Monday, February 11, 2008


I have some good news and kinda bad news.


My achilles is all better!! Yahoooooooo


I've had the flu all week and I've been too weak to run! I did a quick 3/4 mile Saturday but I was too sick, I had to turn back. But my muscle didn't even feel tight. No pain at all. I've still been stretching it with lunges a few times a day. It seems to have helped.

I have a 5K Saturday night in Ft Meyers. It's an evening run! Sounds so cool. I know a few people who are going so even if I can't run it, I'm going to go to see how they do. I'm very worried what this setback will do to my time in the marathon. As soon as I'm able I'll get in at least a 10 mile run.

I saw an ad on tv about a 6 hour energy drink. Has anyone ever tried those? I'm curious to know if it really helps with energy for that long. It doesn't have caffeine in it, so I'm not sure what makes it work. My trainer Jim gave me a GU gel pack. I saved it to try it on my 20 mile run, but I haven't been able to run lately. I'm hoping I will VERY soon. I miss the solitude and freedom of running. I miss the exhileration I get from finishing a nice 5 mile run. I noticed also I'm not sleeping as well as I had been. Maybe because I've been laying around all week....LOL...

I plan to wear all pink. I embroidered my name on the back of the shorts I'm wearing in the marathon. They're PINK of course. I need to get a new top, I'll put my name on that too. I heard people yell out your name to give support, I'm all over that. I'll need all the support I can get.

I'll post as soon as I get a good run in. Kimmie, Sherry, Sherry (2 Sherry's, or Sherries????...LOL) and Jacki KEEP ON RUNNING GIRLIES!!!!! Thank you for your comments and support. It means the WORLD to me! Sherry and Jacki, we need to run together!!!! Just go easy on me....LOL!!!!!!!!


Sherry said...

I'm so sorry that you ended up with that nasty flu that's going around! Ugh! Stinks! On the bright side, it's great that your leg is feeling better! I'm getting there too. I've been using my foam roller religiously and have been rolling around on a tennis ball to try to release some trigger points. Ran a 5K last night and felt a spasm, though. Gosh, I don't even remember what it's like to run 'pain free'.

I've seen that energy drink on TV. It's the one that claims "no crashing", right? I'm also curious about it.

Yes, we definitely need to run together. With all of our aches and pains, I think we'll have to take it easy on each other. :o)

Good luck with the Festival of Lights 5K (if you are able to do it). I should get down there and run it too! I have a run scheduled for Saturday anyway and I LOVE running at dusk! :o)

Kim said...

Hey Sherry,

I'm feeling better today, thank you! I missed a week of work, I'll be going in tonight. Did you know the Zoomers are invited to run with the YMCA Runner's Club on Friday mornings? We leave at 10:15am and usually do 2-4 miles. Depending on who shows up. Let me know if you can come! We leave from the back entrance (right side, actually) If you're a YMCA member, there's a "core" exercise class at 9am there too. Perfect for stretching before the run. I do yoga on Wed too. Also let me know if you DO want to do the Festival Of Lights run Saturday night. I'm going whether I can run it or not, we can drive in together. My husband and 2 of my kids are going too. I think we need to be there at 4pm though, (traffic). I think I may try out the energy drink thing for that race.

I've never heard of a foam roller. What's that do??