Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Getting Back On Track.....

Ok, I went back to the gym yesterday for the first time in over a week. (I had the flu) I did some upper body weights, rowing and some crunches. It felt great to get back in there. Jim basically said one word to me Monday....ELLIPTICAL. I tried that in November and just did not like it. I could only do about 20 minutes on it and then I'd need a 3 hour nap. So I used to walk past it and pretend it wasn't there.

Today I was determined to spend some time with that elliptical machine. I went in around 12:15, lunchtime, knowing the place would be pretty much abandoned. I figured that way no one would be there to see me moan and complain to myself.

This time I was prepared. I had a big gatorade, the fan blowing on me and my iPod. I even took the time to program in my age/weight and started off slowly. For some reason I had no trouble. Except that I had programmed it for 30 minutes figuring I'd be done by then, so I was shocked when I glanced down and it had stopped keeping stats. I set it for another 30 minutes, picked up my speed and it happened again! This time I set it for a WHOLE HOUR. I went a little faster too. I finished 2 hours on that elliptical. I can't believe it. I also drank the whole gatorade, keeping hydrated. I averaged 164 heart rate, which is aerobic, so I'm happy with that. I have no idea how many miles because it kept resetting, but I was going for endurance anyway.

Honestly I could have kept going but I started thinking about the laundry! Can you believe it??? Perfect excuse for skipping the housework and I get obsessive. Nice. Not that I'm doing the laundry right now anyway. Kerri and Kirstin were here when I came in so I visited with my daughters for awhile. Then I ate 4 potato skins, one cupcake, a handful of chips and some more gatorade. And I'm thinking of going back for another cupcake. WHY do I crave this stuff after a great workout????????????

I am running a 5K on Sunday. Boca Grande 5K. It's supposed to be beautiful. I think a bunch of Zoomers will be there. I missed the festival Of Lights race last weekend because I was still sick, so I'm looking forward to this one. Sherry did FABULOUS on her first race, finishing at 32 minutes!!!! YAY Sherry!!!!! Chuck did his usual superb job, finishing in 20 minutes, but he didn't realize he needed a chip!! His time wasn't recorded. I told him he should have grabbed mine. I'd LOVE a 20 minute finish time in my name....LOL. Maybe I will someday.

Tomorrow I have a yoga class in the morning, then I'm going for a 3 mile run from there. I haven't run on the street yet since the achilles pull and the flu, I'm very curious to see how that'll feel. I think tomorrow will give me a good feel for whether I'm all healed and healthy.

Cross your fingers!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well Done KIM! 2 hours on the Elptical!!!! Thats a lot of calories. I did the elptical before I started running and I kinda miss it. On Saturday my Ankle rolled under me 2 times. So my it is so sore. I was supposed to run 5 yeaterday and Only did 3.5. I bought a ankel brace last night, so I should be back to my old self. I get the munchies when I do long days of running/workouts too. Why is that. Have a great race this weekend. I will be in Vegas for my 30th B-day. So excited to be in warm weather.

Sherry said...

Gotta love those elliptical workouts. That's what I'm doing as a sub for my runs this week. I have an appt. with a Sports Med. doc next week to see what's going on with my backside. I'm hoping it's just something that will clear itself up with rest and some therapy.

Oh... Scott & I left immediately after we completed the Festival of Lights 5K b/c we had to get home to our dog. I found out from another runner yesterday that my name was called for a door prize! A new pair of running shoes! How's that for luck!?! I usually never win anything like that! LOL! I'm obviously kicking myself now for leaving early. Somebody else ran off with my shoes! Argh!

Good luck at the Boca race this Sunday. I WISH I could run that race (even thought about registering last week), but I don't think I'll be running anything until I hear what the doc has to say. I hope you set another PR! Best wishes!!!