Monday, February 4, 2008

Taking A Tiny Break From Running

Well, it's been determined that I've pulled/strained my achilles muscle in my left leg. GRRRRRRRR.....I was supposed to do my longest run on Saturday (20 miles) but I have postponed it for now. I can walk normally so I just need to let it heal before I injure it worse. I won't lie, I'm very disappointed. But you know what? I've overcome some serious obstacles in my life, this too shall pass. And it better hurry up, I have a marathon to run!

As Arnie once said.....I'LL BE BACK!


Sherry said...

That stinks, Kim! I hope your body recovers super fast! I'm in the same boat. I've got some sort of thing going on with 'something' in my glute/hip region. I haven't run since last Thursday and it's KILLING me!! I saw a few people out running around the neighborhood yesterday and I got a serious case of runner's envy! LOL! Set-backs stink!!! I'm going to 'attempt' a short run today... wish me luck!

Feel better soon!!!! :o)

Kim said...

Aww Sherry!! That just happened to me too. The high school track team went running by as I was picking up the kids from school. Boohoo!!! My leg feels awesome today. If the marathon wasn't in 24 days I'd give it a shot right now, but I'm going to rest it until Friday. That way if it is all better I'll still do my 20 miles on Saturday. Are you near me? When you're hip gets better we should run! I hope you have a speedy recovery, it's so irritating to have to take time off, huh?


Joe said...

With the added rest I'm sure you'll come back strong! However be wary of any pain!

Kim said...

Thanks Joe!!! You have given me some great advice, I SO appreciate it!!!


Anonymous said...

Are you back to running yet? I did my 6 miles on Saturday. The longest I have gone and I never stopped. It was 23 outside and my lungs hurt sooo bad. I think you have 18 days left till your race right?? My 5k is the same wknd as yours I think, then a month later my 1/2 marathon. Let me know how you are doing..

Kim said...

Hey Kimmie-girl!

NO! I'm still sick!! I left my keys in my husband's car today and had to walk over to the school to pick up my kids. I can run there in 3 minutes but today I could barely walk it. I'm so disappointed.

I have a race Saturday night in Ft Meyers (5K)....I hope I'm ready for it! The marathon is March 2nd. 3 weeks.

YAY for your 6 miles!!! Awesome, isn't it??? How long did it take you? How'd you feel?? I can't run in the cold, and I'm talking below 70....LOL!!!! I coughed for a week after I ran 4 miles at 68 degrees once.

Keep up the great running! You're doing fantastic!!!!

I wanna run, boohooo...