Saturday, February 13, 2010


Well, I know right where my running shoes are. All of my sports bras are clean. I have a drawer full of socks. My fave running outfit is washed, dried and waiting. I have 2 fuel belts and plenty of GU packs/chomps. I noticed today, that my ears are not sore from my headphones rubbing them. I even cut all my hair off and was looking forward to running without a hat on.

I noticed this the other day when I was wondering when I'd be back out on the road. Wednesday seemed like just another day where I wasn't feeling well. Had a headache as usual and my legs were really cramping and painful. Especially my right leg/foot. I was nauseous and just feeling crummy. My daughter, Kirstin, offered to work for me (just one plus of us working together) and I felt relieved to be able to lay down.

At about 6pm, I felt a sharp pain in the center of my chest. I stood up and it got worse. It was hard to breathe and I felt dizzy and more nauseous. After 10 minutes it relaxed, I was soaked from sweat so I jumped in the shower. It happened again while I was in there so I got right out and called to my other daughter, Kerri. She called 911 and Bobby. By the time the EMTs came I felt fine again and felt stupid. But then it happened again while they were here so off we went. Happened again in the ambulance so he gave me a spray of nitroglycerin.

Long story happened off and on for about 5 hours. CAT scan looked fine, blood pressure came back down and the cardiac enzymes were fine. Doc said he couldn't be sure it was not my heart so I spent the night. It did not happen again, just little twinges now and then. I went home the next day, have to take aspirin daily and follow up with my doc. A nurse suggested seeing my GYN in case it was ovarian cysts bursting. As much as I'd love to chalk it up to cysts, I've had them burst before and it never hurt my chest, just very low in the abdomen. But we'll see...I'll see my GYN. I don't have an appendix, gallbladder or uterus so it was narrowed down pretty quickly. It did remind me of gallbladder pain but more intense, like labor contractions.

I feel fine today, just headache and light headed. My legs still hurt. I haven't been out running for 3 weeks. I haven't been to the gym either because I was hoping if I took it easy I'd be out and running since the marathon is in 2 weeks. nope.

So I will miss another marathon. No sugar coating this one. I am extremely unhappy. I'm angry and disappointed. And that's all I have to say I guess.