Thursday, July 16, 2009

There's A new Man In My Life....

Last November, my daughter Kirstin introduced me to a young man (very young may I add). I'll admit that I was not too impressed. I was surprised and not just a little scared. I didn't feel a huge connection. At first. But then I met him again just a few weeks later.

I felt a bit excited this time. My heart was racing and I felt it do a little jump. This young man was excited to meet me again too. I could hear his heartbeat. It was strong and loud. It sounded like a horse galloping! I looked at my daughter as we both listened to this wonderful sound and we smiled at each other. Both of us loved him at that precise moment. Instantly and unconditionally in love.

As the months went on, each time we got together, I could feel our bond deepening. I'd tell him how much I loved him. I could almost hear him answer me back.

In January I saw him for the first time...on screen. His little spine was perfect, his legs looked long and strong like a runner. He turned his head toward us and raised an arm as if to say "hello!" Kirstin and I cried with happiness to have this sneak peak at him. The image is forever in our minds. (and on youtube under kimmycu search) =)

I got to see him many times as the months came and went. What an active little guy! Every time he came by, I'd tell him I loved him.

Then last Friday morning I got a phone call from my daughter, Kirstin. She told me it was time to meet this little man in person! I woke my other daughter Kerri and we met Kirstin and Chris at the hospital. (we actually beat them there) We went to a special room and helped get Kirstin comfortable. She was so strong and brave! She breathed through some pretty intense pains until she had an epidural to give her a chance to rest.

About 9 hours later, it was time. With Chris, Kerri and I supporting Kirstin, this new life emerged right before our eyes. What a miracle! "Hello Collin Mitchell!" "I love you!!!!" He answered back with a tiny yelp and it was music to our ears! Chris was pretty overwhelmed and asked Kerri to cut the cord. She did and Collin was placed in Kirstin's arms. There was not a dry eye in the room.

Collin weighed 6 lbs 5 oz and is 18.5 in long. His hair is jet black, his eyes are dark. His feet are long and skinny! He is perfect. His cry is sweet music. His little noises are soothing. His scent would bring in millions if it could be bottled. He is wonderful. He is pure. He is my grandson.

Kirstin brought him over to my house today. As we looked at his precious little face, she asked Collin where he's been all her life. She said she feels complete. I told her now she knows how much I love HER. We cried a little, happy tears full of love. For Collin and for each other.

Daddy, Mommy and Collin

Gramma and Collin
Emily, Grampa and Collin