Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Running In SW Florida In December

It's freezing. Seriously. It's 32 degrees here this morning! There was a reason I never did any running when I lived in Massachusetts, and this temp is it. Luckily I can wait until this afternoon when it'll get to about 55 for my run, but I feel bad for my northern runner friends.

I have been running very regularly the last couple months. Had a few bad days but I found the PERFECT running partner and she's been so supportive on the tough days. I told her I was her box of chocolates since she never knows what she's gonna get with me...lol. Kristi and I trained together for a half mary in St Pete Nov 21st. We had a realistic goal for 2:09 but a hopeful goal closer to 2. Our long runs were strong and we were ready for this race!

1 week before the race, I had a doc appointment. He's a GI (gastro) specialist who does a test for stones in the bile ducts. When I got there he said it was not stones, he felt that I had a spastic colon. SEXY! Ugh...so he put me on a pro biotic and Librax to calm things down. For those of you who don't know what Librax is (and I didn't bother to question) it's a muscle relaxer and has some sedative qualities to it. You see where this is going, dontcha??? Within 3 hours the pain I've lived with for 5-6 years subsided. I was sooo happy!! It was a miracle!!! So I FAITHFULLY took it 3X a day right up to race day.

At mile 8 I felt sluggish and "weird". I had my fuel belt and was drinking Title Run (awesome stuff) so I was confused about why I seemed dehydrated. I kinda mentioned it to Kristi. By mile 10 I was hitting the wall. I was so shocked, I couldn't believe it. I told Kristi I needed to walk a minute. She refused to leave me (makes me cry). I knew I had to ditch her or I was going to screw up the race for both of us. As we came up on a crowd I ducked behind them. I saw Kristi trying to find me but I hid until she finally ran on. Then I could walk.

My legs were like lead jelly. It felt like I did when I hit the wall at mile 23 in that marathon a couple years ago! I walked and drank the rest of my bottles, I even stopped for water and Gatorade. I was able to start running again by 11.5...then I heard the crowd screaming around 12 miles. I took off, not fast but I was running. That finish line was so beautiful!! I heard Kristi screaming for me and I ran to find out her time. She did it in 2:09:22! I was soooo proud of her! We would have loved to finish it together but I can live off the joy of her finishing in our goal time very happily! WooHoo!

Fast forward to 2 days later with me at the doc for a recheck. I'd had a couple things happen I don't want to advertise here in blogland, but it prompted a colonoscopy. I know, it just gets sexier by the paragraph! But when I told the doc I'd just run a half mary...he's a runner too...he looked at me funny and said I basically ran that race on valuim. He would have told me not to take it a full 24 hours before a race of any kind, never mind a half mary. He couldn't believe I finished it. So now my 2:19 seems pretty flippin fabulous!!! LOL...it's a PR too, might I add. YAY!!

Ok, so colonoscopy was done last Thursday. We have a diagnosis after 6 years of BS. I have colitis and a spastic colon. No wonder I was dehydrated. And my weight goes up and down by 10 lbs constantly. Not to mention all the nutrients that weren't being absorbed. Sheesh. My guess at food allergies was pretty close, but by avoiding certain foods I never would have fixed it myself. The avoid list is a long one and it differs for everyone. Beer is out but it's worth feeling sooooo awesome! Chips (sigh), fried foods, salad, seeds and nuts are common trigger foods so I've been starting with those until I see my regular GI doc today.

I am so relieved to finally know what's going on. Running with colitis can be a challenge but HEY...I L-O-V-E a challenge. That's why I run.