Friday, February 22, 2008

Da Do Run Run Run, Da Do Run Run!!!

Remember Shawn Cassidy???? LOL When I was in 3rd grade I had a light blue satin jacket with Shawn Cassidy on the back. My best friend was so jealous. This song popped into my head this morning and I thought I'd share the chuckle with you!

Well...for the first time in 3 weeks, I really feel like I'm back on track. I kind of took it easy this week at the gym, I didn't want to stress out the achilles and I still have a little cough. I did upper body workouts, elliptical twice, yoga, and an exercise class to gently work up to a nice little run for this morning. Mike Moses is fast becoming my new running partner. He's a trainer at the gym too. He tends to push me for speed, which in the beginning was hard for me, but now I relish the competition. Someday I am going to beat that man in a 5K. Yeah, there I said it! Haha!! I'm going to beat Jim too. I'm not going to mention this again. I'm hoping they forget and while I train mercilessly, maybe they'll slack off and I'll beat 'em. I think that may be the only way I will actually beat either of them. It's a fun new goal anyway.....

This Saturday (tomorrow) my husband and I are taking the kids to a fun walk on Venice island. It's to support my local YMCA! I love those guys over there. I need to walk it because Sunday morning I'm doing a 5K on Boca. That'll be a great race, very scenic. After that I won't be running more than 2-3 miles until after the marathon. I want to keep my muscles from getting strained. I want to be in top shape and well rested for the big one!

I ran 2 miles with Mike this morning after my core exercise class. I forgot to set my stop watch (GRRRR) but the 2nd mile was about 9 minutes, which means the first one was a little faster. I did not have even one twinge of pain. My achilles is all healed. My endurance was better than I expected for not having run for 3 weeks, but the elliptical probably helped that.

I am SO looking forward to this marathon. I can't even find the words to explain it.


Sherry said...

I can't believe your marathon is only a week away! I'm SOOO proud of you! Pamper yourself this week... take everything nice and easy and then let 'er rip for the 26.2!!!

Hope you have a great weekend!!!!

Kim said...

Hi Sherry!

Thank you so much! It came up so quick! I just did the Boca Grande 5K this morning. I'm about to add to my blog but I saw your comment and wanted to say hi. I came in at 30:40 (I think was the seconds)
I cannot get in before 30 minutes. It drives me We have to do a race together some time, I think that would be fun.