Monday, December 21, 2009

Week 6 Marathon Training!!

I'm so busy with the holiday but I managed to get my long run in. I did 13 miles Saturday in 2:12! Very happy about that. It went well despite not fully preparing myself. Obviously I was too busy to plan for this run!

I used "map my run" for the first time. It took me FOREVER to map out 13 miles. I thought it would be cool to do a big loop through town instead of the boring "out 1/2 way and turn around" routes. 1st mistake. The route was a lot longer than what I mapped out and I had to turn around at a point I knew was 3 miles back to my house. So I lost my traveling water station (husband on his bike) and he got worried when I wasn't where I was supposed to be. (Worked out fine though)

2nd mistake...forgot my GU packs. I was sooooo looking forward to those blueberry/pomegranate GUs too!

3rd mistake...should have given my husband water AND gatorade for hydration and maybe some chews for nutrition. I know better. I'm a little disappointed in myself.

4th I came up on mile 3-4, I noticed my left baby toe was starting to hurt. The seam on my sock was rubbing it. I should have stopped to fix it but I did not. Now I have a huge blister on my toe. I whacked it on the corner of a chair and ripped a nice healthy layer of skin off it last night too. Good

5th mistake...and this had nothing to do with my run, but I had my work Christmas party last night. Have you tried walking in a pair of heels the day after a half marathon?? Sigh...I should have gone to the party

Anyway, after the run Bobby and I were headed to the mall to shop. I didn't feel so good. I was nauseaus and I know it was because I didn't properly hydrate and replace nutrition. Pretty dumb. But that's why we have these trial runs. You can bet I won't ever forget these things again.

In closing, I did run 13 miles with one stop. I stopped at my daughter's work and she ran me out some water since I'd basically ditched Bobby by this point. I was there less than a minute and then finished the last 2 miles back.

That's it for now!!
Happy running!!!!!


Danielle in Iowa said...

That's weird that map my run was so off - sometimes it's off by a tenth of a mile or so, but I have never really had a problem with it (and the distances are confirmed with the Garmin).

Regina said...

Well, it wasn't a complete failure; you got a half mary in!! Well done.

I am hate GU, so that would have been a blessing in disguise to forget it. I am going to have to come up with some alternative nutrition.

way to go!

KimsRunning said...

Hi Danielle (AHEM....DOCTOR Danielle!!!) I did some serious zigzagging, crossing streets and access roads that I picked up some mileage!!

Regina...what are you using? I have to do 1/2 a GU at a time and always with water. I was checking out some "NUUN" tablets you drop in water. Let me know what ypou find!!!

Mitch said...

Gu?? MMMMM...the chocolate fudge with xtra caffeine....I could eat that for dessert or just to drive my running partner nuts with all the jabbering I do when I use it! lol
I forgot to use GLIDE on a 15 mile run...then went snorkeling the next day...I will tell you I won't forget the GLIDE ever again!! Can fish hear humans scream?!?!
Congratulations on being able to wear high heels at ANY time especially after a 1/2!!!

Steven Cohen said...

I know, I hate it when I have to wear heels after a long run... oh, wait.

Never been a Gu user, but I enjoy Shot Bloks, which come in a great cranberry flavor, and go down well like a gummy candy.

Good training run! Keep up the good work.

B Sue Fly said...

Just found your blog, great reading! Way to go on your half, I would be thrilled with a 2:12, especially when you consider the trials you went through :-)

Jack said...

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