Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Running In Florida

I cannot believe it's been a month since I've posted! My husband had his successful lumbar fusion May 5th and we've been soooo enjoying our time together. Until now. The kids are out of school for the summer. We are not alone anymore. We have to share each other with the kidlings. Sigh. It was nice while it lasted. Bobby goes back to work a week from Saturday. We are staying on Siesta Key Beach for a few days as our last hurrah! Kids included.

Now for my running news. I am slowly getting back into it. I work with a young lady named Kayla who is a runner! YAY! She mentioned that she hadn't run in a longggg time and wanted to do the Firecracker 5K. I just so happen to be on the committee for that race and I was thrilled to hear her interest. YAHOO!! I also have been in the market for a new runner friend since Reg went back to Canada (I have a little story about him...later)

Kayla and I have worked out a schedule where we can run together 3 times a week. She told me she was slow and hadn't run in quite some time. PPPFFFFTTT!!! Our first run together showed me a little of what this chick is made of! She can run!! I can see she is a natural runner. Her breathing, rhythm and posture are very good. She has such a quiet landing I can barely hear her. I am thrilled she is not in my age group. What??? I am Kayla is only in Florida until the end of July. Then she goes off to Japan with her Marine husband. I won't think about that until the time comes! =(

This Saturday I'll run my 1st 5K race since Easter. Last year we had a young mother from our town get kidnapped, raped and murdered. The story is horrendous. Her husband has completely absorbed himself in keeping her memory alive for their two young boys. This race is for her, Denise Amber Lee.

Kayla is contemplating running this 5K and I hope she does. It'll give her a PR for the 5K in July. She's a little nervous and not sure she's ready, but I know she is. I'm so excited for her!

Medically, things have been really good. The meds the doc gave me are helping immensely. If things continue this way, I'll have new goals!!

Speaking of new goals...remember my Canadian friend, Reg? He jokes that every time I ask him a question about things he's done and he says he hasn't done them, he winds up doing them.

For instance,
I asked if he'd done a half marathon. He said no. Now he has.
Ever fall while running? Never. He fell during the half marathon.
Like to race? No, not competitive. Now he's thinking about speed.
Seen a snake yet? Nope (thanked God under his breath) Found a snake in the house he was renting!

Reg told me not to ask him anymore questions. They're like little omens I guess. So last week, I sent him an email. All I said was: Have you ever run a full marathon? He answered with one sentence: No, I have not run a full marathon.

TeeHee. I just sent him a book. I can't wait for him to get it! It's called "4 Months To A 4 Hour Marathon". Haha!! I'm taking a chance writing it in here, but I can't hold it in any longer! He'll be back in November, which is 4 months to the Sarasota Grouper Marathon. Perfect huh? I think so too. I wonder what Reg will