Wednesday, October 22, 2008

1st Run in Eleven Days...

First I went to my awesome yoga class. Yogi-Jim is away on vacation so Yogi-Bonnie stepped in. Wonderful class! Lots of gentle stretching and mental cleansing. Love that. My knee felt a little tight, I went easy, just enjoying my yoga-friends. And "The Return To Innocence". I love that song. We do our "warrior" positions to that track. Gets me in touch with my Navajo-ness.

After yoga is Runners' Club. But nobody showed. Not even Mike. Bummer. I forgot my iPod anyway so I went home to run by my broken self. Kirstin was home, she's my 19 yr old child. Yes, child. I don't care if they're 72, they're my babies! Anyway, she had a little phone case that she thought would be perfect for my ipod. It clips and has a magnetic closure for easy access. It has small openings on each side for cords too. She was right! It's perfect!!! Thank you Kirsty!!!

I geared up and headed out.

Beautiful day, maybe 78 degrees, little breezy. Felt so good to be out there. I only saw a few dragonflies. I guess they're done with their mating dance.

I walked to the end of my street before I started off with a very slow pace. Everything felt fine. I went along my merry way, picking up the pace a bit. By the time I came up on mile 1, I felt that ole familiar tightness in the knee. My hip felt a little pinchy too. I walked/ran back to my house. The tightness never turned into a sharp pain, just a little irritating, mostly on push off. I stopped running before it got bad. Thankfully!

I know I'll run Space Coast, maybe I won't beat Nitmos' time (not in this lifetime ANYWAY) but I'll finish. My one true goal is to run Boston 2010, so I need to stay in touch with my body. Unless I can get Vanilla to find that quirky rule that'll get me qualified in 5 hours instead of 3:50:59.

So here I am. I'm icing as I type this out. I am in good spirits and feeling so hopeful. I will go very slow with this rehab thing. I have many friends who have given me wonderful advice (in person AND in blogland). I thank you all from my heart.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

See? Not so hard listening to your body, is it?

But now listening to the brain - that's a different subject. As Homer Simpson always sez:

"Shut up, Brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-Tip!"

Stupid brain! Always trying to boss me around ...

KimsRunning said...

Although I've never watched even one episode of the Simpsons, I got a chuckle outa that q-tip joke....LOL. I LOVE q-tips. they're the world's greatest invention.

Funny thing about me is, (besides my looks), is that I can be a wicked lazy runner. I think my biggest worry is if I go too long I won't start back up.

Vava said...

Way to stop - I am too stupid for words and have bounced from one injury to another this year. I keep getting better, and will eventually learn to listen as well.


Also, I share your worry on laying off too long, making THAT the habit that takes over for running...

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...


So sorry to hear about your daughter, but glad it worked out! Glad, also, that you took my joke in the spirit it was intended. One makes thoughtless jokes at one's own risk, I guess.

I remember years ago when I was maybe 12 and my younger sister was therefore about 7 or 8, and we were on family vacation; and in the place we were staying we were eating breakfast with these two other vacationers, and my sister was complaining about how much walking my Mom was making us do and said, off-handedly, "Sometimes I just want to cut her legs off."

What she hadn't noticed, though, was that one of the other women was missing a leg. (I hadn't, either.) So later my Mom points this out and says to my sister, "You should try to watch what you say ..."

Then, in the way only an older sibling can, I piled on, calling her an idiot, how could she've said that, etc., etc. Just being casually, needlessly cruel. a little girl who was no older than my Ian is now! And I'm thinking if I saw a 12 year old talking to my son the way I did to my own sister years ago, I'd intervene and stop it, no matter what Ian may've done to "deserve" it.

The memory of how I berated my sister is something I have never forgotten - even though it isn't even one of the things she trots out when she talks about how mean I was as an older brother! The final irony is: It affected me more than it seems to've affected her.

So I guess my point is, I see how jokes like that transplant one I made might be a sensitive area for you. Thank you for taking it in the spirit in which it was intended and not going all 12-year-old-Glaven on me!

KimsRunning said...

Aww GQ, don't feel bad about a childhood sibling thing like that. Bet she said a few things to you that you don't even remember, proving that those things don't hurt the sib as much as you think. My husband had a similar experience too, he feels bad about it still but he was the oldest of EIGHT. Imagine the sibling rivalry in that

The transplant joke didn't bother me at all. Kerri got a liver from a boy and we teased her about having a boy-liver for a long used to get so upset. But we all know what a gift her donor was for us all. Makes me cry.