Saturday, January 9, 2010

River, Roots and Ruts Race Report (LATE)

For some reason the pics won't let me they're backward (time-wise...end first) !!!!!!

Frank, Kim and Ed


In case you missed the last pic....Kim again

Scott crossing finish line!!! YAY!!!!!!! 2:09 finish!!!

Scott ans Kim crossing finish line!!!

And he's OFF!!!!! GO SCOTT!!!!!

Frozen fingers chip exchange!!! BRRRRR!!!

I couldn't undo the velcro...haha!!!

Scott waiting patiently and freezing.

Scott at a NOT FUNNY sign..ha!

And we're off and running!!!!

Crazy half naked kids. Where are their mothers????

Scott and Kim at the finish! Did I mention 2:09???


Getting I look happy or what?????

Jan 3rd I got an email from Sherry that she was injured and unable to run this relay with her husband. She was looking for a replacement partner for Scott and was anyone interested? !!!!!!! I immediatley wanted to do it, but I saw that this message had gone out to a few people and I was just reading it about 10 hours late. Feeling bummed, I logged off. Thought about it and logged back in. I figured the spot would be covered, but just in case I shot a reply saying I'd love to do it if they still needed a partner. Unbelievably, I got a message from Sherry that the spot was still open and I had it if I wanted it!!!! YAY!!!!

This race is very, very popular and had filled up a while ago. It's a major trail run that I honestly would never have signed up for because of my balance issues and numb feet. Those two troubles equal BADNESS on a trail...LOL...but I've been feeling FABULOUS the last 2 months, balance and leg/feet pain have been much improved so I WAS IN! Sherry and Scott know I've just returned to training and they understood my times might be blah considering I never trail run, but their optamism inspired me. Gave me mucho confidence. Sherry repeatedly told me to run it as a "fun run" and not worry about times. Yeah reminded her we were both cut from the same cloth and I was planning to run my ass off. Especially since I'd be wearing HER NAME!! Extra pressure!!!

We drove together and arrived at the park at about 35 degrees. Yes. 35 freezing degrees. Oh, and it was about 6:30am. Sherry and Scott gave me the first leg which was 6 miles and flatter. (thank you guys again). The track kids were in shirts only and as a mother, I wanted to cover them with blankets. Crazy kids. I saw 2 of my favorite friends!!! Ed and frank were there for the relay too...I was thrilled to see them. We saw a few others that we know, and I met Sondra's brother too.

We all lined up at the start, not minding for once that we were crunched together. Did I mention it was freezing??? I opted to keep my long sleeved t-shirt on over my running top and I'm glad I did. The first 3/4 mile was pretty flat but winding, pace was about 8:30. Then I hit a mountain. I went easy for the first 2 because I have a full mary in 7 weeks (didn't want an injury) but the third mountain looked like I'd need some momentum. I flew up to the top so fast that I found myself in the air looking down the steep decline! It was exhilerating!!!! I almost fell running down that, but I managed to stay on my feet.

The path got very narrow and I found myself stuck behind a woman for awhile. Finally the path widened and I kinda yelled out "passing on your left!" and heard an echo of that about 6 times behind She let us go and I let the people behind me pass. I had enough pressure running for Sherry, I didn't need the 6 pairs of feet stomping behind

I was averaging about a 9 minute pace, but I really started bowing to the steep hills by mile 3 or so. It wouldn't be worth missing my full mary. There were a few very cool turns that actually went around the base of a running on the inside of a bowl! The woods and path made for a relaxing atmosphere but the cold was, well...cold. At one point I tried to blow on my frozen fingers but the air turned cold before it hit my hands. My right foot was numb and the big toe was KILLING me. I knew it was the cold.

A couple times I could have gone off track but thankfully a man in a bright orange t-shirt was ahead of me and I could catch glimpses of him enough to follow. By 5.5 miles in, I could hear people cheering so I knew I was close. I stayed steady watching for a clearing for the chip exchange. As I shot down a hill, I heard my name and was shocked to see Sherry and Scott IN THE WOODS! No clearing...just a wider path for the trade...I almost ran past them but Scott reached out and literally pulled me off the trail....Hhahaha! My hands were so frozen I couldn't undo the velcro fastening for the chip...brrrrrr!!! I made that in about 61 minutes. Not bad!

Scott took off, glad to be running instead of standing in the cold. Sherry had my sweatshirt with her and I happily put that back on! Then we walked to the fnish line to wait for Scott.

Scott had the last leg, which was 7.1 miles and much harder. After about an hour, I left Sherry at the finish line and walked to the 13 mile post so I could run in with Scott. He came flying around the corner and I yelled "How'd it go???" I'm laughing NOW, but he yelled right back..."That SUCKED!!!!""" In that split second I thought 2 things at the same time....1) Poor Scott and 2) Thank God I had the first leg!! Isn't that awful???? But he's a way better athlete so it was kind of even LMAO!!! Just kidding Scottt....heehee!!! (about the fair part, cuz he is a better athlete)

Scott came in at 68 minutes, giving us a 2:09 finish time!!! AWESOME!!! We came in 4th for mixed relay too!! We were very pleased!! I just had the best time running that relay. Great friends, wonderful opportunity and what a cool trail that was. I am now a trail lover! Sherry assures me I did her name proud and for that I'm so happy. I got to keep the finishers medal, it's made from recycled glass! I'll get a pic of it... We hit a stop for hot coffee for the ride home. We sooo needed to defrost! I was sick for 3-4 days with a bad cold after that, but it was worth it.

Thank you Sherry and Scott, for the great time, the opportunity to run a race I never would have signed up for and for our friendship. And guess what? I'm STILL smiling!!