Thursday, May 10, 2012

Been a while since I've posted. My oldest daughter had a baby last year and the pregnancy took it's toll on her liver. She had a liver transplant 25 years ago. She's always done very well with her liver until she got pregnant. She went into sever acute rejection. Spent a few months in and out of the hospital, a few surgeries and a stint with a drainage tube in her liver. She's bounced back and just moved back into her own place with her wonderful, healthy little boy! Nicholas is a year old and healthy! Rough year but back on track!

As you know, if you know me, I've had some medical issues myself. Landed me in the hospital for a week on Super Bowl Sunday! I refused to miss the Patriots lose so hubster dragged me to the hospital at 5am the next morning. That's where I met Dr Moepin, GI doc extraordinaire. I love him. He's fixing me! On a few meds and feeling very good!! I've had Ulcerative Colitis (which I knew a year ago) and reflux! Both UNTREATED for 8 long, painful years. There are issues now and then and I have to pay attention to my body but I feel soooooo goooood!

I ran a few times and tried a was difficult but I finished w/o needing to walk. Almost 31 minutes!!! Sheesh...I'd love to say the speed doesn't matter and that I'm just so happy to be running again but I'd be LYING. Ha!!! I wanna run fast!!!

Anyway...I'm behaving and just running 2.5 - 3 miles at a time. I try not to even look at my pace and just run by feel and I've been able to keep a 10 min pace throughout the run. I'm happy with that...for now. I'm running a 5k Saturday and I expect to run like I did back in Feb. Isn't that funny??? I'm cracking myself up over here!!!! Seriously, I just want to beat my last 5k from 2 weeks ago which was 30:40! My PR is 25:30. The fact I felt the need to express that PR probably lets you all know just what a freak I am.

I'm happy my kids and grandsons (YES...I have 2!!!!) are healthy and wonderful. I'm happy to run again!! It feels like starting all over but I kinda like it. I get to reset my race PRs and think about some new goals. My husband is going to run with me and I LOVE that!! My younger daughter has been power walking and she's joining our running group (Zoomers) to run the kid fun runs!!! Very exciting!!