Friday, September 19, 2008

Endurance Team Message

Hi TEAM!! Here's our weekly message from Coach Jim...

First of all a huge congratulations to the members of our Project that went to the Myakka River Run this past Saturday. There were some excellent performances, ribbons, and awards for some of our teammates. AWESOME. Most importantly, all who ran finished, and some LINDA and TESS extended the mileage on a cool-down run to fulfill a very good "long run" training day. There was some excellent pacing teamwork with Ed, Michelle and Josephine.

We will stay healthy. We are ready. Some of us may think we/you haven't trained enough, or you're not ready. Banish the thought. Remember your primary goal... TO FINISH. Coach Kim knows about believing even if you think you may not have trained enough. (yes, I do!)

The week ahead:Mostly Strength Training / stretching during the week. Actual running miles stay about 10 total over two-to-three days... Mon-Thurs. If you'd like, trade out some "road miles" for non-impact cardio on the elliptical machine or in the pool. We want to be strong for the "long run" on Saturday, Sept. 20....

This Saturday, the 20th is an important workout. Originally we thought we'd travel to away for a trail run, but the plans have been modified and this Saturday, We are "staying local" and running the neighborhood streets of North Port.... Our plan is for anywhere between 10-11 miler.... NOT VERY FAST. We are going to have an earlier start time.... 6:30, And we will be done with the run, or the miles by 8 a.m. finishing with a cooling stretch and beverage in the Teen Activity Center at the YMCA. Meet in our familiar spot in front of the Y ready to start our run at 6:30-- we can beat the heat and humidity. The running route will be set up to pass the YMCA as a "water/Gatorade" station... See you there.

Your proud coaches,
Jim, Bethany and Kim

I'd just like to add that everyone is doing EXCEPTIONALLY well. Your dedication to your training shows at every meeting. You may not even realize it, but all of you are showing huge improvements in your endurance and self confidence. In moments of self doubt, stay positive. You CAN do this. You know you can finish this race. Your coaches know it too! I feel so proud of our team.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Endurance Project Week 9





Here's Guy Healy headed for the finish!








Here's Coach Bethany...looking strong. I had to
run to get this pic, she's too quick! She finished
in 41 minutes. No typo folks. Not bad for having
a birthday last week. Still in my age group though.

Here's cutie-pie Linda, explaining that she ran
past me so fast and that was why I didn't see her
get to the finish line! I was so mad. Linda got an
awesome PR! 1:03, I do believe!!! Go SISTA!!!!

Here's Michelle, one of our younger, more sprintier
chicks on the team. Former b-ball champ!!! She
finished in under an hour. You Go Girlie!!

This is Frank. He's the only guy on the team who
is not afraid to run mostly naked. For that, we
thank you Frank. He wears a pretty red bandana
to to tone it down just a Frank finished
in under an hour also!

Here's Josephine cheering Cindy across the finish line!!

This is Coach Jim at the starting line. Number
54, far left. Jim and Frank had a little competitive
thing going on. Jim came in 1st at 46 minutes. At
least I think it was 46 minutes. Maybe 47 (?) I'll
edit this later when I find out. He came in just a
bit before Frank.

I was feeling a little left out, I'll admit it. No Asics was a good thing. I'd have run. Joan brought
her bike and took a little spin after we saw everyone off. I walked back to the pavillion to check out the band.

This is the band, called "Myakka".

They played a FANTASTIC rendition of one of my all time faves..."Brown Eyed Girl".
They were from Boston too, so we bonded at the river watching a croc float along the bank. The wife of the band is Cherokee Indian, very cool couple. I'm glad I found a picture. If you're interested in them, here's a link to their website....

I talked to a few other people who were not running, then walked back to the finish line to see the finishers coming in.

The team had a 10K at Myakka State Park. This was a 1st 10k for mostly everyone. PR time!!!

I didn't run this one, I didn't get much sleep all week. Figured it would be a great opprtunity to get some pictures and cheer on my team. Joan came along so we stuck together, waiting at the finish line for everyone. I knew when I woke up I should skip this run, but I dressed in my running clothes anyway, just in case. But I know me, I would have run if I was dressed for it, so I wore my flip flops instead of my Asics. I'm wicked smahht, huh?????

The race took place at a state park. What a beautiful place. The trees made a canopy along the dirt road going toward the finish line, which was half a mile away. The dragonflies were everywhere. The walk back to the line was very peaceful. I put my faves playlist on my iPod and walked slow so I could take it all in. The humidity level was so high I heard someone say it was 99%. Ouch. I walked along, watching dragonflies, wondering how everyone was doing. I met back up with Joan and we walked a little past the finish line so we could watch for our peeps. There was a 5k going on too so we cheered those finishers in. I must tell you, this was very exciting. I was glad to be able to see everyone running in. Especially my teammates. Being able to cheer them in was awesome.

I'll be editing this post as I get the pictures downloaded onto my computer.

I'm very proud of the team. Everyone is doing so well, right on target, running strong and staying positive. WAY TO GO ENDURANCE TEAM!!!!!!!