Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can I Even Call This Marathon Training???

I have not had a long run in months! Sarasota Marathon is coming up quick and the longest run I've had since the FCA Half in October is 7 miles! GAWD...I might be doing the half instead...we'll see. No biggie. I have realized I can't base my self confidence on my long time goals as much as I should be looking at all my other accomplishments on the way to getting to those big ones. If I need to hold back on the marathons for awhile, so be it. I have plenty of time!

3 of us headed out this morning for a shorty. We figured we'd see how Chris's calf and my knees held out. Reg is injury free and rather fast. I am really enjoying running slightly behind him. While he talks at a flipping 8 mile pace, I concentrate on breathing and answering back with minimal wordage. Very minimal. Like..."hmmm, ya?, really? wow and me too". He doesn't seem to notice. Every now and then I pretend to tie my shoe or drop my iPod for a breather break. I realize my cardio has suffered without any nice endurance running, so even though it's taking a lot out of me running this pace, I'm glad for it. Reg pushes me like Ed does, gently and patiently. Who's coaching who here????.....LOL...This is what I love about running with different people. The give and take we seem to find always brings out the best in all of us. Love it!

Chris was not having a good run. His calf was hurting. He did mostly walking, which was smart but I think he's getting irritated with the set back. I sure know how he feels! I hope he rests it.

We did about 4.5 miles, but my Garmin battery died at 1.78 miles, so I don't have all the info. My knees held out just fine, no pain while running at all. I'm afraid to say I'm healed, so I won't, but there's definately some major improvement.

I haven't been back in the pool and I'm losing my confidence again! I need to get back in there soon. Maybe Saturday after our long run, we'll see. But I'm soooo busy these days!

I bashed my baby toe at work today, it was bleeding like a stuck pig! It looks like the top part is detached. I put a bandage on there and I'm hoping it'll feel fine with a sneaker on. It looks bogus.

GQ has a quiz over at his blog that I need to get a closer look at. I think he was making fun of my mathematical skills (or lack of). Ohhhhhh no he DITNT!


Sherry said...

I'm glad that your knee felt good on your run, Kim. That's a really good sign.

Honestly, I think you are heading towards the possibility of running a good 1/2 marathon at the Grouper run. I know that you would like to do the full, but since you threw the 1/2 out in your post, I'm going to take the bone. I'm training for that same half; my long run at this point is 10 miles and I'm ahead of the game with that. I think with where you are at, you could put in some quality (and achievable) training for 2 months and kick out a great 1/2 marry! You should really think hard about it. Save the marathon for when you have some additional prep time... this way, your next marathon experience will be a bit different than your first one (in that your caliber of training will have been better). Catch my drift? :o)

Melanie said...

glad your knee is feeling better, but sux about the toe! Hope it feels better soon! I read GQ's a few times as I thought for sure he'd have another dig on Canadians, but not today :) you'll do awesome for which ever you decide to do, and as you said, plenty of time... i just need to remind myself of that more often :)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

What?! I *heart* your math skillz and I *heart* Canadians!

GQ is all about teh LUUUVVV, babiez!

That said, I think Sherrah-Lynne is keer-rect, by sassafras! Y'all should think half marry, not full. Don't push it.

And try not to think of a half marathon as a full marathon divided by two. You'll overtax your girl-brain with math.

WAIT!! Don't throw that Popener at me!!


Mr. kimsrunning said...

okay, If 1 runner left cincinati traveling towards buffalo at an 8min/mile pace, and another runner left buffalo traveling toward cincinati at 9.5 min/mile where and when would they meet? would they have I T band injuries? How about big bloody toe? Guys dig chicks with math skills, (don't worry dear I still dig you). Maybe you should post a pic of your nasty toe injury, it is gross and just the thing I think your runner friends would like to see.

KimsRunning said...

Ummmm...that would be pretty bogus MrKimsRunning...

I'll DO IT!!!