Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ya Gotta Be Kidding Me

My right knee has finally healed enough for me to run a few miles without any pain. I felt a little pain in my LEFT stupid knee after that 3.11 mile run last week, so I've been taking it easy "just in case". Having the flu helped me make the right decision to not try running, I guess I can thank airborne pathogens for that tiny bit of aided down time. Thanks.

I met up with one of my FAVE running friends, Ed, Monday morning for what we were hoping to be a 3-4 miler. By mile one, my left knee was KILLING me. I felt terrible about wrecking the run for Ed, as we had to turn around and walk back. Well, Ed walked, I limped while complaining and whining the whole way. (sorry Ed) Ed assures me he didn't mind at all. He's a sweetie.

So today, my knee is bothering me. It's the exact same injury I had on my right knee...IT band. I want to shove a needle in there and kill off the nerve endings. I'm sick of this. I've missed 5 races!! 6 if you count the Myakka 10K during the Endurance Project. *scream*

On a good note...I think I won the race series in my running group "Zoomers" for the women! That feels pretty good. Between that and winning the costume contest at the Turkey Trot (that I couldn't even run) I am feeling some happiness peeking through my frustration.

Here's to all my injured running friends: Heal fast, be well and know that you are not alone. You're NEVER alone.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Space Coast Marathon

I just found the results for Space Coast Marathon! My friend and fellow Zoomer, Bill ran the SCM today. I saw that he was hoping for a sub 5 hour and guess what??? HE DID IT!!!!! Yay BILL!!!!!

Bill finished with 4:58:19...wow! I don't have any details yet, but I know a lot of our Zoomer team mates read this blog so I wanted to get the news out.

Bill and his wife Mary are probably on their way home right now. He must be thrilled!!! I can't wait to get the whole race report.

I need to go through all my pics, I know I have some with Bill in 'em!