Friday, July 8, 2011

Florida Summers

Back in the humidity once again! Not that it's bothering me since I fractured my foot June 2nd!!!!!!!!! Sheesh, I can't stand Finally was into some serious training and I stepped in a hole. Bent my foot in half. That was at mile 6 of a 7 miler and yes, I finished my run. It was sore but not deadly. Next day I ran 3 miles. It hurt but when I stopped it was...well, deadly. I waited a few days, had it x-rayed at the local walk-in clinic and the doc said no breaks. She said it was a strain. So I went on vacation and walked/limped around St Augustine for 4 days then off to Tampa and did Busch Gardens for 2 days. Tried running, tried the elliptical...failed at both.

I ran into my coach at the grocery store...had to hide all the junk I had in the cart...and she sent me to Dr Fava. She's a chiro/sports doc who also runs. She sent me off for an MRI and VOILA!! Stress fracture that was healing! (I need to write "stress fracture that is healing" or I freak a little inside.) No surprise by now but I was and am still deeply offended by that hole. I was also worried Dr Fava would attempt to ban me from my Vibrams because I would not have given them up. But guess what??? She's a Vibram runner too!! Match made in runners' heaven! She says when you step in a hole something's gotta give and if I were in regular running shoes it could have been my no blame for my Vibrams. YAY!

Foot is feeling a lot better. I should be on a bike by next week. I was supposed to do pool running therapy but I slacked on that. Pushed me back a whole week before I could bike. Shoot. My own fault. Therapy is going well. I can walk fine and it barely bothers me now unless I put too much pressure on it. Like attempting to run. Which I don't do, Dr Fava, in case you're reading this! ;)

Obviously my training has stopped. Missed the Firecracker 5K that was supposed to debut my phenominal PR slash. I went anyway, lil tug in my heart because I love that race, but instantly felt great when I saw my friends! And who pulls up and parks beside me??? Dr Fava!! In her Vibrams!!! LOVE IT!!! I sliced watermelon and helped set up for awards then got to the finish line to CHEER! I looooove cheering at the finish line. LOVELOVELOVE! From the 15 minute kids to the finishing new runners...I just love the energy and pride in every person crossing that line. I also love doing the awards. Placing the medals around my friends' necks, handing over the trophies...makes me so happy!

I woke up that morning feeling a little sorry for myself. By the time I was driving out of the parking lot after the race, I remembered something so much more important than a missed 5K. I remembered that running is a package deal. Training is mine. PRs are mine. Goals are mine. But none of it would matter as much as it does without my fellow athletes to share it all with. I got so much joy waiting at that finish line, watching my friends coming through. I'll be back at it soon enough. And then I'll be even happier!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Exciting Stuff Is Happening!!

FINALLY feeling great! Got a new med and it's like a miracle...Discovering MIX1 at one of the half marathon expos was also a huge plus. I have one in the morning and another around 4pm and I feel more energetic. I plan on continuing that through out the summer.

Now that I feel "on track" no pun intended...I feel ready to take on the full marathon once again. I have a personal trainer!!!!!!! Heather Butcher who owns TriFitSports here in SW Florida has taken on the challenge of getting me to qualify for the ultimate goal of running Boston!!! I am very excited!!! I was talking with my husband one day about wanting to qualify and he said if I was seriously ready I should call Heather. I think I was sending her an email before he finished the My husband's support has always been so important to me. This gift is amazing and I am so thankful for the opportunity. Without his confidence in me and his words of wisdom I don't know where I'd be. Love him!!!!!!!!

Marathon training won't start until Aug since I plan on running Space Coast in November, but after meeting with Heather, we decided to get a jump start with some speed training for the next 8 weeks. That gives me a chance to work on the nutrition part of training too. I'm really curious to see how fast I can get with this 8 week training. I'm getting ready to embrace the pain!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Finally broke the 26 min 5K barrier!!!

This is me at the finish line of the Lamarque 5K...notice the JOY on my face as I realize I came in at 25:37!!! I am still grinning like a dork and I don't care!!!!!

I ran it in my Vibrams. I love them! When I run in my regular shoes after the Vibrams I feel like I have wooden blocks on my feet. I'll be buying the New Balance minimals right off the belt in March. Hoping to run a half mary in either those or the Vibrams for the Sarasota First Watch Half Mary in March. So far I've done 6 miles in them with out any problems. Happy with that.

This weekend is "Kim and Kristi's Awesome Adventure". We have the Warrior Dash 5K
up in Lake Wales on Sunday and we are FIRED UP! There are mud puddles 2-3 feet deep, fire pits, logs and BEER! You get a hat with viking horns with your medal at the finish!! We'll get before/after pictures. We've been signed up for this for MONTHS!

Feb 27th is the Gasparilla Half in St Pete. Then March 13th is the Sarasota First Watch Half .
Sprinkle a few 5Ks in there. I'm looking for a 10K. I've never raced one. That's on my "to do" list!!

Still trying to figure out this colitis thing. Makes me crazy. Something that seems to work one day will knock me over 3 days later. If anyone reading this knows anything about running with colitis please feel free to give some tips. Doc said long distance doesn't usual go well with colitis but...what's "long distance" anyway??? Some people flip when I say I ran 3 The trick will be finding fuel for long runs. It's been a hit or miss...

Happy running everyone!!!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Disney Half Jan 10, 2011

I ran this half with my Sole Sister Kristi. I think Disney has great events but I had sworn off doing their races after that Mini Mouse 15K a couple years ago. They're VERY crowded, expensive and too confusing getting to my car at the end. With the issues I've had I hesitate to spend big money on races I may not be able to do.

BUT (always a but) Kristi needed a relay partner for the Wine and Dine last Dec...I ran that as a freebee and then guess what??? Got another chance for a Disney freebee for the half! I was excited to run it with Kristi...even though she's as directionally challenged as me finding her way around...haha! We always have a great time. She's been an absolute God send...she keeps me positive when I'm not feeling well and have to stop.

Here's the not-so-good part. By the time we found out I'd be using this bib number it was too late to change the info...we had to start in corral "G" with the walkers. Please let me say that I think it's WONDERFUL to see anyone out there doing a half mary, I don't care how long it takes them. BUT (yep, another but) for someone who usually starts in corral "B" it was really tough getting through the crowds. I spent so much energy dodging people. Zig zagging, running on grassy slopes and getting cut off while people were stopping short for Disney character pics was frustrating. Some people were even holding hands while walking. I couldn't get through.

I tried speeding up when I saw a window but that was a disaster since I haven't quite figured out the nutrition part of running long distance with colitis. I crash and burn anywhere from 8 to 10 miles and this race had no exceptions. I should have gone out a little slower and paced better. There's a saying about hindsight...nuff said bout THAT.

Finished with out a PR. 2:23. I ran the last half on valuim with a 2:21...LOL...I did finish it. I will (try) not to complain. Kristi got a PR!!! 2:08!!!! Very proud (jealous, same thing) of her!! xxxooo
At the expo, I bought an MP3 comes with a silicone arm band that snaps on like those snap bracelets the kids had years ago. It's hot pink (my color) and uses a mini chip. I have been unable to find this chip. They only had MICRO or REGULAR sizes, so irritating. I emailed the company and they're sending me the chip for free! NICE! I cannot wait to get it and try it out. If any of you have one of these, let me know what you think!!!