Monday, September 27, 2010

Kim's Running!

I've been busy the last 2 months with getting my hydration and nutrition in order. It's a fine line keeping it balanced!! If it's too hot I don't run. If I feel "off" at all I stay in. I've been slowly gathering momentum...I feel FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

When I'm not running I drink Power Zero and lots of water. I drink full strength sports drinks and 100% juice on days I do run. I'm taking a multi vitamin 2x a day, potassium once daily and I did buy some sodium pills but I'm hesitating with those until I see my doc. Not sure how to take those. My nutrition has improved some but my chip addiction is a hard thing to give up. Ok, beer is still a fave! But my muscle strength is improving dramatically and the leg pain/cramping is GONE! I hardly ever get headaches anymore but if I do feel one coming on I pump up the hydration.

I've run a few 5K races and have been improving my times each race. The last one was MDA 5K...I ran that one in my Vibrams and it was the best race this year!!!! 27:44...not a PR but what a strong run that was. Best I've felt in, well...years actually. 1st race in my Vibrams. I plan on wearing them again at the Gasparilla 5K next weekend (Oct3rd). My PR was accomplished at that race...curious to see what I do this year. A few of us meet on Mondays for speed work. I hate it, I'll admit it. I think it's the track. BORING. But I love seeing my friends and talking the

I have a half marathon relay planned in March with my friend Kristi. We're so excited!!! We named our team "Sole Sisters"...isn't that cute?? We're a perfect match. We run the same pace, have the same goals and we seem to really motivate each other. We've been doing our Saturday long runs together and it's been a huge help getting me back into some decent distance. Last Saturday we did 7 miles in 72 minutes. Felt great except for when Kristi almost stepped on a black snake. She screamed and scared the life outa me!! My legs froze up for a quarter mile and I really wanted to walk it off but Kristi said NO!! And I was not about to let her pass me so we kept going. Do you know how hard it is to run while you're laughing, knees weak from snake fear??? It was we did the entire 7 miler no stops. We even got a good tempo/sprint the last quarter mile. I love ending runs like that. I am really enjoying running again!! So happy!!

So I plan on slowly adding the mileage, stepping up my speed work and concentrating on nutrition. I am on week 2 of eating better and I've lost 4 of the 10 lbs I found while on the mend. I'd love to get back into yoga...might even start that P90X I bought last December...haha! Maybe.....