Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!! My favorite holiday!! Here's a picture of my husband and I, yeah, I KNOW he's a looker....LOL...back it up ladies! Hahaha!!

Ok, I'll admit right up front the reason for this posting today. It's so I can boast about my wonderful husband (again, I know). Guess what he got me for Valentine's Day???? A gold necklace with a woman running charm!! I can't believe he even found one!! I'll take a picture of it later and post it. I love it!!! I'm going to wear it to the marathon for good luck. He got me a dozen roses too, maybe I'll save a few petals and stick them in my pocket that day for a little extra luck. Can't hurt, right? And after the last 3 weeks between my achilles and this flu, I need all the help I can get.

I can't say what he got since he didn't get it yet. I've been sick so he has to wait until this weekend. Not fair, I know.

I'm feeling much better today, I'm actually going to make it into work tonight. I plan on running Friday with the Runner's Club at the YMCA. If any Zoomers are reading this, there's an open invitation to run with us on Fridays. You don't need a YMCA membership for this, but if you DO have a membership, you might want to come an hour early for the "core" exercise class. Perfect stretches before a run, I LOVE that class. We do yoga on Thursdays too. I'll post something to the group in yahoo today also. This may sound like an advertisement for the YMCA, but I can honestly tell you I LOVE it there. The exercise classes, yoga, runner's club and all the people there are friendly and supportive. Upon sign up you'll get 30 minutes with Jim, the wellness coach who will take you around and help you set up specific workouts for your goals. He's the one who set me on this marathon road. He was the very first person who told me I could do this. Sometimes I walk in there not feeling too positive and I ALWAYS walk out fired up and knowing I can do anything. If you need this type of support, you won't be disappointed.
Geez, that DOES sound like an advertisement....haha!!
Ok, keep running! I'll see some of you Saturday night at the Festival Of Lights race!!!!


Sherry said...

Your hubby rocks! What a nice VDay gift! :o)

I just registered for Festival of Lights. I'm not sure how well my glute is going to behave, but I figure it will at least be a fun practice run. :o) We should definitely try to hook up while we're there. My DH will be coming too. I tried to convince him to run with me, but he's settled on just cheering!

Which Y do you attend? I live down in South PG (close to exit 157- Tucker's Grade). I saw on the Zoomers site that they also do a run over the Peace River Bridge. That may be closer for me as I have a suspicion that you may be referring to the EWood/NP Y.

Ahhh... the foam roller. It's basically a cylindrical piece of high density foam that aids in self-massage. You use your own body weight to roll on top of it. It's heavenly on the hamstrings after a run. You would love one!

Sherry said...

Well, it appears that my husband has been enticed to run the 5K by the idea of obtaining a race t-shirt! Just like the old guy in "Spirit of the Marathon". LOL! I think it will be good for him. I plan on using him to motivate me through any butt pain that I have. :o)

I'm fairly certain that I'm going to wear a lime green shirt and black/lime green Nike tempo shorts tomorrow... so look for me! I'll be looking for you too!

I hope you had a good run with the Zoomers this morning (if you felt well enough to go). No running or biking for me today... just planning on an afternoon swim using mainly pull strokes. I'm trying to rest up the 'ole legs!

Kim said...

Hey Sherry,

I woke up too congested this morning. There's no way I can run today. I can't believe this!

I'm going to the run Saturday night no matter what. Not sure what I'm wearing yet, depends on if I'm running.

That's awesome that your husband wants to run too! My husband hates running...LOL. He goes to the races just to be with me, but I think he's still shocked to see me run. I've never been a very outdoorsy kinda person.

I'm looking forward to meeting you! I think over 3 hundred people are running that race, but I should find you in lime green!!!!

See you tomorrow!!

Kim said...

OMG, I just read my post...

"I'm going to the run Saturday night no matter what. Not sure what I'm wearing yet, depends on if I'm running."

Hahaha!!! Can you tell I'm TORN????? I will run tomorrow afternoon here at home, see how I do. If I can breath AT ALL, I will be running the race.


Kim said...

Hey Sherry,

I'm not going to make it to the race tonight afterall. We have family here from Boston and I thought they'd be here for the week. Turns out they're at Disney and only in our area for tonight and tomorrow. I haven't seen them since July so I'd rather spend some time with them. I was SO looking forward to meeting you! Will you be at the Zoomers gathering next Sat night? My husband and I are going. Let me know if you want more info on that.

GOOD LUCK on your first race!!! It's so exciting and I wish I could be there, but family comes first!