Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I stopped feeling sorry for myself. It took a bag of Lay's chips, a bologna and cheese sandwich, 3 Gatorades and a pity party phone conversation with my wonderful husband Bobby and I'm feeling positive again. That hubby of mine knows me so well, he said all the right things...

KIM: I pulled a groin muscle today.
BOBBY: Ohhhh, that must hurt.
KIM: Yeah, it kills. I called Jim, he says ice, rest and a pain reliever.
BOBBY: Sounds like good advice.
KIM: Yep, but now I can't run and I ruined everything!!!
BOBBY: No you didn't, just give it a couple days.
KIM: (sobbing like a 4 year old)
BOBBY: Just think, it could have been worse, MUCH worse...
KIM: HOW????
BOBBY: You could have fallen into the water and had your leg bit off by a gator! Then you'd have really ruined everything.
KIM: (Giggling now)....C'mon.....that would never happen, I run wicked fast!...(hahahaha)

So he was right (I will never say that out loud though) and I feel better. My muscle even feels better and I think I'll be back in business soon. I'd better be....I just ate a whole bag of potato chips!!!!! UGH!! What was I thinking????? (oh yeah, I wasn't


ChuckJ said...

Hang in there, Kim!! I know about every muscle in my legs and feet because I had pain there. Generally, I run pain free if I stretch but who likes to do that!!

I'm going to the 1/2 marathon. I talked with a running friend and since I'm doing well speedwise, I'm working on that and not my distance. We'll see how it goes. Anyway, the Boca Grande race is the week before. I'll do that and the 1/2 marathon. (Don't forget the Lamarque on the 19th, too!)

KimsRunning said...

Hi Chuck!
Thanks for visiting!!
My muscle is feeling better but I may skip the gym Thurs anyway. I'm doing the Boca run and Lamarque. I'm running 5.7 miles to Lamarque, then doing the race...

See you there!!!