Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wait'll You Hear This One....

Well, I ran 11 miles today. I feel so good! My daughter Kirstin's boyfriend came by at about my 6th mile with some water. (thank you Russell, you cutie!! xxxooo) My husband came by with a gatorade on my 8th mile. (thank you Bobby, you sweet man!! xxxooo)

I met two women with a baby walking and stopped to chat for about 6 minutes. They were so nice! They're thinking of joining the runner's club at the YMCA. It would be great if they do!!!

The first half went very, very well. I kept a steady pace and walked twice for about 30 seconds both times. The second half was a bit harder. I probably walked every 1.5 miles for about 45 seconds. My breathing was fantastic. I never got out of breath, just tired. My pulled muscle ached now and then and by the last 2 miles I walked a little more frequently.

At about 10.8 miles in, I was running about 2 streets away from my house, almost there. I did have my iPod on so I never heard the dog coming until she was pretty much on me. She bit me and was barking so ferociously. I can't remember ever being so scared. I was screaming bloody murder, some people came out to help. They were very nice. The ambulance guys were sweet, but I was so embarressed. The stupid dog bit me on my BEHIND! Yeah, nice huh??? Now it hurts to sit down, LOL. When the police went to the house the dog attacked them too. We're waiting to find out if it has had all it's rabies shots. Please, please don't tell me it didn't. I will not be happy. If I have to get that rabies series, I think it'll be only fair if the owner does too. LOL...

Anyway, I'm feeling awesome considering the dog wrecked my total 11 miles. I did 10.8 in 1 hour, 55 minutes. That's a pretty steady 10 minute mile. I cannot complain about that. And actually, the first 5.5 miles I did in 53 minutes so I did keep the pace throughout the run. My trainer will be happy about that.

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