Friday, January 28, 2011

Finally broke the 26 min 5K barrier!!!

This is me at the finish line of the Lamarque 5K...notice the JOY on my face as I realize I came in at 25:37!!! I am still grinning like a dork and I don't care!!!!!

I ran it in my Vibrams. I love them! When I run in my regular shoes after the Vibrams I feel like I have wooden blocks on my feet. I'll be buying the New Balance minimals right off the belt in March. Hoping to run a half mary in either those or the Vibrams for the Sarasota First Watch Half Mary in March. So far I've done 6 miles in them with out any problems. Happy with that.

This weekend is "Kim and Kristi's Awesome Adventure". We have the Warrior Dash 5K
up in Lake Wales on Sunday and we are FIRED UP! There are mud puddles 2-3 feet deep, fire pits, logs and BEER! You get a hat with viking horns with your medal at the finish!! We'll get before/after pictures. We've been signed up for this for MONTHS!

Feb 27th is the Gasparilla Half in St Pete. Then March 13th is the Sarasota First Watch Half .
Sprinkle a few 5Ks in there. I'm looking for a 10K. I've never raced one. That's on my "to do" list!!

Still trying to figure out this colitis thing. Makes me crazy. Something that seems to work one day will knock me over 3 days later. If anyone reading this knows anything about running with colitis please feel free to give some tips. Doc said long distance doesn't usual go well with colitis but...what's "long distance" anyway??? Some people flip when I say I ran 3 The trick will be finding fuel for long runs. It's been a hit or miss...

Happy running everyone!!!!!