Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Proper Running Shoes

One day, while stretching to warm up for a run with the YMCA Runners Club, Jim noticed my sneakers. Well, my daughter, Kirstin's sneakers. (I had never bought a pair of sneakers, I just took my daughter's when I decided to start going to the gym).....

JIM: Hey Kim, those tennis shoes aren't good for running. You're going to need to invest in a good pair of running shoes.

KIM: (Oh, ok.... But here's what I really heard....)"go shopping for shoes!" YAY!!!!

JIM: We need to check your arches to see what ones would be best for your type of foot.

KIM: Can't I just get some pink ones??????

So that was my take on the running shoe thing. At first. We wet the bottom of my foot and I stepped on a piece of paper. I had normal arches and narrow feet. He gave me some info on different shoe types to choose from. I learned a bit about running shoes from googling forums and reading some running magazines. I went back to the gym and announced Asics Cummulus Gel came in pink! HOORAY!! I was equally happy to hear I made a good choice.

I noticed a huge difference right away. The Asics were 14 lbs lighter, held my feet a lot more snuggly and NO SWEATING. I didn't get that squishy feeling after a run. I can actually feel a slight breeze through my sneakers as I run. They're very shock absorbing also. And here's the BEST part....yep, splash of pink on 'em.....sighhhhh......

All kidding aside, if you're going to run, get good running sneakers. That was great advice.

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