Saturday, January 12, 2008

Here's a quote...

May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back.

I found the true meaning to that quote today.
Running 11 miles cleared that one up for me rather

Wait'll You Hear This One....

Well, I ran 11 miles today. I feel so good! My daughter Kirstin's boyfriend came by at about my 6th mile with some water. (thank you Russell, you cutie!! xxxooo) My husband came by with a gatorade on my 8th mile. (thank you Bobby, you sweet man!! xxxooo)

I met two women with a baby walking and stopped to chat for about 6 minutes. They were so nice! They're thinking of joining the runner's club at the YMCA. It would be great if they do!!!

The first half went very, very well. I kept a steady pace and walked twice for about 30 seconds both times. The second half was a bit harder. I probably walked every 1.5 miles for about 45 seconds. My breathing was fantastic. I never got out of breath, just tired. My pulled muscle ached now and then and by the last 2 miles I walked a little more frequently.

At about 10.8 miles in, I was running about 2 streets away from my house, almost there. I did have my iPod on so I never heard the dog coming until she was pretty much on me. She bit me and was barking so ferociously. I can't remember ever being so scared. I was screaming bloody murder, some people came out to help. They were very nice. The ambulance guys were sweet, but I was so embarressed. The stupid dog bit me on my BEHIND! Yeah, nice huh??? Now it hurts to sit down, LOL. When the police went to the house the dog attacked them too. We're waiting to find out if it has had all it's rabies shots. Please, please don't tell me it didn't. I will not be happy. If I have to get that rabies series, I think it'll be only fair if the owner does too. LOL...

Anyway, I'm feeling awesome considering the dog wrecked my total 11 miles. I did 10.8 in 1 hour, 55 minutes. That's a pretty steady 10 minute mile. I cannot complain about that. And actually, the first 5.5 miles I did in 53 minutes so I did keep the pace throughout the run. My trainer will be happy about that.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Back On Track!!!

I went to my "on the ball" exercise class today to test my injury. It's a lot of stretching and core exercises. It went very well so I ran with Mike from the YMCA after class. We did just under 3 miles. I did feel a sharp pain here and there, and it's a little sore now but I feel good about continuing. Tomorrow I'm running my longest run so far. 11 miles. I really feel like that will test my ability for the marathon. If I can't do 11 miles tomorrow, I think my goal to finish the marathon may be in jeopardy. Can't have that. No sireeeee. I know I can do it.

Posting these little blurbs have been good for me because it's like making promises to someone other than myself. I'd never break a promise to anyone but me. HA!! I guess I'm using some kind of psychological mind game with myself...let's see if it

I ran 7 miles in 72 minutes last Tuesday, so I'm looking to come in at about 2 hours, 20 minutes. Which reminds me of something kinda funny. I'll share this with you now....

I'd been thinking I could do a half marathon in about 2 hours, 50 minutes. This has kind of been my goal time for next week to see where I may come in for the full marathon. I've had that time on my mind for so long, that when I signed up for the Grouper Run and it asked for my estimated finish time, I put in.....ready for a chuckle????.....I used my birth date....3-22-66. So I put in 3 hours, 22 minutes, 6 seconds. HAHAHA!! I didn't even think twice until I mentioned this to my husband.

KIM: I registered for the marathon online today.
BOBBY: Good for you!
KIM: Yeah, I almost forgot! Woulda shown up without a number!
BOBBY: How long do you think it'll take you?
KIM: The form asked for an estimate on finishing time. I put in my birth date numbers. Isn't that CUTE??? Kinda like good luck.
BOBBY: But.....isn't that just over 3 hours?
KIM: Yeah, gee, you're a math wiz AND goodlookin'....heeheehee
BOBBY: Very funny. You do know the world record is about 2 hours, 10 minutes, right?
KIM: PFFFTTT, of course I know that!
BOBBY: (treading carefully, like a good husband who wants me to continue to be his wife, he says these EYE OPENING words.....) Oh, well that's GREAT that you'll be coming in just an hour after the fastest marathon runner EVER.
KIM: (dead silence as I ponder these words that were spoken so very carefully)
KIM: (still dead silence for a moment longer)
KIM: Ummmm, I think I MAY have made a mistake.
BOBBY: Now THAT'S funny!
KIM: You're right, it is...

We got a laugh over that. Reality is, I'll be happy to even finish it. I'd love to come in at about 5 hours, 30 minutes, but I honestly will be just as thrilled when I cross that line at any time. Except for last. I cannot come in last. NO WAY! Hahahaha!! Besides, I hear the refreshment table is pretty much empty after the 3 hour runners finish. I don't know what's on that table but I need to see it. And partake of the gatorade I know will be there. Just in case I don't get there on time, I'll have Bobby pack me a few eclairs. Those are delicious.

Talk about keeping your eye on the

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Feeling Better

My muscle is feeling so much better. I had to work tonight (just got in actually) and I made sure to move slowly and carefully. I waitress a few nights a week and I was a little worried running around would irritate the pulled muscle. It wasn't very busy though, it was fine.

I really like the people I work with, and I'm not just saying that because I gave them all a link to this blog and I know they may be reading it. LOL (hi guys!!!!) Hahaha!!! Lyndsey has run with me. We did a 3 mile one Saturday morning. She hadn't run in a while, but had been on the high school track team and was a cheerleader. She did AWESOME and it was great to run with her. Lyndsey is running regularly now and is planning on running the next 5K! That's the Lamarque School 5k on Jan 19th. I'll be running to it from my house, 5.7 miles and THEN run the 5K race. I tried to talk Lynz into coming but she said no. She really said NO WAY....but I'm gonna work on her...LOL!

When I talked about running at work, everyone was very supportive. When I told them I was running my first race Dec 15, 2007, my co-workers were excited. Rachael even picked up my closing shift for me so I could get home and rest. (thank you Rachael!!!) I was running a 4 mile race called The Scholorship Run. I had been running 3 miles and figured what was 1 more mile?? I'll tell ya what 1 more mile was.....TORTURE. If I could have hitch-hiked to the finish line, I might have. But not one car went by. Just a woman on a bike but I didn't think she'd let me hop on. I was thinking I was crazy for even thinking I could ever do a marathon. I heard the patter of running feet coming up behind me. It was a woman named Marie. She caught up and ran beside me. I'd love to say I slowed to LET her catch up, but I'd be LYING. She stayed with me and we chatted while we ran. I saw what I thought was the finish line and we took off. It dawned on Marie that I thought it was the finish line and she let me know it was NOT. OMG....just send Bobby to pick me up later!!!!! Anyway, I finally had the finish line in sight and Marie yelled GO FOR IT! I gave it all I had and took off. I ran like there was a million dollars waiting for me. And guess what???? I came in 2nd in my age division! Yes, ME! I even got a medal. I had never felt so proud of myself in my life. (except for having my babies and finding my husband) I drove to Bobby's work, ran in and held up my medal. He was so proud! I was so happy...and now I wanted to race again!

I met a great group of people there at that race. I found out they are a group of runners called The Zoomers. (see link on the right). They welcomed me in and gave me the info to join the group. I am now a member of The Zoomers! I think 98% of them have run a marathon or two. The stories and advice have been a major bonus for me. I love to hear them talk about their races and experiences. I look forward to adding some stories of my own someday.

Good night for now!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I stopped feeling sorry for myself. It took a bag of Lay's chips, a bologna and cheese sandwich, 3 Gatorades and a pity party phone conversation with my wonderful husband Bobby and I'm feeling positive again. That hubby of mine knows me so well, he said all the right things...

KIM: I pulled a groin muscle today.
BOBBY: Ohhhh, that must hurt.
KIM: Yeah, it kills. I called Jim, he says ice, rest and a pain reliever.
BOBBY: Sounds like good advice.
KIM: Yep, but now I can't run and I ruined everything!!!
BOBBY: No you didn't, just give it a couple days.
KIM: (sobbing like a 4 year old)
BOBBY: Just think, it could have been worse, MUCH worse...
KIM: HOW????
BOBBY: You could have fallen into the water and had your leg bit off by a gator! Then you'd have really ruined everything.
KIM: (Giggling now)....C'mon.....that would never happen, I run wicked fast!...(hahahaha)

So he was right (I will never say that out loud though) and I feel better. My muscle even feels better and I think I'll be back in business soon. I'd better be....I just ate a whole bag of potato chips!!!!! UGH!! What was I thinking????? (oh yeah, I wasn't
Well, I was working on getting my story out until I got to where I am now, but I pulled a muscle today and I'd like to take this opportunity to complain about it. @*#&$^%!!!!!!!!! I'm so mad at myself. I did a yoga class this morning thinking it would be a perfect way to stretch before my 5.5 mile run. And it might have been had I not over done it on the butterfly stretch. That's where you put your feet together, pull them toward you and kind of lightly bounce your knees. This stretches your inner thigh, great exercise for runners. I did feel it a bit during the class, but I'm used to the stretching. Came home, headed out and got about 1 mile out when I felt the beginning of an ache. I kept going. By the time I hit 2 miles I was hurting. So I walked the rest of the way home thinking I'd go rest it. I kind of panicked when it hurt to lift my foot off the floor, so I called my trainer and he told me to ice it and rest. I finally got to the point where I can start adding some serious mileage to my run and now this happens. I only have about 7 weeks left to train for this marathon....

I'll be back when I stop feeling sorry for myself.....LOL

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

First Run

The first time I ran, it was with the Runners Club. We meet on Friday mornings and do a short run. It's a great time to ask questions and learn a few things. Jim explained that for marathon training, I'd need to learn how to pace myself. As you run, the chemicals in your body get used up, causing muscle fatigue. If you've ever watched people run a marathon you may have seen some people having a hard time moving near the end. Here's why....

When you run, your body uses carbs and fatty acids as fuel, as you run, your heart cannot keep up with the need for oxygen and starts to burn glucose in the absence of oxygen. It's not a very efficient way to get energy and causes a lactic acid build up in the blood and tissue, making your muscles feel like lead weights. And we cannot run on lead weights. Trust me, I've tried. Kinda....I stop way before I let that happen....

GOOD NEWS: By slowing to a power walk, you can rebuild your oxygen levels pretty quickly and get moving again. YAY! So for me, he had me run a slow pace, like a 10-11 minute mile and power walk when I found I couldn't take a deep breath. Which was about every 50 feet at first...LOL...but I learned that the breathing and the tiredness does fade when I give my body time to rejuve. So, I'd run about a mile, power walk about 30-45 seconds and repeat the pace. It has taken me 3 months to finally figure this all out. I like to win, and it gets me in trouble sometimes because I tended to sprint in my first mile, using all my energy too quickly. I could do a 7 minute 1st mile, but then my 2nd mile was 12 minutes... 3rd was 16...see the pattern? I was very frustrated. I felt like I had so much to learn, and I was right.

That first run with the club was exciting and I loved it. I tried to take in all the advice I was hearing and keep up with the other runners. I had to keep stopping to walk, my breathing was awful. I really had a lot to learn.

Proper Running Shoes

One day, while stretching to warm up for a run with the YMCA Runners Club, Jim noticed my sneakers. Well, my daughter, Kirstin's sneakers. (I had never bought a pair of sneakers, I just took my daughter's when I decided to start going to the gym).....

JIM: Hey Kim, those tennis shoes aren't good for running. You're going to need to invest in a good pair of running shoes.

KIM: (Oh, ok.... But here's what I really heard....)"go shopping for shoes!" YAY!!!!

JIM: We need to check your arches to see what ones would be best for your type of foot.

KIM: Can't I just get some pink ones??????

So that was my take on the running shoe thing. At first. We wet the bottom of my foot and I stepped on a piece of paper. I had normal arches and narrow feet. He gave me some info on different shoe types to choose from. I learned a bit about running shoes from googling forums and reading some running magazines. I went back to the gym and announced Asics Cummulus Gel came in pink! HOORAY!! I was equally happy to hear I made a good choice.

I noticed a huge difference right away. The Asics were 14 lbs lighter, held my feet a lot more snuggly and NO SWEATING. I didn't get that squishy feeling after a run. I can actually feel a slight breeze through my sneakers as I run. They're very shock absorbing also. And here's the BEST part....yep, splash of pink on 'em.....sighhhhh......

All kidding aside, if you're going to run, get good running sneakers. That was great advice.

Sarasota Florida Grouper Run


I'm Kim. This is my very first blog, so bear with me while I find my way!

I signed up at my neighborhood YMCA last October, thinking I'd like to get toned up...maybe even start eating right (ha). I met the wellness coach, Jim, who took me around to check out the machines etc. Then he asked me a magical question....

JIM: Do you have any goals?
KIM: Wellllllllll......
JIM: What brought you to the gym?
KIM: Ummmmmm.......
JIM: Would you like more energy?
KIM: Ok!!
JIM: What type of exercise do you usually do?
KIM: Well, I walk to the mailbox.....

At this point, I decided to be honest with Jim. So I told him I never, ever exercise, I eat whatever I want, I love beer and I put butter (lots) on almost everything I eat. And I'd LOVE to run a marathon some day. This got his attention. I didn't know it, but Jim and his wife are avid runners. They've both run many marathons and even won some! I hit the jackpot and my trek to the Sarasota Grouper Run had begun.........

More to come.....