runs. You can bet I won't ever forget these things again.

In closing, I did run 13 miles with one stop. I stopped at my daughter's work and she ran me out some water since I'd basically ditched Bobby by this point. I was there less than a minute and then finished the last 2 miles back.

That's it for now!!
Happy running!!!!!