Saturday, December 20, 2008

They Call Me...."Grace"

And that's because I don't have any. Grace, that is. All my life I've tripped over nothing, fallen off sidewalks, and flown through the air without an airplane. I've been on crutches, limped so many miles and have had so many bruises from banging into things that my husband is worried people will think I'm in an abusive relationship.

One time I took Bobby's bike for a ride. I forgot my feet were locked into those cagey things and slammed on the brakes as I hopped off said bike. Only to realize the bike was attached to my body and not ready to let go. Kim and bike went flying through the air, landing on a picnic table and sending cookies, chips and drinks helter skelter. My father-in-law turned to my husband and said "Kim should not be around things where there's a chance she could get hurt". And then he yelled at me for spraining my hand. That's his way of letting me know I am loved. This all happened 12 years ago in front of our entire families.

Since then, I've had multiple injuries and this was all before I ever thought about running. My step-father used to call me Grace. I've been taking yoga classes twice a week for a year now and I was just thinking about how awesomely balanced I've become. I hardly ever fall these days.

Alas...I spoke too soon. Wednesday I was walking and whacked my foot on who-knows-what. I never felt anything, but I felt something wet and sticky on my sandal. I looked down and saw blood pouring out of my baby toe! Once I washed it off I could see the top of my toe was not attached too well. I bandaged it and it actually doesn't even hurt. I can wear my sneakers just fine. It looks bruised and black now, but no pain when I run.

Friday at the gym, I had a class and grabbed two 10 lb weights in one hand, hot chocolate in the other. (I know, you're wondering what the heck I was doing drinking a hot chocolate before an exercise class. I like hot chocolate, that's why) I stepped off the stage I hit a treadmill with my left foot and was flying through the air. This is not too remarkable in my daily life goings on, but the 20 lbs of dumb bells and a piping hot chocolate seemed like it could pose a new problem. Especially since I had a killer grip on the hot chocolate. Which was in a styrofoam cup.

In the split second before I hit the ground, I let go of both the weights and hot chocolate, hoping to stop my head from crashing into the wall, which is made of brick. The weights are all metal and made a TERRIFIC clang when they hit the wall doing 90 MPH. Hot chocolate spewed everywhere but on ME (small miracle). All I could think of was I'd hit my head, be knocked unconscious and pee myself in front of 50 people. All people I know, of course.

When I did come to a complete stop, I was unsure if I really did hit my head or not. I've been hurt at times when I didn't realize it for a few minutes till the pain became unbearable. Was this one o'those times?? No. I was ok. I have rug burns on my knees and my whole body is aching, but I did not get a concussion or pee myself. My body is wicked sore today but I lived!

As if that were not enough, I was on a long run with Chris this morning and as I was running along on my merry way, I once again had the feeling of being airborne. It's a familiar feeling. I looked down and saw concrete. I pictured my already scraped and bruised knees and thought it would be horribly painful to land on those again so soon. So I propelled myself (yeah, I'm a pro at falling) toward the left, which was grass, and twisted enough to land on my right side. This sent me into a semi-roll/tumble, but my knees were SAFE! My pride was NOT. Chris didn't see me fall, but came up on me while I was laying in the wet, just cut grass trying not to cry. Nothing was hurting any worse than it was when I started the run, but I was just D-O-N-E at that moment. My pride is more bruised than anything. I got up and ran the rest of my 5.5 miles and then decided I wanted to go home. My knee was achy anyway.

I have a Christmas party tonight. I was planning on wearing a sexy dress but I think I need to cover my legs with a dark pair of tights. I'm so sore all over.

I'll take some pics of my new injuries later. You'll just L-O-V-E these.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Running A Full Marathon Today

Yeah, it's true. I'll be off and running in a few minutes, but first....

My toe feels fine. I get the willies thinking about putting a sneaker on though, so I'll be wearing my best flip flops for this marathon today. Luckily I live in balmy SW Florida. Temps will be 87 degrees by noon. Lalalalalalala!!!!!!!!!

Where is this marathon, you ask? At the mall. UGH! I hate going to the mall on a Monday morning, never mind the week before Christmas. Sigh.

I'm thinking about wearing my Garmin to the mall to clock my speed and distance. I found out quite accidentally that it will keep a record even when I'm not running. Cuz I left it on the other day and when I was checking my last run history after replacing the DEAD batteries, I saw that I went...

25.17 miles in 8:03 hours,
Average pace was 19:11
Best pace was 1:00
No calories burned
No rest time.

The no rest time is very true. I never rest. Even when I'm sleeping I'm moving. OH!! That reminds me!!! I had a nightmare last night. A mean man with a ferocious dog was looking at me. I was so scared in my dream. I woke up with my heart racing and tried (unsuccessfully) to wake my husband for some comfort. And stuff. Took me an hour to go back to sleep.

Anyway...I gotta go shopping. I got me some "husband's Christmas bonus money" to blow on the kids. He LOVES to go online to the bank account and play "connect-the-dots" at the mall's store directory with all the stores I visit. Talk about "big brother's watching"...LOL Last year I went shopping while he was home and he got a pop-up every time I used the debit card...he even called my cell when I passed the amount of $$$$ I promised not to go over....I couldn't believe he "guessed"! That's how I found out he could see my purchases online. Dirty Rat.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yummy Toe Injury

My husband thought my runner friends would enjoy a shot of my toe. Yes, it hurts as bad as you'd think. And no, it won't stop me. The square looking thing is actually part of my toe that isn't really attached too well right now.

Can I Even Call This Marathon Training???

I have not had a long run in months! Sarasota Marathon is coming up quick and the longest run I've had since the FCA Half in October is 7 miles! GAWD...I might be doing the half instead...we'll see. No biggie. I have realized I can't base my self confidence on my long time goals as much as I should be looking at all my other accomplishments on the way to getting to those big ones. If I need to hold back on the marathons for awhile, so be it. I have plenty of time!

3 of us headed out this morning for a shorty. We figured we'd see how Chris's calf and my knees held out. Reg is injury free and rather fast. I am really enjoying running slightly behind him. While he talks at a flipping 8 mile pace, I concentrate on breathing and answering back with minimal wordage. Very minimal. Like..."hmmm, ya?, really? wow and me too". He doesn't seem to notice. Every now and then I pretend to tie my shoe or drop my iPod for a breather break. I realize my cardio has suffered without any nice endurance running, so even though it's taking a lot out of me running this pace, I'm glad for it. Reg pushes me like Ed does, gently and patiently. Who's coaching who here????.....LOL...This is what I love about running with different people. The give and take we seem to find always brings out the best in all of us. Love it!

Chris was not having a good run. His calf was hurting. He did mostly walking, which was smart but I think he's getting irritated with the set back. I sure know how he feels! I hope he rests it.

We did about 4.5 miles, but my Garmin battery died at 1.78 miles, so I don't have all the info. My knees held out just fine, no pain while running at all. I'm afraid to say I'm healed, so I won't, but there's definately some major improvement.

I haven't been back in the pool and I'm losing my confidence again! I need to get back in there soon. Maybe Saturday after our long run, we'll see. But I'm soooo busy these days!

I bashed my baby toe at work today, it was bleeding like a stuck pig! It looks like the top part is detached. I put a bandage on there and I'm hoping it'll feel fine with a sneaker on. It looks bogus.

GQ has a quiz over at his blog that I need to get a closer look at. I think he was making fun of my mathematical skills (or lack of). Ohhhhhh no he DITNT!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Space Coast Race Packet Has Arrived

When I got in from work this afternoon, a package was waiting for me on the kitchen counter. I instantly knew what it was. My race packet from SCM. I had forgotten it was even coming. I checked the return address to be sure, then opened it up. I am happy to report that not one tear fell. I'm ok.

I'm fairly certain that the reason this is so, is because I talked with Bill B about his race there and got to live vicariously through him. I also have matured a great deal since I pitched that fit when I had to drop out of that marathon. I've grown up I guess.

In all seriousness, I have come to realize something about my running. I started running because I had been pretty sick for a while and needed to gain back some strength. I'd felt so out of control of my own body for so long that reaching the goal of finishing the Sarasota Marathon meant maybe I could take back that control. Making a goal and seeing it through was so very empowering! Running across the finish line that day set me on a very specific road. Until today, I thought that road was "just" about running, but it wasn't. I think the reason I was so upset about not being able to run Space Coast was because I felt like I was giving up, even though I was injured. Didn't really matter the reason, I was angry about not being able to see that goal through.

During the time I couldn't run, I felt sad, but not for the reasons I expected. I was missing the Endurance team meetings/runs. I never missed one, not even when I was sick. I asked Jim, my coach, if I could help coach Runners Club under his supervision and he agreed. He has given me direction and guidance all along but has let me do all the runs. This gave me the opportunity to meet some newer runners and slowly get back into healthy running again. I've met some new people who have similar goals and I'm having a GREAT time! I love the social part of running. The races, training runs and just talking about all of it makes me very happy. The people I run with from Runners Club are very positive and energized about training. When I see and hear the excitement I can actually FEEL it. These moments are just as important to me as running across a finish line.

Running that 5K Saturday, in the freezing cold and wind, was fun. I was happy as I tried to push through that wind. My knee was protesting now and again, but I thought of Sherry, Scott and Sondra who I would never have met if not for running. I thought of Ed and Joan, who are very important to me. I thought of my coach, who gave me the attitude of how to enjoy running. Bob and Carol, who are also special people....there are just too many to mention, but you all know who you are. I thought of my husband Bobby, who at first laughed when I told him I was going to run a marathon but now tells me how proud he is of my accomplishments.

All of these things take the pang of dropping out of SCM.

That being said....I hope I kick Sherry's ass in that triathlon in April!!! LOL (luv ya Sherry!!!)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Clearing Up A Misunderstanding

This shaving of the 5K is confusing me, and I, in turn, are confusing you. Or "y'all" as we say down here in the south.

So.....My time to shave was 31:05. My best PR is 27:25. I DID shave overall but I was looking for one last PR for the challenge.

Yesterday after the race I was feeling like I ran a not-so-great race, but by last night I realized I am lucky to have even been able to do that race at all. So I'm happy!