Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Getting My Groove Back

The past week has been busy. Not much running, but I did get a 5K in the day before Easter. It was the "Eggs and Ears" 5K in Fort Myers. I was not feeling well, a little nauseous and had a headache. I think I've had a headache for about 8-10 weeks now. My left eye hurts too but what can ya do????

My friend Josephine has a pulled hamstring but she wanted to run this race. She usually gets the Senior Grand Master Award with an average time of 25 minutes so I've NEVER beat her. I'm usually thrilled to have her in my sights at these races!! We both decided to be happy if we made it across the finish line under 30 minutes.

My iPod really helps me do a little meditating thing when I run. I can almost leave my body, no kidding. I had my Garmin on and I checked it periodically and saw I was hanging in at a 9:45 pace. Fine with that! BUT WAIT!!!! As we made the turn at the halfway point, I saw a woman jump the median! I never saw a cheater before! I got all fired up and actually passed her. I got a good look at her and was prepared to tattle if she attempted to accept an award. Which she didn't, lucky for her.

At about this point I caught up with Josephine. She was struggling and in pain. I was holding my steady pace, about 9:10 by then. I thought I could pass her but it felt so wrong! I knew if I did, I'd only be doing it because she is injured. Seemed unfair. Seemed like a golden opportunity too...LOL. Josephine knows I love her and I figured she wouldn't mind me beating her JUST THIS ONCE. So when I saw the 3 mile marker I kicked it up like I always do at that point. I did beat her, but it will be the last time. After the race we laughed, I love her!

After I got through the finish line I went and sat between 2 cars in the parking lot for about 15 minutes in case I puked. I felt awful, but I ran it. 28:34, 30 seconds ahead of I never did get sick but I'm still nauseous today, 4 days later. UGH.

I actually placed 3rd in my age group! What a surprise. All in all, it was a great day. The medal is on a pink ribbon, my favorite color.

Reg left Monday morning for Canada. We had a great Easter dinner with Reg and his Mom. It was a perfect way to send them off. Reg called this morning to let me know he made it home in one piece. I miss him already! He was my motivator and support system. Now what am I gonna do???????

My last MRI came back fine! YAY for that! I asked my doctor if that meant I didn't need to see the MS Specialist and he said I still need to go. I looked up "normal MRI with MS" and I guess that doesn't rule it out, it only helps for a quicker diagnosis. Spinal tap it is, folks. Fun stuff. From what I understand, you need to lie flat for 24 hours after a spinal tap. Sounds like a little "ME" The "happy medicine" is wonderful. I can deal with this so much better.

Thank you once again for the kind emails and comments. It really makes me feel better!!!