Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Love Presents

It's true. Presents are fun. It's the waiting for the delivery of presents I have trouble with. I'm like a 9 year old on Christmas Eve. My husband has to hide birthday, anniversary and all holiday gifts from me. Kinda sad. 42 year old child, I am.

So, you may be wondering what I'm "getting". Garmin Forerunner 101!! YIPPEE! I ordered a Garmin a few months ago but couldn't figure it out. Turns out it was a heart monitor type, not a pacer/mileage kind. My husband was thrilled though, as he's cycler. Last night he was playing with his Garmin and I casually mentioned how nice it would be if I had a Garmin too. He said "go for it" need to repeat that hubby o'mine. It's on it's way. Now if I could just get past this IT band thing.

I'm thinking "chiropractor". I love a good adjustment anyhow. Been too long.

I'm off in a bit. It's date night at the Cusick house. TTFN!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I Need A Miracle IT Band Recovery

SIGH. I'm not too happy. My knee has been hurting since Thursday. It didn't hurt after my little 2 mile jaunt, why now??? I've been icing it like MAD. Maybe I'll get a total knee replacement surgery. I could share a room with my good friend TOM BRADY. (watch out Giselle) That'd be worth

It's raining here this morning, so I won't try running until later. Although I love to run in the rain, I won't do it. Why not? Cuz I don't feel like it. I think today will be a cross trainer at the gym instead. Maybe. We'll see.

Be back later, I think we have some chocolate donuts. Those go deelish with a coffee.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

1st Run in Eleven Days...

First I went to my awesome yoga class. Yogi-Jim is away on vacation so Yogi-Bonnie stepped in. Wonderful class! Lots of gentle stretching and mental cleansing. Love that. My knee felt a little tight, I went easy, just enjoying my yoga-friends. And "The Return To Innocence". I love that song. We do our "warrior" positions to that track. Gets me in touch with my Navajo-ness.

After yoga is Runners' Club. But nobody showed. Not even Mike. Bummer. I forgot my iPod anyway so I went home to run by my broken self. Kirstin was home, she's my 19 yr old child. Yes, child. I don't care if they're 72, they're my babies! Anyway, she had a little phone case that she thought would be perfect for my ipod. It clips and has a magnetic closure for easy access. It has small openings on each side for cords too. She was right! It's perfect!!! Thank you Kirsty!!!

I geared up and headed out.

Beautiful day, maybe 78 degrees, little breezy. Felt so good to be out there. I only saw a few dragonflies. I guess they're done with their mating dance.

I walked to the end of my street before I started off with a very slow pace. Everything felt fine. I went along my merry way, picking up the pace a bit. By the time I came up on mile 1, I felt that ole familiar tightness in the knee. My hip felt a little pinchy too. I walked/ran back to my house. The tightness never turned into a sharp pain, just a little irritating, mostly on push off. I stopped running before it got bad. Thankfully!

I know I'll run Space Coast, maybe I won't beat Nitmos' time (not in this lifetime ANYWAY) but I'll finish. My one true goal is to run Boston 2010, so I need to stay in touch with my body. Unless I can get Vanilla to find that quirky rule that'll get me qualified in 5 hours instead of 3:50:59.

So here I am. I'm icing as I type this out. I am in good spirits and feeling so hopeful. I will go very slow with this rehab thing. I have many friends who have given me wonderful advice (in person AND in blogland). I thank you all from my heart.

Space Coast Marathon

Well, the Space Coast Marathon is coming up and I have not run since the FCA Half Marathon. I'm so worried about my knee (IT band) that I'm just resting/icing it. But it still hurts even though I haven't run yet.

Today is the day.

I have a yoga class this morning at 9am, then runners club at 10:15. Mike will be there to call me a baby (just kiddin'....we razz each other MERCILESSLY) Mike's a personal trainer, so I'll have some good advice and some great guidance.

We booked 2 nights at the Ramada for the marathon. Dick Beardsley will be the speaker and I cannot wait to check him out. Nitmos, I can hug him for ya if you'd like...LOL. Anyway, the hotel is right on the beach so my husband and I will be lounge lizards! My daughter Kerri will stay with Em and Robby for the weekend. NO KIDS! Yippeeeee!!!! Although we feel some guilt, my son would love Space Coast. We decided to take the kids there after the marathon. With 3000 people showing up to race, it'll probably be very crowded anyway. I shouldn't be walking around for 50 miles the day before a marathon either. The kids will have more fun going another time.

Gotta starts in 15 minutes!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not back To Running Just yet

I know I said I was going to start the running thing back again today, but I did not. So sue me. No don't! I don't have anything you'd want, trust me on that.

You might be wondering just what I did do today. A whole lotta nuthin'. And I L-I-K-E-D it. I lay by the pool, smelling like coconuts. Basking in the fall sun. We can do that here in Florida. If someone had told me 6 years ago I'd be laying by the pool, sweating on October 19, 2008, I would have LAUGHED in their face! HaHaHa! But alas. It's true. I'm here lovin' every minute of it. Oh, Loverboy sang that song. Good tune, but I digress from the true topic of my post. Which running today.

My knee still kinda felt achy, I didn't want to even try it out if it was still achy. I used my better judgement for once. Besides, I've been running at 100 MPH since June and today was my day to hang. So I hung.

Today is also the day to rejoice in the Boston Red Sox making it to game 7. Neener neener neener to you Devil Rays. Honestly, I can't stand watching baseball. I might pop in here and there to see how they're doing but I'd fall asleep by the 3rd pitch if I tried to watch the game. Call me a fair-weather lover. Of baseball anyway.

Back to the tanning. Maybe grab a brewdawg. I got some Bud Select. It's non-carb, or low-carb...but I don't care about that. I just think the black can with the red princess tiara on the front is COOL. Besides, the garlic bagel crisps have so many carbs in them, a normal beer wouldn't even make a difference. Garlic bagel crisps. Mmmmmm....yummy. Anybody wanna kiss????

OH!! PS!! I weighed myself today and I haven't gained a pound! Will wonders never cease?? I will have my husband's famous cheeseburger tonight with relish! Not the pickle kinda relish, the "enjoying this" kinda relish. I don't put relish on my cheeseburger, that would be gross.