Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Made The 6 Mile Run!

Well HEY!! I set out this morning thinking I'd run for 1 hour or 6 miles, whichever came first. I was feeling the weary fairies by 4 miles, but when I checked my Garmin I saw that if I kept my pace I could have BOTH! I really was surprised since I haven't had any decent mileage since last March. I felt pretty confident I could do the hour but I thought I'd be at about 5.5 miles. I'm happy and hopeful about a certain race that comes through Florida every spring, but I'm not making any promises just yet!

I met a blogger on here, Celmore , who is also back in training mode. He happens to be readying himself for an 8 miler the same weekend I am, ( Nov 21st) so we agreed to kinda cheer each other on. I've been trying to read through his blog to see what he's accomplished and it looks like he's an Ironman! I haven't found that post yet, but as soon as I have a free hour I'll try and check it out! By the way guys...he has some free stuff he's giving away so check out his blog!!!!!

My bro-in-law, Steve, has been running since he quit smoking 3 PACKS A DAY. Yes, 3. Yikes. He was really doing well until he hurt his knee and ankle. I'm not sure what's going on, but he took about 10 days off and is feeling better. He tends to begin a run with a sprint. He ran on his high school track team and he was still in track mode...lol. Only he's 39 now. Last time we ran, I didn't hold him back. I let him just fly. He actually did well with an 8:30 pace for about 2 miles. Then he was done. LOL! I figured he needed to do that to realize why we try to stay at a 9:30 pace during a training run. He got that message!

I'm going to get back into yoga. I went last week and it was soooooo awesome! Unfortunately my husband is late getting home tonight so I had to miss it. Maybe I'll catch tomorrow morning's class before my sweet Grandbaby Collin comes!

Happy running everyone!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm Running!

I have been quietly chipping away at some mileage. I've actually accomplished my 5 mile goal! Did that in 48 minutes too. I am pleased, but if I want to run a serious half marathon in March, I need to run 8 miles by Nov 21st. I'm following the "4 Months To A 4 Hour Marathon", only I'm hoping to run the half Sarasota Grouper Marathon in March. I want to try to follow this training guide and see how far into it I can get. If my muscles decide to cooperate I may do the full. Pipedream, I know...but I refuse to give up the full marathon just yet! Anyway...the training for that needs to start Nov 21st and the first run is an 8 miler. I will not pay too close attention to the speed part of this training. I'm going for distance instead. That was just written with a little voice in my head saying "yeah, right"....LOL

Making it to 5 miles was a very joyous moment! I also got a race in...5K...and finished that in 27:26. No PR, but the course was pebblestone, dirt, sand and grass. It eventually became concrete by the last mile, thank heaven. Had I known the touraine was not street/sidewalk I would not have run that one. I'm no good on the uneven routes! Between the neuropathy and the balance issues I like to stay on the flat land. I did get a medal for 2nd place age group so I'm glad I did it.

I still do not have any answers as to what my muscular problem is. Ruling out MS was wonderful. McArdle's Disease has also been ruled out. CPK level was 44. That news was VERY good because now I know I'm not damaging anything by pushing myself. I have no idea what is going on, neither does my doctor. I have a few levels that are very slightly elevated, but nothing enough to indicate any reasons for my issues. My blood pressure has gone from 90/60 all my life, to 135/80. I was concerned about that but the nurse said it's in normal range. I thought that could be why I wake up with a headache/nausea everyday since the spinal tap, but I guess not. The doctor wants to see me in Dec for a follow up. I see no point in that.

I have a few alternative things I may try. In the meantime, I'll just keep going!

So I ran 3 miles this morning in 28:13. The wind was blowing like crazy! In Florida, the wind kinda goes in a circular motion, so you never really run WITH the wind...lol. At one point I was at an 8:40 pace but as I ran into the wind it went to a 9:50! It felt like I was running in place!

My husband is feeling better since his cervical fusion and is going to get back into his cycling. I'm excited for him! He has always been into the gym and healthy living, so this time off has kinda left him feeling bummed. He feels so out of shape and blah, but trust me...he's still looking very good (and he's still a major sexy man!) I think mentally he'll feel better getting back to exercising. No weight training yet though. He's still healing! His doctor said ok to the bike. With all the hours he puts into work and family, he needs his own time. I'll be supporting his way back into healthy living!!!!!!