Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!! My favorite holiday!! Here's a picture of my husband and I, yeah, I KNOW he's a looker....LOL...back it up ladies! Hahaha!!

Ok, I'll admit right up front the reason for this posting today. It's so I can boast about my wonderful husband (again, I know). Guess what he got me for Valentine's Day???? A gold necklace with a woman running charm!! I can't believe he even found one!! I'll take a picture of it later and post it. I love it!!! I'm going to wear it to the marathon for good luck. He got me a dozen roses too, maybe I'll save a few petals and stick them in my pocket that day for a little extra luck. Can't hurt, right? And after the last 3 weeks between my achilles and this flu, I need all the help I can get.

I can't say what he got since he didn't get it yet. I've been sick so he has to wait until this weekend. Not fair, I know.

I'm feeling much better today, I'm actually going to make it into work tonight. I plan on running Friday with the Runner's Club at the YMCA. If any Zoomers are reading this, there's an open invitation to run with us on Fridays. You don't need a YMCA membership for this, but if you DO have a membership, you might want to come an hour early for the "core" exercise class. Perfect stretches before a run, I LOVE that class. We do yoga on Thursdays too. I'll post something to the group in yahoo today also. This may sound like an advertisement for the YMCA, but I can honestly tell you I LOVE it there. The exercise classes, yoga, runner's club and all the people there are friendly and supportive. Upon sign up you'll get 30 minutes with Jim, the wellness coach who will take you around and help you set up specific workouts for your goals. He's the one who set me on this marathon road. He was the very first person who told me I could do this. Sometimes I walk in there not feeling too positive and I ALWAYS walk out fired up and knowing I can do anything. If you need this type of support, you won't be disappointed.
Geez, that DOES sound like an advertisement....haha!!
Ok, keep running! I'll see some of you Saturday night at the Festival Of Lights race!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008


I have some good news and kinda bad news.


My achilles is all better!! Yahoooooooo


I've had the flu all week and I've been too weak to run! I did a quick 3/4 mile Saturday but I was too sick, I had to turn back. But my muscle didn't even feel tight. No pain at all. I've still been stretching it with lunges a few times a day. It seems to have helped.

I have a 5K Saturday night in Ft Meyers. It's an evening run! Sounds so cool. I know a few people who are going so even if I can't run it, I'm going to go to see how they do. I'm very worried what this setback will do to my time in the marathon. As soon as I'm able I'll get in at least a 10 mile run.

I saw an ad on tv about a 6 hour energy drink. Has anyone ever tried those? I'm curious to know if it really helps with energy for that long. It doesn't have caffeine in it, so I'm not sure what makes it work. My trainer Jim gave me a GU gel pack. I saved it to try it on my 20 mile run, but I haven't been able to run lately. I'm hoping I will VERY soon. I miss the solitude and freedom of running. I miss the exhileration I get from finishing a nice 5 mile run. I noticed also I'm not sleeping as well as I had been. Maybe because I've been laying around all week....LOL...

I plan to wear all pink. I embroidered my name on the back of the shorts I'm wearing in the marathon. They're PINK of course. I need to get a new top, I'll put my name on that too. I heard people yell out your name to give support, I'm all over that. I'll need all the support I can get.

I'll post as soon as I get a good run in. Kimmie, Sherry, Sherry (2 Sherry's, or Sherries????...LOL) and Jacki KEEP ON RUNNING GIRLIES!!!!! Thank you for your comments and support. It means the WORLD to me! Sherry and Jacki, we need to run together!!!! Just go easy on me....LOL!!!!!!!!