Monday, July 20, 2009

Misc Updates...

I haven't been out running for almost 2 weeks. Blah. The first three days of neglect were fine because my grandson, Collin was born and he's worth missing some exercise. The other 7 days were not spent in a fun way.

Had a spinal tap gone wrong. That put me in bed for 5 days before I decided the doctor was correct in his assumption that I had a spinal leak and needed to go back to the hospital. After 15 hours in the emergency room, they patched the leak. Let's just say that wasn't a good time. Let's also just say I will never have another spinal tap fer nuthin'.

Today I left my house at 6am for 2 appointments up in Tampa (1.5 hours away) Got there, got lost IN THE HOSPITAL, cried to some unknown woman who was sweet enough to walk me to where I was supposed to be. (1.5 hours LATE). My tears must have scared the women at the desk because they got me in to see the doc anyway. It pays to be overwhelmed.

After that test I had to drive to a different area for the MRI series. Should have been 20 minutes. Took me over an hour. BUT...I made it there 20 minutes early! I hate driving in strange cities! Spent a relaxing 2 hours in the MRI machine. Ooohhh...good times. Even had headphones with music. Too bad the bangs from the machine drowned the ability to hear those songs. I think I fell asleep in there. In the end, I found my way home just fine, even if it did take 2 hours to get home. With no traffic. I found peace, solace if you will, in that car ride home. Just me 'n the tunes.

Doc says no strenuous activities until Wednesday. I might hit yoga tomorrow night. I also might try one other strenuous activity this evening...teehee! =)

Anyway...this could be MS or some other kind of central nervous system disorder. Maybe even an auto-immune disease. I vote for a vitamin deficiency! Sounds way easier to fix if you ask me. No matter what, I plan on continuing with my life just the way it is, only with drugs and alcohol if need be. Just kiddin....mebbeeee. I have a stash of stuff in my drawer for "just-in-case". Kiddin.

I was laying in bed last night thinking about "what on my body does not hurt"...I know, I know...seems like an odd thing to think about. But that's ME...looking for a positive. Guess what doesn't hurt. AT ALL. EVER. My glutes. It's true. I don't have a pain in the ass. Isn't that nice? Speaking of asses....I decided I want a heart shaped ass. Upside down heart shaped. Wouldn't that be cute? Not that you'd ever know. I'd never show anyone. Well...maybe I would if it was that cute, I dunno.

I have a 6 mile run planned for Wednesday morning with Elizabeth. I'm really excited about hooking up with her because we're the same age, same pace and we're both WOMEN!'s true! Only she has more endurance than me right now. That's a good thing as it will keep me on my competitive toes! Elizabeth has a full marathon planned for December. Her first one! I really want to run that one with her. I'd kill to finish in 4:20...LOL...what??? I can dream, can't I?????