Thursday, January 10, 2008

Feeling Better

My muscle is feeling so much better. I had to work tonight (just got in actually) and I made sure to move slowly and carefully. I waitress a few nights a week and I was a little worried running around would irritate the pulled muscle. It wasn't very busy though, it was fine.

I really like the people I work with, and I'm not just saying that because I gave them all a link to this blog and I know they may be reading it. LOL (hi guys!!!!) Hahaha!!! Lyndsey has run with me. We did a 3 mile one Saturday morning. She hadn't run in a while, but had been on the high school track team and was a cheerleader. She did AWESOME and it was great to run with her. Lyndsey is running regularly now and is planning on running the next 5K! That's the Lamarque School 5k on Jan 19th. I'll be running to it from my house, 5.7 miles and THEN run the 5K race. I tried to talk Lynz into coming but she said no. She really said NO WAY....but I'm gonna work on her...LOL!

When I talked about running at work, everyone was very supportive. When I told them I was running my first race Dec 15, 2007, my co-workers were excited. Rachael even picked up my closing shift for me so I could get home and rest. (thank you Rachael!!!) I was running a 4 mile race called The Scholorship Run. I had been running 3 miles and figured what was 1 more mile?? I'll tell ya what 1 more mile was.....TORTURE. If I could have hitch-hiked to the finish line, I might have. But not one car went by. Just a woman on a bike but I didn't think she'd let me hop on. I was thinking I was crazy for even thinking I could ever do a marathon. I heard the patter of running feet coming up behind me. It was a woman named Marie. She caught up and ran beside me. I'd love to say I slowed to LET her catch up, but I'd be LYING. She stayed with me and we chatted while we ran. I saw what I thought was the finish line and we took off. It dawned on Marie that I thought it was the finish line and she let me know it was NOT. OMG....just send Bobby to pick me up later!!!!! Anyway, I finally had the finish line in sight and Marie yelled GO FOR IT! I gave it all I had and took off. I ran like there was a million dollars waiting for me. And guess what???? I came in 2nd in my age division! Yes, ME! I even got a medal. I had never felt so proud of myself in my life. (except for having my babies and finding my husband) I drove to Bobby's work, ran in and held up my medal. He was so proud! I was so happy...and now I wanted to race again!

I met a great group of people there at that race. I found out they are a group of runners called The Zoomers. (see link on the right). They welcomed me in and gave me the info to join the group. I am now a member of The Zoomers! I think 98% of them have run a marathon or two. The stories and advice have been a major bonus for me. I love to hear them talk about their races and experiences. I look forward to adding some stories of my own someday.

Good night for now!!!

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